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Canaan Dog

Characteristics of Canaan Dog

Country of originIsrael
The sizeAverage
Growth48-60 cm
Weight16–25 kg
Age12–14 years old
FCI breed groupSpitz and breeds of primitive type
Canaan Dog Characteristics

Brief information

  • They still exist in the wild;
  • Strong, strong, hardy;
  • Playful, cheerful.


The Canaan Dog is an amazing breed originally from Israel. Until the 1930s, she lived next to a man as a pariah, in other words, a cur. True, the Bedouins often started it for the protection of housing and protection, but they did not specifically breed the breed.

Interest in the Canaan dog was first shown by the German breeder Rudelphine Menzel. In the course of research, the woman found out that these animals are easily trained and can be used as service dogs. Thus began the history of the formation of the Canaanite breed in its modern form.

Today, these animals are often in the public service: they participate in search and rescue operations, look for drugs and explosives. In addition, they are excellent guides. Interestingly, despite the fact that the breed was officially registered in the IFF in 1966, its semi-wild representatives still live in Israel.

The Canaan Dog is a smart, loyal and hardy pet, friendship with which will be appreciated by both adults and children. The nature of this breed has been formed over thousands of years, natural selection weeded out cowardly, aggressive and weak individuals. So now the Canaan dog is rightfully considered one of the most worthy representatives of the animal world.

Pets of this breed are able to make their own decisions. At the same time, despite all their independence, these dogs prefer to always be near their owner. They quickly become attached to the family and do not easily experience separation, so you should never leave the dog alone for a long time.

Breeders note the innate curiosity of Canaan dogs. It is noticed that they love puzzle toys. In addition, these animals are easily trained . It is believed that praise and affection are very important for the Canaanite dog. But, if the owner had no experience in raising a pet before, it is still recommended to seek help from a cynologist . The help of a specialist will help to avoid possible mistakes and properly educate the dog.

Representatives of this breed quickly find a common language with children, especially of school age. The Canaan Dog will be happy to take outdoor walks and spend active time together.

The Canaanite does not conflict with the animals in the house, more often he prefers to compromise. However, he will never let himself be offended. Much in the relationship with the “neighbor” depends on the behavior of another pet.

Canaan Dog Care

The dense dense coat of the Canaan dog requires careful care, especially during the molting period. It is necessary to comb the pet every day, otherwise the hair that has fallen out will be everywhere.

Bathe animals infrequently, as they become dirty. To do this, use special shampoos and conditioners.

Conditions of detention

The Canaan dog cannot live in an aviary or on a chain, it loves free range. The best option for keeping pets of this breed is life in a private house outside the city. However, in the apartment she can also be happy if the owner can provide her with sufficient physical activity

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