Kif potty tħarreġ puppy?
Kollha dwar puppy

Kif potty tħarreġ puppy?

Kif potty tħarreġ puppy?

It is important to understand that the sooner you start working with a puppy, the faster and easier it will get used to its place. But this does not mean that the baby should be immediately left alone in the booth. This approach can harm the psyche of the dog and cause a lot of trouble for the whole family.

booth features

The first step is to make a booth. It should be a comfortable structure, inside which the pet could stand up to its full height and stretch. It is important that it is waterproof and warm. In addition, it should not contain odors, including those from building materials used in the work.

If you have prepared the booth and are completely sure that it will suit your pet, it’s time to start adapting the puppy.

X'għandi nfittex?

  • Do not rush in an effort to get a reliable defender at home. In no case should you immediately leave the puppy alone in a new place. It is highly likely that the dog will be afraid of sudden changes, darkness or loneliness, which will certainly affect its character;
  • The same applies to the chain and the aviary. Let the puppy first look around, get used to his own home. It is not necessary to lock the dog in the aviary or immediately put it on a chain;
  • Try to spend more time with your puppy outside. Inspect the booth together, play nearby – make sure that he does not feel abandoned in a new house;
  • Place your dog’s favorite toys, bedding, and bowls in the kennel. Familiar smells will speed up the adaptation process;
  • Once your puppy is interested in the kennel, reward his curiosity and interest with treats or praise. Positive reinforcement is the best method of dog training;
  • Another option is to feed the pet next to the booth, so he will have positive associations with the house;
  • As you increase the time your puppy spends in his own place, don’t forget to visit him, play with him and praise him.

One of the key aspects of dog training is patience. It is also necessary in the process of accustoming a puppy to a booth, especially if the pet does not perceive a new home and refuses it.

Why does the puppy not like the booth?

  1. Perhaps the reason is in the booth itself. The dog may not like the design because it is cold or, conversely, hot or there is an unpleasant smell. Often, especially at first, in warm weather, a pet will rather stay outside.

    Before accustoming an animal to a new home, make sure that it is of high quality and safe for the puppy.

  2. Sometimes the owners “transfer” the booth by inheritance from the previous dog. A foreign smell can also scare away a pet.

  3. The dog is afraid of the dark or being alone. You can deal with such fears on your own or seek help from a cynologist.

  4. It is believed that in autumn and winter, during the period of rains or cold weather, it is more difficult to accustom a puppy to a booth than in summer or spring. Bad weather can exacerbate a pet’s condition if he is under stress from a new place of residence.

The period of adaptation of the dog to the booth largely depends on the nature of the pet. In addition, the lifestyle of the puppy’s parents is also important.

Experts believe that pets, whose closest ancestors lived on the street, get used to the booth or aviary much faster than their other relatives.

There are times when a dog flatly refuses to live in his own house – he rarely goes inside and prefers to spend the night outside even in winter. The reason may lie in the individual characteristics of the animal. As a rule, large dogs can tolerate light frosts without problems. Forcibly forcing a pet to spend the night in a booth is not worth it.

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