Nubian goats – the Nubian inhabitant of many farms and small farms

Nubian goats – the Nubian inhabitant of many farms and small farms

Goats as a population have been in the human economy since ancient times. Even then, products obtained from goats were valued. Currently, there are many different breeds of this animal, one of which is the Nubian, which will be discussed in this article.

Origin of the Nubian breed

The history of the emergence of Nubian goats is rooted in the agricultural culture of England. This breed can be called quite young, it has been known to man for a little over a hundred years. After the dairy breeds of African and Eastern states were brought to this country, English breeders, by crossing their breeds with foreign ones, as a result of long and laborious work, brought out a new individual. She received the name Nubian. It is this breed that is currently widely bred in the CIS countries, America, and Russia.

Russian farmers paid attention to the “Nubian” relatively recently – at the beginning of the second millennium. And the most distant the ancestors of the “Nubians” are goats bred in the Republic of Namibia African continent.

In modern agricultural land, representatives of this breed have gained considerable popularity. If Russians with this breed passed through the delivery from the USA, now it can be easily found on the Russian agricultural market. Moreover, it has become widespread in almost all regions of the vast country, of course, with different densities. Although it is worth noting that the conditions of some regions are unsuitable for breeding goats of the Nubian breed. Therefore, the most southern regions became favorable places for breeding such goats. The main importers were industrial enterprises of the Tver and Samara regions.

ته Nubian goats have won the hearts of many farmers and continue to do so, is evidenced by the fact of a large number of sites on the Internet dedicated to this topic, as well as the ever-growing demand for individuals of the Nubian breed. Also here you can find a large number of forums where people exchange information about these animals, share their impressions, photos, tips and observations.


The external data of the Nubian breed are distinguished by their originality and originality.

The body of representatives of the Nubian breed has an elongation. It rests on thin legs, with hooves resembling sheep’s. To match the body – a long neck with a small head, the shape of which has some bulge. They don’t have the usual big horns. Although nature still rewarded males with small flat horns.

Ears are a special pride of goats of this breed. They are long, hanging, immediately attracting attention. What can not be said about the beard. It is common for Nubian goats to have a small beard or no beard at all. But, if it is, then it is thick. The hooked nose is considered another distinguishing feature of the Nubian breed. Huge eyes and wide cheekbones. These goats have a large udder with long teats.

The growth of an adult Nubian goat reaches almost a meter mark. And the weight is usually from 60 to 80 kg. Such indicators are typical for males. Females, on the other hand, have slightly reduced rates.

Short coat “Nubian” perfectly combined with an incomparable color. The color scheme of such goats is very diverse. As a rule, these are pastel colors, from dark colors – black, brown, brown. In the color of a single individual, two colors are usually present. The main color, as a background, is either light or dark; and complementing it, in the form of spots, a contrasting color. But there are also multi-colored individuals. By color, you can determine the thoroughbredness of the Nubian goat. The presence of white spots in it indicates that the goat was crossed with an individual of the English breed. And the presence of any other colors indicates its non-pedigree.

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The productive properties of the Nubian goat include the following:

  • Getting dairy products. Goats have an almost year-round lactation period. The volume of milk produced at a time is from 500 ml to 1 liter. Its nutritional qualities are as follows: it has valuable substances, tasty, with a pleasant smell, having a high fat content, which can reach a five percent rate. The protein content is close to 4%.
  • Without deviating far from the topic, it would be useful to mention that the quality of milk is not affected in any way by the feed, but at the same time its quality and quantity directly affects the volume of milk. The resulting dairy product is useful for people with various types of diseases. For example, in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, with various types of allergies, and is also successfully used in feeding children.
  • Receiving meat products. Nubian goats have very tasty meat. They are endowed with all natural data for good growth and fattening. The same goes for fertility.
  • Manufacture of products based on goat milk: cottage cheese, cheese. Nubian milk is perfect for cheese making. It is quite fatty, with a rich taste.

The nature of the representatives of the Nubian breed

These goats can be called very headstrong. The herd instinct works well for them. In this form they are the most manageable. At times they are stubborn and finicky. This is especially true in food. Nubian goats are relatively calm, but quite mobile.

An interesting fact was found in the interaction of individuals of this breed. Sometimes you can become a witness to the observance of a certain subordination. So, for example, goats of the Nubian breed, in the presence of individuals of larger sizes, become calmer, and may even avoid them altogether.

Nubian goats are very friendly and trusting to humans. In the presence of the owner, they behave very accommodatingly. They adapt well too. They feel great among other animals. But still, as owners of a rather sensitive nature, Nubian goats are unsuitable for breeding in large farms. In a sense, they are perfect for those who want to get an exotic pet.


Nubian goats require special care. Sensitive to climatic conditions. Therefore, regions with a mild, warm climate are best suited for breeding. But this is not a categorical condition. For comfortable keeping, “Nubians” need a warm and bright room, preferably heated. As for light, for these purposes there must be a window in the room, but well insulated – to avoid drafts. A padding is also required. It can be either dry grass or sawdust. It would be nice to equip a special flooring, which will be a sleeping place for the animal.

Keeping Nubian goats together with other animals is quite real. They feel very comfortable in the company of any poultry. Food for the Nubian goat should be selected, rich, high-calorie. “Nubians” are very sensitive to the lack of minerals and nutrients. Therefore, this must be carefully monitored. There is also a great need for a daily walk, especially in winter. The exactingness of the Nubian goat can also be seen in observing the time of feeding and milking.

Let’s summarize all the information available. In general, there are several advantages and disadvantages of Nubian goats.


  • an animal endowed with beauty;
  • not having an unpleasant odor;
  • very prolific;
  • good milk yield.


  • capriciousness in food and care;
  • not suitable for all types of terrain;
  • has a loud voice, sometimes unpleasant to the ear.

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