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Characteristics of Bolognese

Country of originItaly
The sizeSmall
Growth25–30 cm
Weight2.5–4 kg
Age13–15 years old
FCI breed groupDecorative and companion dogs
Bolognese Characteristics

Brief information

  • Needs professional grooming;
  • Affectionate and cheerful;
  • The perfect companion for city living.


The Bolognese are genuine aristocrats with a rich history. The breed was bred in Italy around the eleventh century. Bologna is considered the hometown of these little dogs, hence the name, by the way. The closest relatives of the Bolognese are the Maltese and Miniature Poodles.

The Bolognese breed gained worldwide popularity in the 16th-18th centuries, when they learned about it in France, Russia and other European countries. Small fluffy white dogs immediately liked the representatives of the aristocracy. By the way, several dogs of this breed also lived at the court of Catherine II. It was this breed that was tacitly called the lap dog, which subsequently created confusion with the bichon frieze.

Bolognese, as befits an aristocrat, is friendly and very sociable. This energetic and active pet will be a great companion for families with children and for single elderly people. Bolognese is very sensitive and focused on the owner, requires affection and attention from him. Without proper treatment, the dog yearns, her character deteriorates.

The Bolognese is smart and literally understands the owner perfectly. This dog is easy to train, the main thing is to provide the pet with varied and interesting tasks.


Representatives of the breed can easily become home and family guards. Of course, its compact size is unlikely to frighten an intruder, however, thanks to its sensitive hearing and sonorous voice, the Bolognese can act as an alarm and warn of danger. By the way, he treats strangers with caution. In the company of guests, the Bolognese will be somewhat clamped and modest. But, as soon as he gets to know people better, the stiffness will disappear, and the pet will charm those around him with his manners.

In the upbringing of the Bolognese, socialization is important: without it, the dog may be overly sensitive and emotional at the sight of relatives. However, the Bolognese easily finds a common language with animals. This is an absolutely non-conflict dog, he will happily communicate with cats, dogs and even rodents.

In addition, Bolognese is a great friend for a child. The dog is tactful and playful, it will make a wonderful company even for kids.

Bolognese Care

Snow-white fluffy wool is one of the main advantages of the Bolognese. To keep it in this condition, it must be brushed daily , and a couple of times a month you should bathe the dog using special shampoos and conditioners. In addition, Bolognese must be sheared. It is best to entrust this to a professional groomer.

In 18th-century France, a trimmed and well-groomed bolognese was often compared to a powder puff.

Conditions of detention

Bolognese feels great in a city apartment. The main condition for keeping such a pet is attention and love. The dog does not require long and active walks, it is enough to walk with the pet for about one to two hours a day.

Bolognese – Video

Bolognese is a smart dog! 😀

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