If the puppy is picky about food, what should I do?
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If the puppy is picky about food, what should I do?

If the puppy is picky about food, what should I do?

Most often, refusal to feed is associated with pampering the animal. However, this does not always happen. If the puppy has suddenly stopped touching food and is generally not as active, it is likely that the cause of the lack of appetite is an illness. This is a serious reason to visit a veterinarian, since a growing dog’s body requires more energy, and unexpected problems of this kind are an indicator of its failure.

If the puppy’s health is in order, take a closer look at how he behaves during meals. Perhaps there are objective reasons for refusing to feed.

Why does a healthy puppy refuse food?

  • Wrong food. More precisely – food not intended for puppies. After all, the size of the jaw of a puppy and an adult dog can be very different, so you need to select the size of the granules specifically for your pet. Many manufacturers offer such feed. Most major brands—Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan, Happy Dog—have dry and wet food for puppies of toy, medium, large, and even giant breeds.
  • No mode. A puppy needs to be fed 3-4 times a day, an adult dog – 2 times a day, observing certain feeding hours and serving sizes. Perhaps you feed your pet too often or give him too large portions?
  • Frequent food changes. In search of better food, owners often change brands. This is fraught with two threats: firstly, the pet can get used to frequent changes and wait for something new. Secondly, a sharp change can provoke problems with the animal’s digestion.
  • Treats and food off the table. Treats in a dog’s diet should be limited in quantity; they cannot form the basis of a pet’s diet. Chocolate, sausage, cheese and other treats of this kind are strictly prohibited. So you not only pamper your pet, but also harm his digestive system. If you want to give your pet treats, then choose specially created for dogs – for example, meat pigtails Pedigree Rodeo for adult dogs of all breeds, Pedigree Treatable Bone Jumbone.

How to teach a puppy to feed

The transition from one type of food to another should be gradual. Mix a little new food into the old food, gradually increasing the proportion of the second. This way you will avoid a hungry protest from the pet.

A rather radical method is to show the animal that food in a bowl is his only choice. This method is only suitable for dogs that do not have stomach problems. Experts recommend putting food in a bowl during feeding and leave for half an hour or an hour. If the dog does not touch the food, remove the bowl until the next meal. Make sure that no one at home feeds the dog during this time! Do not be afraid that she will remain hungry. The animal may not eat for a couple of days, the main thing is the presence of a bowl of drinking water nearby.

A dog that refuses food is a problem for the owner. But, as practice shows, you are not alone. People often pamper their pets by offering them different types of food, treats and food from the table. In fact, the dog does not require variety in food, she is ready to eat one type of food all her life if it is balanced and nutritious. The main thing is to choose the right one.

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