Ojos Azules
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Ojos Azules

Characteristics of Ojos Azules

Country of originUSA
Wool typeShorthair, longhair
Height24–27 cm
Weight3–5 kg
Age10–12 years old
Ojos Azules Characteristics

Brief information

  • Likes to play and communicate, very active cat;
  • Loyal and sensitive;
  • Friendly, good with children.


In the middle of the last century, a cat with large blue eyes was discovered on one of the farms in the US state of New Mexico. It is noteworthy that most of her kittens also had eyes of a rich light blue hue. The felinologists who examined her first decided that such a feature was the result of a mutation or an echo of Siamese ancestors. However, subsequent DNA analysis in the 1980s showed that the blue-eyed gene in the offspring of this cat is unique, moreover, it is dominant. This meant that a new breed was discovered, the first in the world to have blue eyes and at the same time not related to the Siamese cat. She was called “blue-eyed” – ojos azules (from Spanish los ojos azules– blue eyes), and already in the 90s the breed standard was adopted. Interestingly, the Ojos Azules can have coats of absolutely any color, the main thing is that there should be as little white as possible in it. Her eye color and coat color are not related.

Blue-eyed cats have a calm nature. They love their owners dearly, breaking the stereotype of felines’ haughty attitude towards other creatures. Oji, as they are also called, feel confident and protected in the presence of the owner, so they love to be near him. They are not inclined to loudly attract attention to themselves and distract others from everyday affairs.

Representatives of the breed are moderately playful, difficult to piss off, and they will never harm a child, at least as long as his behavior does not pose a threat to them. Ojos Azules cats get along well with other pets, but at the same time they are not overly sociable. They give much more warmth to the owner and other family members and suffer if they are left alone for a long time. For this reason, these cats are unlikely to be happy and healthy in a house that is empty all day long.

Ojos Azules Care

Representatives of the breed can have both short and long hair, but their undercoat is sparse, so these cats do not require complex care. It is enough to comb them out with a rubber glove several times a month.

It is also important to cut the claws in a timely manner so that the pet cannot accidentally get hurt. Ojos Azules is an active breed that will not be too lazy to sharpen its claws on any suitable objects if there is no special scratching post in the house.

Conditions of detention

An Ojos Azules cat will be happy to walk on a leash , provided that she is accustomed to it. Representatives of the breed come from yard cats, distinguished by curiosity and fearlessness, so they will always be interested outside the home. At the same time, these blue-eyed cats are not alien to the desire for solitude, which is why a special secluded place for a pet should be equipped in a house or apartment.

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