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dog pedigree

If any dog ​​can have a veterinary passport, then only a thoroughbred can have a pedigree. At the same time, the “paper” itself is practically worth nothing. Money for a puppy with a pedigree is taken not for a “piece of paper”, but for the work that breeders do to select pairs, for the fact that it is the pedigree that guarantees the breed of the dog.

Who issues and what records should be in the pedigree?

Most kennel clubs in Russia are affiliated with the Russian Cynological Federation (RKF), which in turn is a member of the International Cynological Federation (FCI). It is the RKF that registers matings of purebred dogs and issues documents for them.

dog pedigree

A pedigree for a dog is a paper confirming the origin. The logo of the organization should be on the front, and the pedigree also includes all information about the pet (breed, nickname, gender, date of birth, color, brand), breeder and owner. The document also says about relatives on both lines of the pet. In the pedigree, males are always listed above females.

How to get?

To obtain documents for your pet, you first need to buy it from a decent breeder. The puppy must appear from the planned mating, all information about which (including the necessary tests and training certificates, if required) has been submitted to the RKF. Along with the puppy, you are given a puppy card, which later changes to a pedigree.

You can ask the breeder to immediately make a pedigree for your pet, but, most likely, the papers for the litter have not yet been submitted to the federation. Usually, it is customary to receive pedigrees when the puppies reach the age of six months, then there should already be complete order with the documents and you will be given the coveted leaflet without any problems. If you are in Moscow, then it is easy to change the puppy card for a pedigree yourself, and if in another city, then you need to contact the nearest kennel club and ask for help with the exchange.

The issuance of a pedigree is paid. Rates are listed on the RKF website.

Purebred dog without documents

Sometimes it happens that puppies are without paper confirming their breed. Most often this happens due to conflicts between owners of bitches and males related to payment for mating, or if one of the parents of the puppies does not have a pedigree or has not passed the tests necessary for mating. It happens that there is no positive assessment from the exhibition, or the dog was originally married and should not have been allowed for breeding. Whether to buy such a puppy is up to you. But undocumented animals, even if they look like typical representatives of the breed, should not cost the same as puppies from parents whose owners have completed all the necessary steps to register the litter.

dog pedigree

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