Ringovka for dogs. How to choose?
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Ringovka for dogs. How to choose?

The purpose of the ringovka can be understood from the name. The ring where the exhibitions are held is the main place of its application. That is, we can say that this accessory is needed only by owners who are going to exhibit their animal. But, despite the seeming simplicity of the choice, it is not at all so obvious. There are a lot of types of ringovok by type, material and even color. What is right for your dog?

What are the types of rings?

Despite the apparent simplicity, this accessory differs in the type of design. Firstly, the ringing can be in the form of an ordinary or jerky chain. Secondly, a metal chain-leash with a cord, also called a cobra. Third, the sliding loop. Fourth, models with an expander-substrate. And the fifth type is a ring leash with a fastener.

Ringovka for dogs. How to choose?

The materials from which ringovkas are made are also quite widely represented. The accessory can be nylon, silk, satin, cotton, nylon or leather.

When choosing a cotton ring, please note that the material must be coated with wax. Otherwise, you can injure the skin of the animal.

For a long time, all ringovkas presented on the market were one-piece, rightfully winning the love of dog breeders and cynologists. But today, priorities are beginning to shift, and detachable ringovki, consisting directly of a loop-collar and a leash, are becoming increasingly popular.

How to choose ringovku?

It is not difficult to figure out which type of ringovka is right for your dog. This accessory is primarily designed to show the dog at the exhibition, which means it should emphasize all the advantages of the animal without distracting attention.

The choice of material and type of show ring depends on the size and breed of the dog. Lanyard with metal ring is recommended for displaying Labradors and similar breeds. The show ring in the form of a massive chain looks organically on Central Asian, German or Caucasian Shepherd Dogs.

Ringovka for dogs. How to choose?

For hunting or short-haired breeds – such as spaniels or Chinese hairless dogs – cloth shows are preferable.

For dwarf breeds like a Yorkie or a Chihuahua, a show ring with an expander-substrate is suitable. By the way, the same type of accessory is used for puppies.

The length of the show also depends on the size and breed of the dog. For dwarf breeds, for example, the ideal length would be 100-120 cm, but larger ones should be taken shorter. It is best to try on the accessory in the store. In a free stance, the leash should sag a little. But it should not be too loose either, because in this case the behavior of the dog during the show will be more difficult to control.

Ringovka for dogs. How to choose?

The choice of color is also important. Since the ring is an important exhibition accessory, the color should ideally match the color of the pet. The exception is again dwarf breeds, for which a bright show ring, for example, red or orange, will be an excellent option.

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