The cat is acting aggressively. What to do?
Cat Behavior

The cat is acting aggressively. What to do?

  • Hormonal surge. In unsterilized cats and non-neutered cats, hormones are produced, go off scale, not finding use, the animal is furious, and sometimes angry.

    Decision: castration, sterilization. But it should be remembered that the hormonal background can calm down in a period of up to six months.

    The cat is acting aggressively. What to do?
  • Fear. Your cat may not yet be socialized enough, and life in a human family is still scary for her. Or something has changed – a new apartment, new family members, a different work schedule for the owners. The cat is confused and shows preventive aggression. Another option – the cat is sleeping, and she was suddenly awakened. For example, a child grabbed, or something was put next to it.

    Decision: patient gradual socialization, remember the characteristics of your pet and do not provoke conflict.

  • manifestation of dominance. The kitten grew up and decided that he was a tiger and the leader of the pack. By the way, it’s quite possible. There are such cats – dogs bypass them.

    Decision: punish at the first manifestations – easily shake by the scruff of the neck, press to the floor, splash water from a spray bottle into a naughty nose. Do not start the problem – then it will be more difficult to cope.

  • Games on the verge of a foul. It follows from the previous situation. Stop attempts to jump on your head from the closet, hunt legs from under the table, and the like.

    Decision: The same principles as if the cat were trying to dominate the house. At the first manifestations, punish – easily shake by the scruff of the neck, press to the floor, sprinkle with water from a spray bottle.

  • Territory protection. Usually, territorial aggression is directed at relatives, less often – at other animals, even more rarely – at strangers. But it also happens that the cat begins to pump boundaries and the owner suffers. You will have to explain that it is she who lives with you, and not vice versa.

    Decision: the methods are described above, it is also possible, as a punishment, to temporarily resettle the predator in a separate room, for example, for the night. But not forever – run wild, make it worse.

  • Jealousy. Another animal appeared in the house.

    Decision: since you are the “head of the pride”, you should also lead the quarreling in the corners. If at the first meeting the relationship did not immediately develop, make sure that the animals get used to each other gradually. Do not feed or caress one cat in front of another, seat them in different rooms.

  • projected aggression. A very interesting thing. Remember the bearded joke: the director yelled at the head of the department, the head of the department deprived the employee of the bonus, the employee came home and tore his son with a belt? So here. Someone offended the cat, or hatred seethes in his soul – over there to that red-haired neighbor with a tailed rogue that catches a dove right under the window. And your pet is looking for someone to take his anger out on.

    Decision: to understand, but not to forgive, but to stop immediately. Not only punishment, but also a distraction for a game or other joint activities. The scratching post is also good for letting off steam.

    The cat is acting aggressively. What to do?
  • Bowl protection. Unusual for a cat, but it happens.

    Decision: Feed separately, and not only from other animals, but even from yourself. Leave the cat to eat alone.

  • Disease. Are you always polite when you feel bad? By the way, after an injury or a major operation, aggression as a memory of pain can manifest itself for quite a long time.

    Decision: the best way is to leave it alone. When performing medical procedures, take precautions, dress appropriately, and wrap your cat in a towel.

  • Motherhood. The cat’s instinct to protect offspring wakes up.

    Decision: well, the first days will have to be like tiptoe. Have mercy on the worried mother. Then everything will work out, and you will play enough with the kids from the heart.

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