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Characteristics of Serengeti

Country of originUSA
Wool typeShorthair
Heightup to 35 cm
Weight8-15 kg
Age12-15 years old
Serengeti Characteristics

Brief information

  • Friendly and playful;
  • Jump up to 2 meters high;
  • The name of the breed comes from the habitat of servals – the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.


In the United States, the Serengeti has received the status of “miniature domestic serval”. It was this breed that Karen Southman, a breeder from California, planned to breed. In the early 1990s, she was the director of a wildlife sanctuary. The woman fell in love with servals so much that she decided to create a breed of cats resembling wild predators. As the first parent, Karen chose a Bengal cat , because this breed has a bright color. And the second parent was an oriental shorthair, or, in another way, an oriental cat . A graceful body, large ears and long paws are their distinguishing features.

After four years of experimentation and genetic research, Karen finally managed to get a kitten with the perfect appearance. She became the cat Sofia, which gave rise to a new breed.

Serengeti have not only a memorable appearance, but also a wonderful character. They inherited the best qualities from their parents: as smart and talkative as Orientals, and as curious as Bengal cats.


Serengeti quickly become attached to the family. Cats of this breed are gentle and affectionate. Breeders recommend such a pet even to inexperienced owners who have not had animals before. Serengeti will follow the owner everywhere and seek his attention. These cats love to be in the center of events.

In addition, they are real hunters – very active and energetic. A pet of this breed will be happy with a new toy like no other. Interestingly, the Serengeti can jump up to two meters in height, and therefore be sure that not a single closet will be left without their attention.

Serengeti get along well with other animals, especially if they grew up together. However, due to their nature, these cats will always strive to take a leading position in the house, so they may have problems communicating with dogs.

As for children, the Serengeti will be happy to play with schoolchildren. But do not leave cats alone with small children – their communication should be under the supervision of adults.

Serengeti Care

The short coat of the Serengeti does not require careful care: during the molting period, it is enough to comb the cat two to three times a week with a special comb-brush to remove the fallen hairs.

Also, do not forget to cut your pet’s claws and brush your teeth.

Conditions of detention

The Serengeti are at risk for kidney stones. To avoid the development of urolithiasis , consult a veterinarian or breeder on how to choose the right food for your pet.

The Serengeti, like the Bengal cat, doesn’t mind being outdoors. It is best to purchase a special harness and leash for this – so you can always control your pet and make walks safe.

Serengeti – Video

The Royal and Peppy Serengeti Cat

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