How to wean a dog to go to the toilet in the wrong place?
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How to wean a dog to go to the toilet in the wrong place?

How to wean a dog to go to the toilet in the wrong place?

What is the reason

Dog behavior can always be explained. So the first thing you need to do is understand why the animal behaves the way it does.

  • The dog is used to being walked with her often and for a long time and simply could not endure until your arrival;
  • The dog is badly brought up;
  • The dog is sick.

What to do

In the first case, if this is a one-time, and not systematic behavior of the animal (this is important!), The only effective recommendation that can be given to the owner is: try not to miss the walk time. If you know in advance that you may be late, use absorbent disposable diapers at home.

In the second case, it is worth reconsidering your approach to raising an animal and returning to training and training to execute basic commands.

  • If you catch the moment when the dog is about to go to the toilet on your favorite carpet, command “Fu!” and slap the dog on the rump (back);
  • Take the dog outside;
  • Praise her as soon as she does all her work.

It is also worth making sure that the neglect of hygiene rules is not caused by health problems: some diseases can lead to incontinence. If before that the dog did not cope with the natural needs of the house, you should contact the veterinarian and make sure that the animal is healthy.

You should know

Older dogs are often unable to control urination and not only it. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to be patient, disposable diapers and special diapers for dogs.

What not to do?

If you came home and found a puddle or a pile, screaming, stomping your feet, poking the dog with your nose, and even more so beating it is pointless. If it makes you feel better that you tell the dog everything you think about him, please. Just keep in mind that most likely the dog just won’t understand what’s going on.

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