Krasnoyarsk decorative rabbits

Krasnoyarsk decorative rabbits

If you want to buy the most beautiful decorative rabbit for yourself or as a gift, then you need to go to Krasnoyarsk, where such pets are successfully bred. This city is known for the fact that rabbits are grown here in excellent conditions, which means that the health and appearance of these pets will only please their owners.

Decorative rabbits of this area are distinguished by their size and fluffiness. In addition, their number, and hence the choice, is extremely large here, which cannot but attract the attention of interested buyers.

Despite the fact that Krasnoyarsk is not a big city, it can easily compete with other cities where they also breed decorative rabbits. That is why people come here from all over Russia to choose a beautiful, well-groomed and, most importantly, thoroughbred rabbit, which plays an important role for many.

Of course, there are many pet stores in Krasnoyarsk, but not all of them can buy a decorative rabbit. Since these animals are in great demand here, they are quickly sold out.

You can buy a decorative rabbit in another city, for example, in Novosibirsk or Berdsk, but, as you know, the climate in Krasnoyarsk is harsher, therefore, rabbits in this area are less whimsical and more enduring, as they are forced to adapt to difficult urban conditions. And this is one of the reasons why many breeders are not afraid of even a long trip to Krasnoyarsk.

These rabbits are very unpretentious in care, and if you do not have enough time for walks and the selection of a special diet, this option should suit you perfectly. Krasnoyarsk rabbits feel comfortable even without much attention from the owner. Although, of course, you need to understand that these are living and dependent creatures, so you still have to feed, water and clean up after them.

Such a rabbit can, for example, go without water all day, but he needs to provide food. If you have time, it is better to take him for walks once a day, although without walks, the pet can live comfortably for about a week. This is explained by the fact that the animal grew up in Krasnoyarsk, where the air is very polluted, therefore, in other cities, the Krasnoyarsk rabbit quickly adapts to the surrounding atmosphere, and feels pretty good in any conditions.

During the walk, the animal is recommended to be released from the cage. Very often, Krasnoyarsk rabbits are larger than their counterparts from other regions, and therefore they need more space for an active stay in the fresh air.

The molting process for ornamental rabbits is a common thing; throughout their life they can molt about ten thousand times. This process is especially pronounced if your pet lacks vitamins. Therefore, you need to ensure that the diet is balanced, give the rabbit foods rich in fiber.

The most popular in Krasnoyarsk are rabbits with snow-white wool. This is due not only to the beautiful appearance of the animal, but also to the ease of caring for it. Despite the stereotypes, the white-haired pet almost does not shed in the autumn-spring period, and the combing procedure is simple and does not cause much trouble.

Due to such popularity, the number of these rare animals in the region is constantly decreasing and, quite possibly, very soon they will disappear from the shelves of pet stores, and it will not be as easy to acquire them as it is today.

As we can see, it is not for nothing that Krasnoyarsk is famous for its decorative rabbits. Well-groomed and hardy, they attract the attention of not only experienced breeders, but also ordinary animal lovers who want to get a cute pet.

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