Aruba Country Dog (Aruba Dog)
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Aruba Country Dog (Aruba Dog)

Characteristics of Aruba Country Dog (Aruba Dog)

Country of originNetherlands
The sizeAverage
Growth40-53 cm
Weight15-20 kg
Age10-12 years old
FCI breed groupnot recognized
Aruba Country Dog (Aruba Dog) Characteristics

Brief information

  • Smart;
  • obedient;
  • hardy;
  • Lovers of swimming and diving.

Origin story

This one has not yet been recognized IFF The breed is named after the locality of Aruba, which is located in the Antilles of the Netherlands. Presumably, initially Aruba dogs appeared without the help of cynologists, as a result of crossing local animals with those that the owners brought from the mainland. As a result, nature produced an excellent result – it turned out to be a good medium-sized dog, strong, with a smooth coat, distinguished by intelligence, quick wit and health, easily trained, not aggressive, equally well performing the duties of a watchman, shepherd, guard, hunter, companion. Cynologists are working to unify the breed in order to gain official recognition, the first to do this was the International Progressive Cynologists of America.


Smooth-coated, rectangular, slightly squat, strong dog of medium size. The ears are semi-pendulous, the tail is extended along the back. Color can be any, and both monophonic and spotted. Brown eyes.


Very positive animals, they learn easily and with pleasure, work honestly and gladly accept well-deserved praise. They do not differ in either aggression or a tendency to dominate, but at the same time they are quite independent.

They get along well with children and all household members. They will never even allow themselves to snap at a baby who grabs by the tail or ear – they will simply turn around and run away to the side. They quickly realize that other domestic animals, including cats and rodents, are also members of the pride and coexist peacefully with them. Such a dog can be started even by people who do not have experience. Interestingly, Aruba dogs love to swim and dive and do it very cleverly, helping fishermen and hunters, as well as rescue services.

Aruba Country Dog (Aruba Dog) Care

Pretty standard – ears, claws, eyes are processed as needed. Smooth, well-fitting short hair, as a rule, is easily self-cleaning, and the love of swimming in ponds contributes to the self-maintenance of the cleanliness of the animal.

Conditions of detention

Natural selection genetically laid down good health. And an active lifestyle supports it. Aruba country dogs are hardy, active, and natural hardening gives them the opportunity to feel comfortable both in an apartment and in a country house. Despite the short coat, they are frost-resistant and perfectly withstand both cool water and long winter walks. But do not forget that this is a working breed, and if they are not loaded with assignments, training, games – they will feel their uselessness, yearn and direct energy to all kinds of Skoda.


In Russia, it is still quite difficult to find an Aruba puppy, so it is better to order it in its historical homeland. Prices start from 300 euros. But don’t forget about shipping!

Aruba Country Dog (Aruba Dog) – Video

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