What is a dog puller?
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What is a dog puller?

What is a dog puller?

Puller is a training projectile for dogs in the form of an elastic ring. At the same time, it is multifunctional: it is not only a fun toy, but also a means for training, educating and maintaining an excellent shape of a pet.

What are the advantages?

One of the advantages of a puller is a special material of manufacture. Lightweight, durable and resilient, it is odorless and safe even for puppies. Most dogs love to chew puller. The animal, as it were, “bites through” the toy, but does not destroy it. The puller is also suitable for training on the water – thanks to the porous material, it does not sink. And the bright purple color of the projectile makes it noticeable on any site.

How to use?

The success of training and the attitude of the dog to the toy largely depends on the owner, who must follow a number of rules:

  1. Puller is suitable for puppies aged 3-4 months. However, during the period of changing teeth, it is better to postpone classes in order to avoid injuries to the pet’s jaw.

  2. You can not leave the dog alone with the puller. This is an active training tool that is not suitable for independent dog play. If you give your pet a puller along with his favorite ball or familiar toy, he will quickly lose interest in the projectile, and the effectiveness of training will decrease.

  3. You can’t give a projectile to a dog just so that it scratches its changing teeth or pats the ring. Control the training process, do not let your pet mindlessly bite the puller – such games can eventually destroy the projectile: it will harden and begin to crumble. With proper operation of the rings (and there are two of them in the kit), the puller is changed 1-2 times a year.

  4. Puller is a tool for active street training, it is not suitable for practicing at home.

What are the projectiles?

Puller for dogs is presented in five size categories – from micro to maxi. It is not difficult to choose a projectile suitable for a dog: in the selection process, one should focus on convenience and practicality. Is it comfortable for a dog to carry a puller in his teeth? Is he dragging on the ground?

The manufacturer also gives recommendations on the size of the puller for specific breeds. The Micro Puller is designed for Toy Terriers, Affenpicchers, Chihuahuas and other miniature dogs. But if, for example, the size of the Yorkshire Terrier is larger than average, then you can offer him a mini-sized puller. This size is well suited for dogs weighing more than 5 kg.

The same rules apply to the choice of toys for puppies, the main thing in it is lightness and convenience.

Puller workouts

It is known that the character of the dog deteriorates from lack of physical activity: it becomes uncontrollable, nervous, and sometimes even aggressive. Puller is the best tool for training and training active dogs, it will help to throw out the accumulated energy. What exercises are suitable for training with a puller?

  • Running is the simplest and most effective exercise. In this case, the dog is simply trying to catch up with the puller;
  • Jumping, when the owner throws a ring to the pet, and the dog catches it in the air;
  • Many dogs love to pull and the puller makes a great toy for them;
  • Dogs with powerful jaws, such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier, often become participants in the sport of springpol – hanging on a tightrope. Preparations for competitions just begin with training with rubber toys, including a puller.

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August 9 2018

Updated: January 17, 2021

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