Biewer Terrier
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Biewer Terrier

Characteristics of Biewer Terrier

Country of originGermany
The sizeSmall
Growth20-27 cm
Weight2–3.5 kg
Age12–15 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Biewer Terrier Characteristics

Brief information

  • Energetic and cheerful dog;
  • Sometimes it is very capricious;
  • Suitable for older children.


The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is a young breed of dog descended from the Yorkshire Terrier and differing from it in appearance. These dogs are loved by many connoisseurs of miniature breeds for their emotionality and exorbitant self-esteem, and sometimes superiority.

A properly trained Biewer Yorkie is a wonderful member of the family, bringing only positive emotions. When these dogs are in a good mood, they can entertain the whole family by doing something fun. If the beaver’s mood is not the best, he can grumble at the owners, showing how unhappy he is.

Biewer Yorkies can be wayward, so these little dogs need to be shown from the first days who is the master in the house, otherwise they will become capricious and uncontrollable. Because of their charming appearance and small size, these terriers often get what they want, even what is forbidden to large dogs. If you teach and show the beaver its place in the “pack” in time, then the owner will not have to deal with bad behavior.


Biewer Yorkies are somewhat aggressive towards other dogs and pets. This is especially dangerous because they are not aware of their size and can get into an unequal fight with those who are many times their height and weight. For this reason, they need to be socialized and taught to communicate from an early age.

This is not to say that Biewer Yorkies are easy to train. However, in patient and reliable hands, these dogs can avoid the development of “small dog syndrome”, in which miniature animals become neurotic and difficult to live with. This syndrome develops in pets due to the fault of the owners, who do not perceive the small creature as a full-fledged dog and refuse to train it and allow it to fully communicate with larger relatives.

Miniature Biewer Yorkshire Terriers are not the best choice for families with preschool children. A small child still does not know how to control his actions and can accidentally harm a small pet. But for families with school-age children, active and cheerful beavers are perfect.

Biewer Terrier Care

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier can suffer from some health problems, including hereditary ones. The most common include hypoglycemia, knee dislocation, and Perthes disease (osteochondropathy of the femoral head).

The long silky coat of the Biewer Yorkie requires a lot of time and effort from the owner. Daily combing will help get rid of dirt and prevent the formation of tangles. If you want your dog’s coat to be long, it will need to be washed weekly as it will be in contact with the ground and get dirty faster. For this reason, many owners prefer to give their pets short haircuts , which greatly simplify hair care.

Conditions of detention

Biewer Yorkies are extremely mobile. If you have a fenced yard or garden, there will be no problem with the outburst of the pet’s energy: just let the dog out so that it runs in plenty.

Beavers can do just fine in an apartment, provided they have enough space to be active. Lack of proper exercise can make a dog nervous.

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