What is a velospringer?
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What is a velospringer?

It is ridiculous to expect from a husky or a malamute, which were originally bred as sled dogs, that they will have enough of those loads that tired owners can provide after work. What to do in order to observe the interests of both the dog and the person who cannot walk with the animal for 4 hours after coming after a hard day? A bicycle comes to the rescue. It is on it that it is easy to provide the dog with the necessary load, for yourself – an excellent figure and both – a great mood. But, so that a bike ride does not become traumatic, especially if the dog is still young or simply wayward and does not follow the necessary commands very clearly, it is worth acquiring a device such as a bicycle springer.

Types of bicycle springers for dogs

The main purpose of a bicycle springer is to free the hands of the owner of a dog riding a two-wheeled vehicle, to save him from the need to excel in fastening the leash to the steering wheel, risking falling or running into a pet when jerking. The velospringer is attached under the saddle conveniently and easily and allows the dog to run smoothly next to the cyclist without losing him or crossing the road.

There are two types of such devices: straight and U-shaped, looking like a narrow, even arc. The leash of a straight velospringer is built-in and is attached either to the dog’s collar or to a special harness. The U-shaped leash is attached to the device. The velospringer is suitable for pets of any size, except for very small ones, which are easier to carry in a basket (but such babies do not need many hours of walks).

Almost always, a bicycle springer comes with several springs that allow you to adjust the length of the leash. The device, due to its design, also dampens the dog’s jerks, preventing the owner from dropping.

Rules for cycling

Despite the fact that the bicycle springer ensures the safety of both the animal and its owner, one should not forget about training. In order to comfortably go for walks with a dog, it must be accustomed to a bicycle, as well as perfectly execute commands – “near”, “stand”, quieter and faster. Also, the owner needs to clearly control the speed at which he rides. The dog must necessarily run at a light trot, without going into a gallop. So the animal will be less tired, and the walk will become a joy, and not an exhausting sprint. We should not forget that the dog (for its own safety) should always be between the bike and the sidewalk, and not from the side of the roadway. The owner also needs to have a supply of water with him, not only for himself, but also for the dog.

July 11 2019

Updated: 26 March 2020

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