How to determine the age of the Djungarian and Syrian hamsters

How to determine the age of the Djungarian and Syrian hamsters

How to determine the age of the Djungarian and Syrian hamsters

The choice of a hamster is a responsible matter. For the right choice, you must independently learn to determine the sex of the hamster and its age. If you know how to determine the age of the Dzungarian and Syrian hamster without outside help, then not a single seller will be able to sell you an animal in advanced years, passing it off as a youngster. It is important to take into account the fact that not every seller knows how to determine the age of the animal.

Five ways to find out the age of a rodent

The exact number of weeks since the birth of a hamster is impossible to figure out even for an experienced professional, so the age is determined approximately with minor errors. Animals are divided into three categories: young, adult and old. If the age of the hamster is less than 1 month, then the cub will have to be fed with milk on its own using a pipette. If you are not sure that the task is within your power, it is best to refuse the purchase. At such a childhood, the animal has not yet learned to eat on its own, and feeding should occur at intervals of 2-3 hours.

Find out the age of the Djungarian hamster and the Syrian hamster will help us:

  • Behavior. A young animal from an old one is easy to identify by behavioral characteristics. Dzungarian, Syrian or any other breed of hamster in adulthood devotes a lot of time to sleep and rest. They eat much less food and often sleep. Young people lead a very active lifestyle, which attracts the attention of future owners, especially the children’s half. Immediately after waking up, the young hamster begins to chew, run and explore the territory;
  • Hair around the ears. Aging animals will be distinguished by the almost complete absence of wool. The ears of young rodents are always covered with a thin layer of white wool;
  • Eyes. They will always correctly tell you how to find out the age of a hamster. Blurred eyes, which are a harbinger of the short life of the animal, tell about old age or illness. Brilliant, clean eyes testify to the youth and good health of the animal. With proper care, such a hamster will delight you for a long time;
  • Wool condition. Rodents begin to become covered with hair and acquire a visible color only at the age of 5-6 days, the fur is completely formed by 15 days of life. The coat is especially bright and resembles more light fluff than hairs. If the hamster has a bright coat on which bald patches are visible, this means a disease or molting. The same signs indicate the youth of the rodent and most likely that its age has not passed the monthly limit;
  • The weight. One of the main ways to determine the age of the djungarian hamster and its counterparts of other species. During the first 3 months from birth, the animals weigh no more than 40 g, so be sure to weigh the rodent before buying. The recommended age for purchase is from 3 to 12 months, the ideal option is from 1 to 3 months.

life span of a rodent

The number of weeks a hamster has already lived has a direct impact on how long a hamster will live, so it is important to acquire a young animal. In addition to age, the following factors are of great importance:

  • variety;
  • genetic characteristics;
  • the conditions in which the animal was kept before purchase;
  • nutrition rules;
  • care quality.

By providing the Dzhungarik with good conditions and a balanced diet, he will be able to live up to 3-XNUMX years. In the wild, animals exist almost half as much, since many dangers lie in wait for them in the wild. Life in a cage is calm, relieves forced hunger and colds, greatly increasing the ability of jungars to live longer.

How to determine the age of the Djungarian and Syrian hamstersSyrian varieties are larger than the Dzungarian and are considered the largest among domestic rodents. There is no difference in determining the age of these breeds. Fellow jungars at 1 month are just as small and light. Only after passing the 30-day milestone, they will differ in volume, and the weight of an adult Syrian hamster will average 115 g. The fur that is hard to the touch will tell about old age, smooth and soft – about youth and health.

Years of rodents in terms of human

You can determine the age of a hamster by human standards with a simple mathematical calculation. The life expectancy of animals is 2-3 years. The average boundary of a person stops at around 60-70 years. Accordingly, 2 hamster years equal 60 human years. Then we look at how old the hamster is by human standards in different periods:

  • at 6 months of age, your hamster can safely be called a 12 year old;
  • in a one-year-old – a young rodent;
  • and at 1,5 years old, the hamster will fully begin to move towards inevitable old age.

Do not forget that the youth and youth of your beloved Syrian or Dzungarian hamster can always be extended with decent care, care and quality nutrition. Take the rodent to a veterinarian for examination, who can identify hereditary diseases in the animal and identify possible risks. Guided by the doctor’s recommendations, you will help your pet avoid illnesses and prolong life.

How to determine the age of a hamster

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