German Rex
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German Rex

Other names: German Rex , Prussian Rex

The German Rex is a breed of domestic cat with soft curly hair and a wonderful temperament.

Characteristics of German Rex

Country of originGermany
Wool typeShorthair
Height23-27 cm
Weight3.5-5 kg
Age10-15 years old
German Rex Characteristics

Brief information

  • First recorded breed with a curly coat;
  • The felinological organization CFA does not recognize the difference between the German Rex, Cornish Rex and Devon Rex ;
  • Other breed names are Prussian Rex or German Rex;
  • Talkative, calm and friendly.

The German Rex is a cat breed whose main feature is a slightly curly coat. They are active, loyal friends, have high intelligence. Although the name of the breed sounds rather menacing, but in reality the German Rexes have not only an attractive appearance, but also a wonderful character. Recommended for people who are allergic to cat hair (but not to cat protein).


The German Rex breed appeared by chance in the 1930s: in a Prussian village, a male Russian blue cared for an Angora cat – as it turned out, very successfully. As a result, extraordinarily attractive kittens with curly fur were born. But the owners of the cats did not notice anything special about them. Fortunately, they caught the eye of one breeder, who immediately realized that the kittens were unique. He took two and thus initiated the birth of a new breed.

At first, only one Königsberg nursery was engaged in breeding German rexes, but later several breeders joined this business. And the breed has developed successfully.

After the surrender and occupation of Germany, the soldiers of the allied forces, returning home, carried cats of this breed as a trophy. So it spread throughout Europe and every day became more and more famous, intriguing not only the townsfolk, but also felinological organizations.

The breed standard was approved in the 1970s, and the German River was recognized by all influential organizations – FIFe, WCF, etc., except for the CFA, which did not consider the German Rex a separate breed and considered it as one of the varieties of the Devon Rex.

Today, the German Rex is widely distributed throughout the world, the best representatives of the breed participate in exhibitions. Now in Russia, several catteries have begun to breed this sweet and pretty cat.


  • Color: any color is allowed.
  • Coat: slightly curled; without undercoat; feels like plush to the touch.
  • Head: rounded, strong chin, developed cheeks.
  • Ears : Almost equal in width throughout; the distance between them is quite large, not too mobile.
  • Eyes: round; medium size, color according to color.
  • Nose: Has a slight indentation at the base.

Behavioral features

They will be a devoted friend for the family, they will create comfort in the house. German Rex are very beautiful and interesting animals with high intelligence and need constant communication with their owners.

An unusually active breed, just a perpetual motion machine – they are always on the move, playing, rushing around the apartment, checking if everything is in order; the impression is that during sleep they touch with their paws. They like to play, in the absence of a partner in the game they will occupy themselves.

Very organized cats, they like it when everything is in its place. They clean up after themselves toys after games and, like dogs, guard them. Another dog habit: when things are going well, they wag their tails.

German Rexes are very positive, never dull or apathetic. They have a fountain of energy and an abundance of good mood.

Herman Rex is very melodious, always purring something under his breath and communicates with his beloved owner with the same sweet purr. He likes to be in the center of attention, participate in all family affairs, entertainment and recreation, he will definitely join the family watching TV shows. The German Rex is vital to constant contact with the owners.

He gets along well with children, treats them very well, but only if the kids also treat him well. If the children hurt him, they will definitely get back.

Other pets must also respect the German Rex, otherwise they will not be happy – and a serious quarrel may arise. True, this applies to the “newcomers”, he has a wonderful relationship with old friends. He is suspicious of strangers who come into the house.

German Rex – Video

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Health and Care

The beauty of caring for German Rex is that they do not require any special care. In addition, they are able to take care of themselves: German Rex do an excellent job of maintaining their coat in the proper form. Owners should only help pets maintain ear hygiene. The cat’s ears should be periodically cleaned with cotton swabs soaked in a special solution.

The German Rex is prone to obesity, at the same time, the food should be high in fat, because due to the short coat and lack of undercoat, German Rex quickly lose heat.

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