Basque Shepherd Dog
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Basque Shepherd Dog

Characteristics of Basque Shepherd Dog

Country of originSpain (Basque Country)
The sizeAverage
Growth46-61 cm
Weight17–34 kg
Age12–15 years old
FCI breed groupNot recognized
Basque Shepherd Dog Characteristics

Brief information

  • Smart, quick-witted;
  • Responsible;
  • Well trained, used in the service.


The homeland of the Basque Shepherd Dog, as you might guess, is Spain, or rather, the Basque Country, where the dog is popular and known to everyone. However, outside of Southern Europe, it is almost impossible to meet her.

The ancestors of the Basque Sheepdog are considered to be dogs of Central Europe. It is difficult to establish specific breeds today. It is only clear that for more than one hundred years this dog has been helping a person in the household: she grazes cattle, guards the house and family.

Today, Basque Sheepdogs are still used by farmers. In addition, these dogs are popular with both the police and the rescue service. All thanks to the outstanding intelligence and good learning ability of animals. However, training is not so simple. Some representatives of the breed are distinguished by an extremely independent and wayward character. So the owner of such a dog will have to resort to the help of a cynologist in order to raise a pet. And the timely socialization of the Basque Shepherd Dogs is also extremely necessary. Without it, animals can be nervous and aggressive towards their relatives.


In general, the Basque Sheepdog is considered a cheerful and friendly breed. Yes, these dogs are distrustful of strangers, but as soon as they realize that the person is not dangerous, they will become more favorable to him.

Basque Sheepdogs, like other dogs of this type, are incredibly loyal to their owner. Despite warm and affectionate relations with all family members, they still choose one owner – the “leader of the pack”. It is his pet that will obey unquestioningly and carry out commands. The owner of the Basque Sheepdog must be a strong man with a firm hand. Otherwise, the pet simply will not believe in his unshakable authority.

Basque Shepherd Dogs are quick-witted and intelligent. They understand when and with whom to have fun, fool around and play. A dog of this breed will be an excellent companion for a family with children, especially of school age. For example, a pet will accompany and protect little owners everywhere on the playground in the yard.

As for the animals in the house, then there should not be any problems. The Basque Sheepdog is quite loyal and peaceful. Although some representatives of the breed may try to dominate. And, if the “neighbor” is the same, problems cannot be avoided.

Basque Shepherd Dog Care

The Basque Sheepdog has a thick long coat that will require proper care from the owner. But the procedures are simple: just comb your pet with a massage comb 2-3 times a week.

Conditions of detention

The Basque Sheepdog is an energetic and agile dog. From the owner, it will require many hours of walks. In addition, a pet can take part in sports competitions – for example, agility . Representatives of the breed often demonstrate success in this discipline.

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