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Characteristics of Alopekis

Country of originGreece
The sizeSmall
Growth23-32 cm
Weight3–8 kg
Age14–16 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized

Brief information

  • Friendly and cheerful animals;
  • Excellent guards;
  • Attentive, learn quickly.


Alopekis is one of the most ancient dog breeds in Europe, it comes from Greece. The name “alopekis” comes from the ancient Greek alepou – “fox”. The first mention of dogs of this type dates back to the Bronze Age: images of animals were found on ancient amphorae. Some experts believe that it is the Alopekis that is the ancestor of the Spitz and Terrier breed group. Triangular ears, a compact proportional body, excellent hunting and guarding skills are common features of these breeds. Interestingly, alopekis, despite its small size, perfectly copes with the functions of a shepherd. And such breeds in the world can be counted on the fingers of one hand!

But neither the exciting history nor the wonderful working qualities, unfortunately, saved the breed from almost complete extinction. Today in Greece there are literally a few dozen animals. And it is precisely the small number that is the main reason why the breed has not yet been recognized by any cynological organization.

Alopekis is a versatile pet. He can be both a guard and a companion. Breeders try not only to preserve the appearance of the dog, but also its working qualities. Representatives of the breed are friendly and sociable; it seems that this dog is always in a great mood. However, alopekis is still wary of strangers. At the same time, he makes contact quickly, preferring to immediately get to know his “interlocutor” better.

Active and energetic Alopekis, like all dogs, require education . In training, they are diligent, inquisitive and attentive. It is important to note one more property of their character – alopekis tend to serve the owner, so you are unlikely to encounter stubbornness and insubordination in training.


By the way, Alopekis gets along very well with other animals in the house, and it can be either a huge fighting dog or a cat. A sociable dog will easily find a common language even with the most difficult neighbor in character.

With children, these dogs can also be left without problems. Caring and sensitive alopekis will protect the kids and look after them.

Alopekis Care

Alopekis is of two types: short-haired and long-haired, and the latter is often attributed to another breed – a small Greek dog.

For representatives of the breed with short hair, care is simple: it is enough to comb the dog a couple of times a week with a mitten-comb. During the molting period, you can use the furminator.

It is important to monitor the condition of the pet’s ears, his eyes, claws and teeth , conduct a weekly inspection and take action in time – for example, clean or cut.

Conditions of detention

Alopekis is perfect for the role of a city dweller. But only on condition of daily long walks. These dogs are known for their stamina and will be happy to keep their owner company on a run.

Alopekis – Video

Alopekis Greek Dog Breed Information and Facts

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