White guinea pig: photo and description

White guinea pig: photo and description

White guinea pig: photo and description

The white guinea pig has always been popular with fans of these cute rodents. An animal with snow-white fur and black beady eyes looks like a fragile and delicate creature, and it is simply impossible to resist its charm.

Guinea pigs with white color

There are only a few breeds of these animals that have a plain white fur coat.

English selfie

Self – short-haired animals with an even snow-white color of fur without admixture and interspersed with other tones. Paws and ears are covered with light soft fluff. The eyes of animals can be black or dark red.

Self breed guinea pig

american teddy

Spectacular fluffiness in this breed arises from the fact that the hairs sticking out perpendicularly. White color visually enhances the volume of the teddy.

White guinea pig: photo and description
teddy guinea pig

Peruvian (Angora)

The Angora guinea pig with long snow-white hair stands out among its relatives with its beauty and aristocratic appearance. By the way, for representatives of the Peruvian breed, a plain white color is a rarity, so such animals are considered especially valuable.

White guinea pig: photo and description
Peruvian guinea pig


Among the Sheltie breed, representatives of the white color are not very popular. Two-, three- and multi-color individuals look more attractive and unusual.

White guinea pig: photo and description
Sheltie guinea pig


Among long-haired texels with curly hair, individuals with white fur are also rare.

Texel guinea pig


A distinctive feature of the Crested is a white rosette on its head. In white individuals, the rosette merges with the coat and does not look as impressive as in other colors.

White guinea pig: photo and description
Crested guinea pig


Coronets are also called royal guinea pigs because of the crown on their head. But as with the Sheltie breed, white representatives are not very popular due to the wide variety of very beautiful and unusual other color options.

White guinea pig: photo and description
Coronet guinea pig

Baldwin and skinny

Oddly enough, among hairless guinea pigs there are pigs with white skin.

Baldwin guinea pig


White Abyssinians are not so common. Their eyes may be red or black.

Abyssinian guinea pig

Black and white guinea pig

Animals look no less beautiful and original, in which there are dark spots and marks on a light background.


The two-tone black and white color is the most common among the representatives of the Dutch breed. The basic tone of the coat is light, and the head and back of the body are painted jet black.

White guinea pig: photo and description
Guinea pig of the Dutch breed


The main color of the animals is white, and small black spots are scattered all over the body, thanks to which they look like Dalmatian dogs.

White guinea pig: photo and description
Dalmatian guinea pig

Panda catfishes

One of the rarest breeds of guinea pigs. They were bred in New Zealand by crossing a white selfie with a silver agouti.

The main feature of rodents is that with a white color, their skin is completely black. Against the light background of the fur coat, dark spots around the eyes and in the area of ​​​​the ears are clearly distinguished. The paws are also painted black.

White guinea pig: photo and description
Panda guinea pig


Himalayan guinea pigs are partially albino, which is why their eyes are red. The pigment is produced only in areas: paws, ears, mask. The mask can be black or brown. The whiter the pig, the more it is valued.

White guinea pig: photo and description
Himalayan guinea pig

Despite the light fur, animals with this color do not need additional care, and you need to take care of these beautiful pets in the same way as you would for pigs with any other color.

white guinea pigs

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