What components are included in the finished diet?

What components are included in the finished diet?


Participate in the formation of new tissues. Moreover, animals use about a third of the proteins digested with food to maintain their coat and skin in a healthy state.

Pets consuming ready-made feeds receive proteins with ingredients of animal origin – meat (natural lamb, chicken, turkey, and so on), offal (liver and other internal organs), fish, and a certain part with vegetable ingredients – rice, soy, cereals.

At the same time, ready-made diets contain the amount of protein that the animal needs and which it is able to assimilate. In homemade food, it can be completely different: 100 g of poultry contains 18,2 g of protein, 100 g of pork – 14,6 g, 100 g of buckwheat – 12,6 g.


Feed the body of pets with energy. They come with ingredients of animal origin – beef and fish fat, as well as vegetable oils – sunflower, linseed.

They also contain fatty acids. They are necessary in order for the skin and coat to be healthy, and the immune system strong, so that reproductive functions are active. Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids are most often found in ready-made diets. The former have anti-inflammatory properties, saturate the cells of the body with oxygen, keep the muscles in good shape. The latter are important for reproduction processes. Deficiency of fatty acids threatens the dog with impaired reproductive function, deterioration of the skin and coat.


They help the pet and its digestion, as they serve as a source of energy and dietary fiber, without which the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract is quite difficult.

This component enters the animal body with ingredients of plant origin – beet pulp, sugar beet pulp, alfalfa, wheat, corn. The fiber contained in them stabilizes the work of the intestines, prevents constipation.

Ready rations

Perhaps not a single home-cooked dish is able to combine all the components necessary for an animal in the right proportions. In industrial rations, they are contained in an optimal form for assimilation.

For comparison: from the protein contained in 100 g of beef, the dog’s body processes only 75%, and from the protein contained in 100 g of ready-made food – 90%.

Thus, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in ready-made feeds are much more beneficial for a pet than the same components, but in homemade food.

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