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big white dogs

Alabai (Ragħaj tal-Asja Ċentrali)

Tkabbir: 65-80 ara

Il-piż: 40-65 kg

età Snin 12-15

Karattru u karatteristiċi: The main task of the Alabai is to guard and protect the owner. These large white dogs are fearless and do not show aggression first, they will not follow commands aimlessly, but only when action is needed. For training, it is better to hire a professional. Alabai has a strong and wayward character, touchy. Do not beat or humiliate your dog.

Saħħa u Kura: Alabai needs to walk a lot and lead an active lifestyle. The dog is not suitable for living in an apartment. Eyes, mouth and ears should be checked regularly. Eyes can be washed with a cotton swab dipped in tea. Wash your pet once a month, systematically comb out the coat.

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Labrador retriever

Tkabbir: 53-60 ara

Il-piż: 25-35 kg

età Snin 12-13

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Labradors are friendly and easy to train. They get along well with children, so they are considered an ideal option for keeping in a family. These white dogs are strongly built, active, eat a lot, love to play with a ball or a thrown stick. Labradors are smart and non-aggressive. Security qualities are poorly developed, but in the event of a direct threat to the owner, the pet will defend itself.

Saħħa u Kura: To avoid overeating and deterioration of health, it is necessary to accustom the dog to a diet and a certain portion size. Regular walks and active games are required. Grooming involves standard procedures: combing, washing once every two months, regular brushing of teeth and ears.

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hungarian kuvasz

Tkabbir: 65-80 ara

Il-piż: 48-65 kg

età Snin 13-18

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Kuvasses are balanced and calm, they show aggression only with improper upbringing. They are smart and determined, ready to respond to the danger that has arisen from an animal or a person. Kuvasses are sociable and require constant contact with the owner, they are able to remember many commands.

Saħħa u Kura: In care, kuvas are unpretentious: they should be bathed 4-5 times a year, combed 2-3 times a week, trim their nails as needed. Food standard for dogs.

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Tkabbir: 70-86 ara

Il-piż: 35-65 kg

età Snin 10-15

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Large white Akbashi are calm, strong and not very energetic dogs. They can lie for hours and watch. They get along well with other animals and children if they are introduced from childhood.

Saħħa u Kura: Akbash should not be kept in the apartment, the dog needs space and fresh air. Bathe 1-2 times a month, comb 2-3 times a week.

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Maremma-Abruzzo Sheepdog (Maremma)

Tkabbir: 60-80 ara

Il-piż: 30-45 kg

età Snin 11-14

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Maremmas are serious, consider the owner equal to themselves, selective in communication. They have developed watchdog skills and determination. Training Maremma is real, but quite difficult.

Saħħa u Kura: Maremma-Abruzzo Sheepdogs need to be kept in the yard in an aviary, such a dog is not suitable for living in an apartment. These white dogs do not need serious physical exertion, but love to walk in any weather.

Wool is self-cleaning and requires minimal standard care. The diet should consist of meat, offal, fish, fruits and vegetables.

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Ragħaj abjad Żvizzeru

Tkabbir: 50-70 ara

Il-piż: 25-45 kg

età Snin 12-18

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Swiss Shepherds are another representatives of large, white and fluffy dogs. They are easily trained, as they are smart, quick-witted and attentive. They do not show aggression towards strangers, they are friendly to other pets and children. Dogs of this breed are affectionate, strong, energetic, and also distinguished by health and endurance. They love to play ball, swim and travel, they really need the attention of the owner. They will make great companions.

Saħħa u Kura: Swiss Shepherd care involves standard procedures. It is enough to wash 2 times a year. Be sure to provide the dog with frequent physical activity, playing with a ball, stick or flying disc. Not picky about food.

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Tkabbir: 45-55 ara

Il-piż: 18-25 kg

età Snin 12-19

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Smart, brave, loyal and obedient. Hokkaido are very attached to the owner, and they are hostile to strangers, but not aggressive. Children are treated kindly, but you should not leave the child alone with the dog. The hunting instinct is highly developed, so from early childhood, you need to introduce Hokkaido to other pets.

Saħħa u Kura: Hokkaido needs frequent exercise, otherwise the dog will start to ruin things, directing energy in the wrong direction. Care is as follows: comb 1-2 times a week, wash as it gets dirty, brush your teeth and ears regularly.

The basis of the diet are seafood, rice, fish.

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Pyrenean mastiff

Tkabbir: 70-85 ara

Il-piż: 70-85 kg

età Snin 10-14

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Mastiffs are soulful and loving white dogs for all family members. They are smart, quick-witted, attentive, suitable for the role of a security guard or bodyguard. They get along well with other pets, but only if they are socialized early. Dogs do not show aggression first, but they can protect themselves and the owner as a last resort. Outsiders are wary and watch their behavior.

Saħħa u Kura: Mastiffs are not adapted to life in an apartment. You need to walk twice a day. Comb a white dog 2 times a week, wash as it gets dirty. They are unpretentious in nutrition, the diet should contain a lot of meat and offal.

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Laika Siberjana tal-Punent

Tkabbir: 50-60 ara

Il-piż: 15-22 kg

età Snin 10-12

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Laika does not like loneliness, is sociable and “talkative”, able to get along with other pets. A dog can cause serious damage to a home if it receives little attention from its owners. West Siberian Laikas are playful and curious. Hunting is almost the main goal of life for them, but hunting instincts are also manifested in ordinary life: huskies can show aggression towards animals they are not familiar with.

Saħħa u Kura: Likes are unpretentious in food, they need standard care. Dogs are adapted to any weather conditions. Feel comfortable when there is a lot of free space. They do not like living in an apartment.

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cocker spaniel

Tkabbir: 40-50 ara

Il-piż: 25-35 kg

età Snin 10-12

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Representatives of the breed are very calm, slow, they are prone to contemplation and appeasement. They do not show aggression and do not bark at strangers, but rather simply go out of sight. Clumbers are gentle in communication with family members, loyal to other animals and children. Dogs will not be able to be guards because of their gentle nature and good nature.

Saħħa u Kura: Hair care standard. When feeding a pet, you need to pay attention to the portion size, as representatives of the breed are prone to overeating.

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Bakhmul (Afghan native hound)

Tkabbir: 65-68 ara

Il-piż: 20-30 kg

età Snin 12-14

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Excellent companions and ideal hunters. Bakhmuls are fast and agile, they like to hunt down and catch prey, they have excellent flair, sight and hearing. They can start hunting for other pets, but they are affectionate and friendly with people. Bakhmuli will always protect the owner. They are independent and balanced, able to make their own decisions thanks to high intelligence. Training is difficult and is considered the most difficult to train dogs. For training, you should contact a professional.

Saħħa u Kura: Frequent and long walks are required. Bakhmul endures harsh climatic conditions and loves to compete in speed. It is worth combing out the long hair of bakhmul after each walk, bathing several times a year.

When feeding, you can not give flour, sweet, fried and smoked; otherwise, dogs of this breed are unpretentious in food.

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Kisu (kisu, kisu)

Tkabbir: 40-45 ara

Il-piż: 20-25 kg

età Snin 13-18

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Kishu are calm, calm and even a little cold. They are distinguished by self-confidence, poise and a passion for hunting. Dogs are taciturn and will not bark unnecessarily. From childhood, they need to be educated, because kishu are stubborn and may not obey. They choose one person as the master even in a large family. Outsiders are treated with suspicion, but not aggressively.

Saħħa u Kura: Wool requires standard care – comb out 1-2 times a week, wash 2-3 times a year. You should brush your teeth daily. Kishu is not picky about food.

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small white dogs

Maltese (Maltese)

Tkabbir: 20-25 ara

Il-piż: 3-5 kg

età Snin 10-16

Karattru u karatteristiċi: These little white dogs are hyperactive, sociable, peaceful and sociable. They are jealous of their owner for other animals and require constant attention. Any stranger for the Maltese is an enemy, at which they immediately bark loudly. Bolonkas do not tolerate loneliness, and when they are left alone, they begin to gnaw on wires, furniture, scratch the floor and walls. They are not disciplined, so you should pay special attention to education.

Saħħa u Kura: Walking with Maltese is enough for 15-20 minutes, as they get tired quickly.

The dog should be washed once a week with shampoo and conditioner for easy combing, after washing, apply indelible oils to the coat for shine. You need to comb daily, care for the ears, teeth and eyes involves standard procedures.

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Bichon Frise (Franċiż)

Tkabbir: 25-30 ara

Il-piż: 2-3 kg

età Snin 12-16

Karattru u karatteristiċi: The Bichon Frize is one of the smallest white dog breeds. Dogs are very energetic, active and sociable, great for families with children, because they get along with all family members and get involved in children’s games. Dogs are easy to train, but they cannot concentrate on one activity for a long time.

Saħħa u Kura: Bichons practically do not shed, but the lush coat needs special care: comb daily, use a slicker brush, bathe once a month with shampoo and conditioner for easy combing, trim the coat 2-3 times a month.

In the diet of French lapdogs, important foods are raw meat (except pork), vegetables, sea fish and buckwheat.

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Spitz tal-Pomeranian

Tkabbir: 17-23 ara

Il-piż: 1,5-3 kg

età Snin 12-18

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Pomeranians are curious, good-natured and funny. They tend to bark loudly and loudly even at a rustle, so the Spitz can be an excellent watchdog. They get along with other animals, but sometimes they want to show their superiority.

Dogs do not leave the owner: they are present when preparing dinner, when preparing for work, they can even sleep with you. With all their appearance, the Spitz are trying to show love.

Saħħa u Kura: Spitz love to play outdoors, it is worth walking them twice a day. These white dogs need to be washed 1-2 times a month, then treated with conditioner and dried thoroughly with a hair dryer. Comb should be every day, cut as needed. Feed with natural food or feed; you can not give sweet, fatty, milk, flour products and river fish.

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Florentine Spitz (Volpino Italiano)

Tkabbir: 25-30 ara

Il-piż: 3-5 kg

età Snin 10-18

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Small white dogs are cheerful, playful, agile and cheerful. They get along well with animals and children. Volpino bark loudly, without proper education they can do it for no reason. Dogs do not recognize strangers and show aggression.

Saħħa u Kura: The dog needs to be walked twice a day.

Comb the coat 1-2 times a week, wash 3-4 times a year, cut if necessary. The basis of nutrition should be either super premium feed, or offal and sea fish.

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Batak spitz

Tkabbir: 30-45 ara

Il-piż: 2-5 kg

età Snin 13-15

Karattru u karatteristiċi: These white fluffy dogs have a strong hunting and guarding instinct. Distrustful of strangers, will bark loudly and loudly. Spitz is devoted to the owner. He is affectionate with children, friendly and active.

Saħħa u Kura: Wash your pet should be 1-2 times a month and comb out the coat regularly. In wet weather, it is better to wear a raincoat so that the fluffy white coat is less dirty. The Batak Spitz is adapted to the conditions of life in the city, but it is necessary to walk with it daily.

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West Highland White Terrier

Tkabbir: 20-30 ara

Il-piż: 5-10 kg

età Snin 12-18

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Such dogs are noisy and energetic, they recognize only one person in the family as the owner. They don’t deal well with loneliness.

Saħħa u Kura: representatives of these small breeds of white dogs do not shed, they should not be cut. But wool will need to be given special attention – it tends to turn yellow. To remove an unwanted shade, a mixture of crushed chalk and boric acid is rubbed into the pet’s coat, then combed out with a regular comb. Bathe dogs once a month.

Walk preferably 2-3 times a day. During walks, white terriers do not need clothes, because they do not suffer from low temperatures.

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Fluffy white dog breeds

samoyed dog

Tkabbir: 50-55 ara

Il-piż: 15-35 kg

età Snin 12-17

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Samoyeds are large, fluffy and beautiful white dogs, extremely friendly, playful, kind, but stubborn. They trust others and constantly require communication and affection, loneliness endure painfully. Samoyeds have virtually no hunting instincts.

Saħħa u Kura: It is worth walking twice a day and giving the dog as much exercise as possible. The wool of the Samoyed has the ability to self-clean, so the dog should be washed 1-2 times a year.

Feeding with natural food or dry food is up to the owner, Samoyeds are not very picky in food, but note that they especially love fish and cottage cheese.

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Tkabbir: 25-60 cm (depending on the type)

Il-piż: 3-35 kg

età Snin 12-16

Karattru u karatteristiċi: The poodle is considered one of the most obedient dogs, so there are no problems with training. Dogs of this white fluffy breed are kind, agile, playful and quick-witted. They feel the emotions of the owner in facial expressions, gestures and intonation: when the poodle understands that he has upset you, he will demonstrate in every possible way that he asks for forgiveness. The poodle needs communication with all family members and even with other pets, without love and attention, the dog can even get sick.

Saħħa u Kura: Poodles need to be combed daily and gently untangle tangles, washed 1-2 times a month, and cut regularly. Walk 3 times a day. You need to feed the poodle with beef, dry food, liver, oatmeal, rice, vegetables. Also, eggs and cottage cheese can be included in the diet no more than twice a week.

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South Russian Shepherd

Tkabbir: 60-70 ara

Il-piż: 45-55 kg

età Snin 12-18

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Sheepdogs listen to only one member of the family, they become excellent bodyguards and watchmen. In difficult situations, dogs can make decisions themselves and attack the enemy, they are patient with children and pets, but conflicts arise with teenagers. Directing the dog’s aggression in the right direction with the help of training is necessary, otherwise it will become embittered and uncontrollable.

Saħħa u Kura: Yuzhakov needs to be combed systematically, the hair in the ears should be trimmed. Wash once a month or less. Shepherd dogs are unpretentious in feeding, the main thing is a healthy diet without fatty, sweet and fried foods.

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Spitz Ġappuniż

Tkabbir: 28-35 ara

Il-piż: 5-8 kg

età Snin 10-16

Karattru u karatteristiċi: They do not like loneliness, they can be naughty if the owner does not see this. Japanese Spitz are highly trainable, trust only their owners and avoid strangers. There are no hunting instincts. With other pets, pincers get along quite easily.

Saħħa u Kura: Frequent walks are important for the Japanese Spitz, because dogs of this breed are very active and energetic. During walks in the cold season does not need clothes. Spitz is comfortable living in an apartment, especially if he has his own corner with a couch.

It is enough to wash the Japanese Spitz 4 times a year: the wool repels dust and debris. You need to comb your pet often, periodically comb the fluff with a slicker. It is not difficult to feed the Spitz, as the breed is not prone to allergies and special preferences.

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Spitz Eskimo Amerikan

Tkabbir: 30-50 ara

Il-piż: 15-18 kg

età Snin 12-16

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Dogs are loving and great for families; love to play, but require attention and feedback. Spitz get along with all animals, never show aggression first. They are smart, loyal, open, positive and quick to train. The disadvantages of such an active breed are loud barking for no reason and stubbornness.

Saħħa u Kura: Eskimos need a lot of free space, frequent walks and other attention. They love to be kept clean, so the six needs to be brushed and washed regularly.

Pomeranians are prone to obesity, so it is better to choose a low-calorie, super-premium dry food with a high proportion of protein. You can give lean meat, kefir, eggs and cottage cheese.

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Tkabbir: 60-75 ara

Il-piż: 40-80 kg

età Snin 10-14

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Komondor are patient and kind, they will not be the first to show aggression, however, if they feel danger, the attack will be merciless. In the presence of strangers, dogs become tense and suspicious, and Komondors make excellent watchdogs. Children are treated kindly and reverently, they allow you to ride and hug.

Saħħa u Kura: It is not necessary to comb the Komondor, wash it as it gets dirty. The food is quite standard: you can not sweet, fried, fatty and smoked. You can feed a dog with buckwheat, rice, liver, beef, offal, cottage cheese and kefir.

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Bedlington Terrier

Tkabbir: 38-45 ara

Il-piż: 8-10 kg

età Snin 12-14

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Smart, but stubborn, require constant training. Dogs have fighting qualities, therefore, at the command of the owner, they can show cruelty to people and animals. Bedlington Terriers are not friendly with children, but they love and protect their owners.

Saħħa u Kura: Standard procedures: combing, washing. Haircut should be provided 3-4 times a year.

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Smooth-haired white dogs

Dogo Arġentin

Tkabbir: 60-70 ara

Il-piż: 35-50 kg

età Snin 10-19

Karattru u karatteristiċi: The Dogo Argentino is affectionate and friendly, requiring attention and physical contact with the owner. Dogs of this breed are stubborn and dominant, perfect for the role of a watchman, bodyguard. It will be difficult for beginner dog breeders, because the dog needs to be properly educated. He does not get along well with other pets, but he is patient but cautious with strangers.

Saħħa u Kura: The Dogo Argentino needs frequent exercise and the opportunity to show hunting skills. Pay attention to the fact that the dog sheds profusely. You need to comb out the coat 2 times a week, and during the molting every day. Bathe your dog no more than once a month. Wipe your ears once a week. Dog teeth need regular cleaning with a special paste.

Nutrition should be balanced, river fish, pastries, bones, fatty meats, legumes, sweet and smoked foods should not be given. Dogo Argentinos are prone to overeating, so watch your portion size carefully.

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Tkabbir: 54-62 ara

Il-piż: 25-32 kg

età Snin 10-13

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Dogs of this breed are active, and without sufficient physical activity they become uncontrollable: they spend energy on pranks and damage the home. Early socialization and proper training will solve this problem, the animal will grow up calm, intelligent and friendly. Dalmatians are not attached to one owner, they love all family members.

Saħħa u Kura: A prerequisite for living in an apartment is long walks and activity. A dog can accompany you on a run or bike ride. Can live in an aviary, but not permanently: in winter, short hair does not protect from the cold.

The pet should be combed 2-3 times a week, care involves standard procedures. Nutrition must be balanced.

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Bulldog Ingliż

Tkabbir: 20-40 ara

Il-piż: 20-27 kg

età Snin 8-12

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Bulldogs are lazy and do not like physical activity. They are friendly to all family members, do not tolerate loneliness, are stubborn. English Bulldogs are quite affectionate, at the same time ready to protect the owner if he is in danger.

Saħħa u Kura: Daily walks are necessary to keep fit, otherwise the animal is threatened with obesity. Smooth short hair is easy to care for: comb 2-3 times a week, wash when dirty. Particular attention should be paid to the folds on the muzzle – wipe with a damp cotton pad, and then wipe dry.

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Tkabbir: 15-20 ara

Il-piż: 0,5-3 kg

età Snin 11-14

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Chihuahuas require increased attention to themselves, they are curious, playful, touchy. They are strongly attached to the owner, so they are not ready to put up with his long absences and loneliness.

Saħħa u Kura: Dogs of this breed are quite whimsical in food. Do not give raw meat, bones, sweet, salty, fried and fatty foods, milk, nuts and legumes. It is important that the food is at room temperature. Adult animals should be fed twice a day.

Frequent walks are not required for this breed. The dog can do without them at all. In autumn, winter and spring, Chihuahuas should only be walked in clothes to avoid colds.

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Bull terrier

Tkabbir: 50-60 ara

Il-piż: 20-40 kg

età Snin 10-16

Karattru u karatteristiċi: Bull Terriers are friendly when raised at an early age. They need socialization, otherwise the dog will grow up angry and aggressive. Bull Terriers are playful, do not tolerate loneliness, are kind to all family members, can be a nanny for children, but do not get along with other pets.

Saħħa u Kura: They are very active, so they need regular physical activity. Unpretentious in care. You can feed either natural food or dry food. Do not combine two types of feeding, this can affect the health of the pet.

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Some people mistakenly confuse white dogs with albino dogs. It is important to note that dogs of any breed can be second, since albinism is a gene failure in which pigmentation of the coat, skin and eyes is absent. To determine if your dog is an albino, you need to examine the eyes and nose. They have a pink tint, the eyes may retain color, but it will be pale or almost transparent. Such dogs need special care and conditions, because their skin is very sensitive and prone to sunburn. Also, albinos have a higher risk of developing skin cancer, so dogs should get minimal sun exposure, walk at certain times of the day.

white coat care

White wool requires special regular care, as it gets dirty quickly.

  1. Proċeduri tal-ilma. How often to bathe a dog depends on the breed and coat texture: some breeds need 2-4 times a year. In such dogs, the coat is self-cleaning, and frequent bathing will destroy this property, washing off the oil. Other white dogs need to be washed once a month. You can purchase a special shampoo for white coats, in addition, for fluffy and long-haired dogs – conditioner for easy combing. If the dog is not very dirty, it is not necessary to use shampoo every time. Keep the muzzle clean: wipe the area under the eyes with a damp cotton pad.

  2. Ġlieda kontra. Also, white dogs need to be combed 2-3 times a week. During molting, this procedure is performed daily.

  3. Qatgħa tax-xagħar. Fluffy and long-haired dogs need to be sheared as needed. Regardless of the breed, shorten the hair on the chin so that it does not get dirty while eating.

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