Parrot safety at home

Parrot safety at home

 Before adopting a bird, consider what steps you can take to ensure parrot safety at home.Many ordinary things in our house are mortal danger for a feathered friend. These are electrical appliances, aquariums, gas stoves, poisonous plants, open windows, niches behind cabinets … You can’t list everything. Some owners, in order to ensure the safety of a parrot at home, clip its wings. This allows the bird to make only small flights within the room. However, this method cannot be called a panacea. Clipped wings do not prevent the parrot from fluttering out the window, flying into the fan, drowning in the bathtub or getting burned near the stove. In addition, many consider this method inhumane.Necessary measures to ensure the safety of the parrot at home: 

  1. If the bird is flying around the room, keep the windows closed or protect them with screens that the pet cannot get through. If the window is open at an angle, check to see if your feathered friend is stuck in there.
  2. It is advisable to hang curtains on the windows or at least mark the glass (for example, with dots) so that the bird does not accidentally fly into the window and hurt itself.
  3. Be sure to close the door to the bathroom, toilet and kitchen.
  4. Do not turn on the fan if the parrot is enjoying freedom.
  5. Make sure that the bird is not in the same room with a fire source (stove, fireplace or candles).
  6. Close the aquarium lid.        
  7. Remove sharp objects from the room that the pet can get hurt on.
  8. Place the cable under the carpet or behind the baseboard. At the same time, offer your pet twigs to chew on so that he is not tempted to “pick” the wires.
  9. Seal any gaps that the parrot can climb into, or widen them enough so that he can get out of there unhindered.
  10. When closing a door or drawer, make sure the bird is out of the way and you won’t pinch it.
  11. Make sure that there are no plants poisonous to a feathered friend in the house. Moreover, not only indoor plants, but also bouquets brought into the house can be deadly.

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