Why can’t dogs eat sweets?

Why can’t dogs eat sweets?

Many reasons

Sweet is categorically contraindicated for dogs for many reasons – from dietary to educational.

Firstly, such products are a breeding ground for the development of microorganisms in the oral cavity. For a dog, this is a serious risk factor, because the enamel of its teeth is 5 times thinner than that of a person. And the growth of microflora in the mouth of a pet can lead to the appearance of periodontitis and other dental diseases.

Secondly, sweets are high in calories, and the animal, receiving them regularly, usually gains excess weight. It is known that the tendency to obesity is especially great in dogs of small breeds and elderly animals, but all pets, regardless of breed or age, should be protected from sweets.

Thirdly, often giving the animal sweets, the owner develops in him a tendency to beg, and this is one of the most common parenting problems that causes a lot of inconvenience to the owner of the dog. It is much more difficult to wean an animal from an undesirable habit than to prevent its development at the very beginning.

Proper treats

Some sweet treats carry a direct threat to the health and life of the animal.

For example, chocolate can cause a dog to experience irregular heartbeats, excessive thirst and urination, seizures, and even the most tragic outcome.

But what if the owner wants to pamper the pet? For this, there are much more suitable products than sweets from the home table. Experts recommend giving your dog special treats. Examples include Pedigree Rodeo meatballs, Pedigree Markies cookies, treats from TiTBiT, Organix, B&B Allegro, Dr. Alder, “Zoogurman” and other brands.

Treats for dogs deserve special attention, which not only delight the animal, but also serve as a good prevention of oral diseases. These are, in particular, the Pedigree DentaStix sticks, which clean the teeth and prevent the formation of plaque on them, as well as massage the gums.

As you can see, it is very easy to please a dog. And human food in any form is not needed at all for this.

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