Preparing the dog for the show
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Preparing the dog for the show

The exhibition is not only a solemn, but also quite nervous and energy-consuming event, both for the owner and for the dog. Strangers around, other animals and a new environment – all this can unbalance the pet, scare him. To prevent this from happening, he must be prepared. How?


The most important thing in the upbringing of any dog, both show and ordinary mongrel, is socialization. It is carried out at the age of two or three months, when the puppy is most receptive to the outside world. The owner must show the pet that people, animals, dogs, cars are all part of everyday life, and you should not be afraid of it.

Exhibition class “Baby” involves the participation of puppies from 3 months. Already at this age, the dog should calmly walk around the ring, without being distracted by anything. In order for the pet to show itself in the best possible way, it is necessary to start socialization as early as possible. If this period coincides with quarantine, dog handlers advise walking with a puppy in a carrier so as not to endanger him.


All dogs in the ring move in a special step – at a trot; on command, the pet must stop and stand in a certain stance. It is important that the dog does not interfere with the examination of the teeth. It is possible to achieve easy performance of all tricks and clear exhibition behavior only by training.

Many owners are interested in how to prepare the dog for the exhibition on their own and is it possible. If there is no or insufficient experience in raising animals, it will not work on your own.

If you have serious plans for a dog, it is better to seek the help of a professional handler – a person who shows dogs at shows.

This is the most reliable way; The main task of a specialist is to train a pet, but he will definitely give the owner detailed recommendations on training. However, very often it is the handler who brings the dog into the ring. As a professional, he can carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the dog and show it from the best side in front of the judges.


An integral part of the preparation for the exhibition is grooming. This concept combines haircuts, skin care, claws, ears, and even brushing teeth – all procedures that relate to the appearance of a pet. Grooming can be entrusted to a professional, or you can do it yourself at home if you are confident in your abilities.

The number of procedures depends on the breed of the dog. For example, long-haired dogs are sheared if the standard provides for it, and rough-haired representatives are trimmed. A few days before the event, the dog is bathed, combed, styled, its nails are trimmed and its teeth are brushed.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the bald breeds. The sensitive skin of such pets must be cared for constantly, as it is prone to dryness. So, owners of dogs without hair should have special shampoos, moisturizing oils and even sunscreens in their arsenal.


When preparing for the exhibition, special attention should be paid to the list of documents required for registration and participation.

So, the owner of the dog will need:

  • Pedigree or puppy card (for dogs under 15 months old) – to confirm the breed of the pet;

  • Veterinary passport with all vaccinations and deworming marks.

The organizers also have the right to require additional documents. For example, to enroll a dog in a working class, an FCI working certificate must be presented.

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