Can a puppy eat potatoes?

Can a puppy eat potatoes?

There is an opinion that potatoes are almost poison for a dog. Is it so? And is it possible to feed a puppy with potatoes?

Can a puppy eat potatoes?

Of course, if you feed your puppy only potatoes, nothing good will come of it. However, potatoes are not as harmful as many people think.

First of all, you cannot poison a dog with potatoes. If this is a quality product and, once again, it is not the basis of the diet.

Best of all, if you decide to treat your dog with potatoes, choose one with less starch. At the same time, remember that raw, fried or salted potatoes should not be given to dogs.

Potatoes can be given to your dog boiled. But remember that the tubers that you plan to feed to your pet should not be green.

Of course, the dish should not be hot. Dog food, including potatoes, should be at room temperature.

Nothing bad will happen if a large dog eats 1 potato tuber per week, and small breeds can be given about 3 times less. 

Of course, you should not give potatoes to a dog that does not tolerate starch well.

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