اسان ٻڪرين لاء قلم ٺاهيندا آهيون

اسان ٻڪرين لاء قلم ٺاهيندا آهيون

If we talk about goats, these animals are very active representatives of artiodactyls, restless and energetic, they can afford excessive aggression, while being in an absolutely healthy state. Despite this, goats get along well with poultry: chickens, turkeys, geese … However, the corral for them should be separate.

Those who are interested in this issue must have met on the Internet with photographs of such pens. By the way, this is the best housing for such restless animals. Naturally, more space is needed for cattle, but goats can get by with a small space. Being very smart, they can adapt to not very favorable living conditions, and feel quite comfortable in aviaries or barns.

اسان ٻڪرين لاء قلم ٺاهيندا آهيون

When building, one important point must be taken into account. The fact is that goats are very shy, and in a fit of fear they can easily break a fragile fence. Therefore, the posts and corral boards must be strong in themselves, and set as firmly as possible. Otherwise, the animals that break free can cause a lot of trouble, ruining the garden beds, or, even worse, run away from the yard.

We can say that a goat pen is an ideal structure for a comfortable habitat for animals. It should be noted that goats feel great in the cold, and in general, fresh air has a very beneficial effect on their physical development. Goats also tolerate high temperatures well, but care must be taken to ensure that dampness does not form in the corral, otherwise the animals may catch a respiratory disease, to which they are highly prone. And if the disease is not noticed in time, the situation can take a sad turn, and in the worst case, the animal will die.

Despite the fact that goats are considered cold-resistant, living in the northern regions, insulated sheds are indispensable. Otherwise, you can lose the whole herd, and suffer losses. If you live in the southern area, you can get by with a simple paddock if the site is protected from the invasion of wild animals.

If goats are kept for milk, it is better to have a separate pen for goats, otherwise a strong specific smell of a goat will be felt in the milk, which is not in favor of its taste.

When planning to make a corral, first of all you need to think over a place for it. It must be dry, you also need to pay attention to the fact that after rainfall there is no accumulation of water. The best material for such a building is wood, it is, firstly, cheaper, secondly, it is more convenient if you build it yourself, and thirdly, it does not take too much time, as if using concrete or brick. In addition, if you have to redo or demolish something, such a structure will not cause much trouble.

It is rational to enclose the base of the fence with tin, as goats can try wooden posts for a tooth. This, in turn, leads to damage to the fence. There is another method, more severe, when barbed wire is put between the posts, of course, in this case you need to be prepared for the fact that the animal can injure itself, but this is a sure way to wean the animal from a bad habit and protect the fence.

اسان ٻڪرين لاء قلم ٺاهيندا آهيون

As mentioned above, when building a goat pen, it is advisable to use strong wood species, avoiding rotten boards. Of no small importance is the roof, which should be a powerful protection not only from precipitation, but also from sunlight. As for the door, it is better if it opens into the pen, this will prevent the quickest ones from slipping out from behind the fence. At night, animals are safer to lock up.

Of course, the construction of a corral is a laborious process, but not very difficult. The farmer can cope with this task quite independently, while not incurring large costs. The main thing to keep in mind is that the corral is built for goats, animals that are extremely restless and active, and based on this, use only strong materials and reliable structures. In the future, this approach will help to avoid many problems with a naughty herd.

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