Medallion-address for a cat
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Medallion-address for a cat

Medallion-address for a cat

First of all, a locket-address for cats is necessary when the pet has free access to the street. For example, a cat lives in a private house and goes outside the yard. Also, some owners let their pets live in a city apartment for a walk.

Despite the fact that cats have an excellent memory, are well oriented in space and easily remember the way home, no one is safe from an accident, alas. An aggressive dog can chase a pet, a car or a harmful neighbor can scare him – there are many options.

Of course, there are times when lost animals travel more than one kilometer and return back to their owner. However, this is more of an exception than the rule.

What to write on the address plate?

  1. The most important thing is the owner’s data. You should indicate both the phone number and e-mail, and it is better to write several contacts at once to make it easier to contact you;

  2. Whether to indicate the cat’s name is a moot point. Some owners do not see any problems in this. Others believe that it will be easier for a stranger to win over an animal. In other words, this will allow him to easily tame the cat and keep it for himself;

  3. It is desirable to write a phrase-call to action. It can be the classic “I’m lost” or “Please return me to the owner.” You can mention the reward that awaits the stranger in the event of the return of the cat: “They promise a reward for me”;

  4. If the cat is purebred or has a rare color and you are afraid that a stranger might keep it, you can also write a “scare” phrase. For example, “I need treatment” or “I sharpen my claws on the sofa, scratch and bite”;

  5. For security reasons, please do not include your home address.

Today, the stores offer a huge number of different accessories for pets. Which address book for cats to choose?

Types of address books

  1. Capsule

    A metal or plastic capsule is not the best option, although it is the most popular. Such an address book easily breaks and unwinds, as a result, the pet loses its contents somewhere on the street. In addition, not everyone will think of spinning an intricate decoration on the collar of a found cat.

  2. Plastic key rings

    Not the most reliable type of address tag – a plastic token with an inscription inside. Firstly, this material breaks easily, and secondly, the paper can get wet, and what is written with a pen will be washed out.

  3. Medallion

    A small, simple metal medallion (such as a dog tag) is great for cats that are actively exploring the outdoors. But complex models with sharp corners can be dangerous if, for example, they catch on a tree branch.

  4. Small buckles

    A great option is a cat collar with an address buckle. Such an accessory will not catch on anything and definitely will not interfere with the pet. It is better to give preference to a metal buckle on which you can engrave the necessary information. Manufacturers also offer fabric tags with embroidery on them, but this is not the most reliable option.

Of course, in case of loss of a cat, the address book can play an important role in its return. But it’s more like insurance. To ensure safety, veterinarians recommend installing a microchip in your pet.

Unlike the address tag, it cannot be lost, it serves throughout the life of the animal and does not require replacement. Such a chip contains a number by which it is easy to find the contact details of the owner of the cat.

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December 19 2018

Updated: February 6, 2019

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