وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل
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وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل

Important information about fighting dogs

The concept of “fighting dog breeds” is conditional. It is not officially recognized by cynologists.

Today, dog fighting is banned in a number of countries, including Russia. These bloody spectacles are recognized as inhumane and cruel. But in Afghanistan, Albania, Japan and Morocco there is no ban on their holding.

Such dogs need training and timely socialization. If the animal rushes at another dog, then it will strive to bring the fight to an end. This is their genetic feature. The grip of such a pet is incredibly strong, and the pain vice is low.

In a house with such a dog, it is necessary to build a strict hierarchy – it must clearly understand that all the requirements of the human leader are fulfilled unquestioningly.

Top 15 Fighting Dog Breeds

We have compiled for you a list of fighting dog breeds with names, photos and descriptions of each. In it you will find animals that are traditionally considered fighting. We also included several exotic breeds for our country.

بدمعاش ڪتو

اصل جو ملڪ: India (Pakistan)

واڌ 81-91 سينٽر

وزن: 68 - 77 ڪلو

عمر 10 - 12 سال

Bulli kutta are very tall dogs. Mastiffs are considered the ancestors of this breed.

The character is calm and reasonable. With improper training, they can show a tendency to dominance and aggression.

The predominant character traits are courage, devotion, poise.

Bully Kutta treats other pets calmly. We tolerate children, but leaving them alone with a child for a long time is not worth it.

Novice dog breeders are not advised to acquire a representative of this breed. She is very difficult to train. The best option for the owner is to contact a specialist in educational work.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل

انگريزي ماهر

اصل جو ملڪ: برطانيه

واڌ 77-79 سينٽر

وزن: 70 - 90 ڪلو

عمر 8 - 10 سال

The English Mastiff is a huge dog with a balanced and calm disposition. It is known from history that Alexander the Great used the ancestors of such dogs as helpers for his warriors.

A trained dog gets along well with all family members – with children and other pets. The English Mastiff is very difficult to piss off.

Such animals do not like active games and are considered homebodies. They are slow and even lazy. On the street, they behave calmly – they do not bark for no reason and do not react to strangers and other dogs.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل

بورڊيو جو ماسٽيف

اصل جو ملڪ: فرانس

واڌ 66-68 سينٽر

وزن: 40 - 90 ڪلو

عمر اٽڪل 14 سال

The Dogue de Bordeaux is an animal characterized by a powerful physique and a squat body. It is considered one of the strongest fighting dogs in the world.

In ancient times, these animals participated in gladiator competitions. Powerful dogs often came out victorious in fights with bulls, wild boars and bears.

A well-bred Great Dane behaves extremely friendly. The main character traits of such a dog are courage, loyalty and poise.

Active walks are not required for these heavyweights. Their favorite pastime is relaxing on the couch.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل


اصل جو ملڪ: وچ ايشيا (ترڪمانستان)

واڌ 62-65 سينٽر

وزن: 40 - 80 ڪلو

عمر 10 - 12 سال

Alabai is one of the largest fighting dogs. Initially, it was bred as a herd, but because of its ferocity, lovers of dog competitions drew attention to the animal.

The dog has a high level of intelligence and a calm disposition. Unreasonable aggression is not characteristic of a dog of this breed. With proper training, the Alabai will grow up to be a loyal and intelligent companion dog. These animals treat children and other pets calmly.

Great for keeping in a country house, including in an aviary. The thick coat of the dog will not allow it to freeze.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل

آمريڪي بندوگ

اصل جو ملڪ: آمريڪا

واڌ 60-70 سينٽر

وزن: 40 - 60 ڪلو

عمر اٽڪل 10 سال

The American Bandog is a large dog with excellent guarding qualities.

This breed was finally formed not so long ago – in the second half of the 20th century. Breeders tried to get the ideal fighting dog breed – powerful, like a mastiff, and ferocious, like a pit bull terrier. Today, this breed is used exclusively as a watchdog or companion.

The American bandog rarely expresses his feelings and emotions; you should not expect affection from such a pet.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل

Fila brazileiro

اصل جو ملڪ: برازيل

واڌ 60-70 سينٽر

وزن: 40 - 50 ڪلو

عمر 9 - 11 سال

Fila brazileiro are huge animals with well-developed muscles. Their ancestors are considered to be English mastiffs.

These fighting dog breeds have established themselves as excellent guards. The purpose of a pet’s life is to serve its owner and his family. Fila can also work as an excellent search engine. The dog perfectly captures any smell and can find a person even in an unfamiliar area.

The animal has a difficult character. That is why he needs proper education and regular training. Training is recommended to be carried out in the presence of a cynologist.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل


اصل جو ملڪ: برطانيه

واڌ 61-73 سينٽر

وزن: 45 - 60 ڪلو

عمر 8 - 10 سال

Bullmastiff is a large fighting dog with a balanced character. These dogs are not prone to the appearance of unreasonable aggression.

The breed is relatively young – it appeared in England in the 19th century. These dogs are not guards, but rather bodyguards. If necessary, they will instantly come to the aid of any member of the family. Bullmastiff to the last will avoid the attack. He will rush at a stranger only as a last resort.

In such weather, you need to allow the pet to lie down at home, providing him with plenty of drinking water.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل


اصل جو ملڪ: ڏکڻ آفريڪا

واڌ 59-88 سينٽر

وزن: 45 - 70 ڪلو

عمر 12 سالن تائين

Boerboel is a huge dog, perfect for the role of a guard. With proper upbringing, it is distinguished by a balanced and calm character.

This breed is very ancient – it is at least 4 centuries old. It is known that in ancient times, animals were used to hunt slaves.

Active training is a must. Dogs prefer outdoor games in nature – agility, frisbee, catch-up. Boerboel will gladly go fishing, hunting or picnic with the owner.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل

ارجنٽائن بلڊنگ

اصل جو ملڪ: ارجنٽائن

واڌ 60-65 سينٽر

وزن: 40 - 45 ڪلو

عمر 10 - 11 سال

Dogo Argentino is considered a relatively young breed. Among his closest relatives, there are such types of fighting dogs as mastiffs, bull terriers, boxers and Irish wolfhounds.

The body of the animal is muscular. This dog is very balanced and courageous. His main calling is hunting and protection.

These dogs are very fond of children. Strangers are treated with caution and distrust, since their main task is to protect the owner and home. Due to the tendency to dominance, they do not get along well with other animals.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل

ڪائن ڪورسو

اصل جو ملڪ: اٽلي

واڌ 56-71 سينٽر

وزن: 36 - 63,5 ڪلو

عمر 9 - 12 سال

Cane Corso are large dogs. Their body is muscular and embossed. The ancestors of this breed are Roman gladiator dogs that participated in battles with predatory animals.

The main function of such dogs is security. Dogs are great at defending their owner and their territory. Even in ancient times, peasants used them to guard sheep and houses.

Such pets cannot be called excessively aggressive. Cane Corso will never attack a person unless he senses a threat coming from him. These dogs can become good nannies. They calmly relate to children, actively support all kinds of games.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل


اصل جو ملڪ: جرمني

واڌ 56-68 سينٽر

وزن: 42 - 50 ڪلو

عمر 12 سالن تائين

The Rottweiler is an ancient breed of dog. Scientists believe that their ancestors accompanied the Roman soldiers on campaigns. Dogs were also used by butchers to drive cattle. The Rottweiler has a powerful, muscular body and a fairly large head.

Today, the main function of this breed is service. Aggression is not characteristic of these dogs. With proper upbringing, a Rottweiler can become a true friend and companion.

A well-mannered pet reacts calmly to strangers. He gets along well with other pets only if he grew up with them. Small children are treated kindly and kindly.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل

توسا انو

اصل جو ملڪ: جاپان

واڌ 54-65 سينٽر

وزن: 38 - 50 ڪلو

عمر اٽڪل 9 سال

Tosa Inu are Japanese Molossians. In the 19th century, these animals were bred specifically for participation in dog fights. This breed is still considered one of the largest in the world. Dogs are distinguished by ferocity and great strength.

Like any fighting dog breed, the Tosa Inu needs constant supervision by the owner. Without a thick leash and a muzzle, walking this dog is not worth it.

These pets are very attached to the owner. The family is friendly. Such a dog does not recognize strangers. It is not recommended to start a Tosa Inu for families with very young children.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل


اصل جو ملڪ: جرمني

واڌ 65-69 سينٽر

وزن: 30 - 40 ڪلو

عمر 14 سالن تائين

The Doberman is considered one of the most versatile breeds. He can be an excellent bodyguard, watchman, companion or just a family pet. A well-trained dog behaves friendly even with strangers.

The physique of the animal is graceful and graceful. Shepherd dogs are considered the ancestors of representatives of this breed.

These pets are characterized by fearlessness and increased energy. Dogs are very attached to the owner, they do not leave him even during a walk. Dobermans quickly learn new information and learn commands quite easily.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل

آمريڪي بلڊوگ

اصل جو ملڪ: آمريڪا

واڌ 51-71 سينٽر

وزن: 27 - 54 ڪلو

عمر 10 - 15 سال

The American Bulldog is a friendly companion dog, always ready to protect its owner. Experts believe that the ancestors of this breed were Mastiffs and Great Danes.

These dogs are extremely active and mobile. Able to become family favorites. Children are very tolerant – they love to play with them. They can be great babysitters. They do not get along well with other pets – they constantly strive to take a leading position.

Exercise is very important for these dogs. For beginner breeders of American Bulldogs, it is not recommended to purchase.

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل

آمريڪي پٽ بيل ٽريئر

اصل جو ملڪ: آمريڪا

واڌ 46-56 سينٽر

وزن: 16 - 45 ڪلو

عمر 12 - 15 سال

وڙهندڙ ڪتا: TOP-15 نسل

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a strong-willed fighting dog.

These dogs are very fond of active games and long walks in the fresh air. This breed is completely unsuitable for novice dog breeders, since pit bulls need constant control from the owner.

A well-mannered dog treats strangers calmly. May be aggressive towards other animals. It is not recommended to have another pet in a house where there is a dog of this breed.

They are ready to endure any childish pranks and pranks.

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Choice of fighting dog

The decision to purchase a dog of this breed should be as balanced as possible. Keeping such a pet is a big responsibility.

When choosing a dog, you need to be prepared for:

It is worth considering the size of the dog before choosing. A large fighting dog, such as an Alabai or a Dogue de Bordeaux, is only suitable for physically strong people. After all, an elderly person or a child, if necessary, will not be able to keep such a dog. Small fighting dogs include bull terriers – devoted guards.

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