Il-fekruna hija mammiferu?

Il-fekruna hija mammiferu?

Il-fekruna hija mammiferu?

No, the turtle is not a mammal. A characteristic biological feature of the class of mammals is the presence of mammary glands and the ability to feed their young with milk. Turtles, on the other hand, do not have mammary glands, do not feed their offspring with milk, but reproduce by laying eggs. For this reason, we can safely say that the turtle is not a mammal.

Who then are the turtles?

Turtles belong to the class of reptiles, also known as reptiles. Reptiles include animals such as crocodiles, snakes, lizards.

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In wildlife, among mammals, only representatives of one order can lay eggs. This is a detachment of monotremes (oviparous), which includes such animals as the platypus and echidna.

Is a turtle a mammal or not?

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