Why does a guinea pig lick its owner’s hands: reasons

Why does a guinea pig lick its owner’s hands: reasons

Owners of charming animals often notice that the pet, being in their arms, begins to lick their fingers. Inexperienced owners can be disturbed by this behavior, so it is important to understand the reasons for the pet’s actions.

Why does a guinea pig lick

Researchers of rodent behavior have concluded that the animal licks its hands for several reasons. The first group is the expression of positive emotions.

The pet is happy to be with the owner

Licking his fingers, he shows affection and love.

The rodent seeks to court

Hand licking suggests that the pet is trying to help the owner maintain good hygiene.

The smell of delicious food

If a person has recently picked up something that a guinea pig considers a treat, then she will try to get to him by licking the skin on her hands. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly before contacting an animal.

A guinea pig licks its hands when it wants to convey to its owner that it needs something.

When it is necessary to change the conditions of detention

In some cases, if a pet licks his hands, it means that he is not comfortable or something is missing.

Lack of salt stone in cells

Human skin has a salty taste, and the rodent makes up for the lack of salt by licking its palms and fingers.


The animal can also inform stress or fear. A loud noise and a sharp sound can frighten the animal, which entails licking the owner. He may also show that he does not like how or where he is stroked. The last option – the rodent wants to return to the cage, eat or go to the toilet.

Consideration must be given to environmental factors in situations where guinea pigs show attention in this way. Add a salt stone, assess the likelihood of stress. If these reasons are eliminated, then it remains just to enjoy communicating with your pet.

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Why do guinea pigs lick their hands

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