Alano (or Great Dane)
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Alano (or Great Dane)

Characteristics of Alano (or Great Dane)

Country of originSpain
The sizeAverage
Growth55-64 cm
Weight34–40 kg
Age11–14 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Alano (or Great Dane)


Alano is not to be confused with any other breed: these stately graceful dogs inspire respect and inspire fear. Alano is one of the oldest dog breeds. Despite the fact that Spain is considered its homeland, for the first time these dogs did not appear there at all.

The ancestors of the Alano accompanied the tribes of nomadic Alans, who today are considered the ancestors of the Ossetians. These people were famous not only for their hunting skills, but also for their martial arts. And their faithful companions, dogs, helped them. Actually, the Alans tribes brought dogs to Europe, or rather, to the Iberian Peninsula around the 5th century AD. Subsequently, the dogs remained in the territory of present-day Spain. And it was the Spaniards who gave the breed the look it has today.

By the way, the first official mention of Alano dates back to the 14th century. The king of Castile and Leon, Alphonse XI, liked to hunt accompanied by these dogs – he ordered to publish a book about hunting with them.

Interestingly, the Alans are not officially recognized by the International Cynological Federation . The breed is too small. Even in his native Spain, there are not so many breeders involved in its breeding. And those few care not so much about external data, but about the working qualities of the breed.


Alano is a serious dog, and it shows right away. A strict expressive look, unwillingness to make contact with a stranger and a lack of trust are easy to notice. However, this lasts until Alano gets to know the guest better. And this entirely depends on the owner himself – on how he raises his dog. Loyal and intelligent animals learn with pleasure, the main thing is to find a common language with them. Alano require a strong and strong-willed owner – these dogs do not recognize a person with a gentle character and will themselves play the role of leader in the family.

Alano children are treated calmly, without unnecessary emotions. These restrained animals are unlikely to be companions or pets – this role does not suit them at all. Yes, and leaving the dog alone with the kids is highly discouraged, this is not a nanny.

Alano can get along with animals in the house, provided that they do not strive for dominance. By nature, Alano are leaders, and their coexistence with a dog with a similar temperament is impossible.

Alano (or Great Dane) Care

Alano have a short coat that does not require careful maintenance. It is enough to wipe the dogs with a damp towel, removing the fallen hairs in time. It is also important to monitor the condition of the pet’s teeth , claws and eyes, and clean them as needed.

Conditions of detention

In their homeland, Alano live, as a rule, on free-range farms. These dogs cannot be put on a chain or in an aviary – they need many hours of walks and physical activity. It is quite difficult to keep representatives of the breed in an apartment: they are strong and active, they require a lot of attention. Without training and the ability to splash out energy, the character of the dog deteriorates.

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