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Characteristics of Bentebulldog

Country of originUSA
The sizeaverage
Growth35-63 cm
Weight20–30 kg
FCI breed groupnot recognized
Bentebulldog Characteristics

Brief information

  • Smart;
  • Strong, powerful;
  • Easily trainable;
  • Good guards and companions.

Origin story

The Bentebulldog is one of the youngest dog breeds. We can say that we are present at its creation. In the late 90s of the XX century, Todd Tripp from the state of Ohio of the United States of America decided to create a breed whose representatives would be similar to the Brabant Bullenbeitzers that had sunk into oblivion at the turn of the 17th-18th centuries. Since ancient times, these dogs have been used for hunting and fighting with wild forest buffaloes and bulls and bore the proud name – bullhounds. Todd Tripp hoped in his new working breed to revive those qualities that were fully inherent in the Bullenbeizers: power, fearlessness, good learning and devotion to the owner.

When selecting bentebulldogs, Todd Tripp used several breeds of dogs, but he took boxers. Also, when breeding bentebulldogs, they used american staffordshire terrier, staffordshire terrier, american bulldogs.


Representatives of the breed are stocky, muscular, of medium size. As conceived by the creator of the breed, these dogs can be both cheerful and tireless companions and formidable guards, capable, among other things, of scaring away ill-wishers with a loud bark, and, if necessary, rush to protect the owner and their territory. The coat of the Bentebulldog is short and dense. Several colors are allowed – fawn, red (including shades of bright red), brindle.


Bentebulldogs are obedient, perfectly amenable to training, devoted and friendly with their family, love children. But, like all serious dogs, they require early socialization and a firm hand in education.


The founder of the breed set himself the goal of breeding strong, healthy animals, free from hereditary diseases. It is too early to judge the health of this young breed, but so far no serious problems have been identified with bentebulldogs. Thanks to the short coat, the dog does not need combing out. eye care, ears and claws- standard.

Conditions of detention

These are active dogs that need serious exercise for both muscles and mind. In cramped city apartments, they feel good only if they take long and intense walks and exercise regularly of training.


Since the breed is very young and not widely distributed, it is recommended to apply for puppies to bentebulldog enthusiasts. The puppy will have to be delivered from the USA, which, in addition to the cost of the dog itself, entails serious costs for its delivery across the ocean.

Bentebulldog – Video

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