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Characteristics of Dwelf

Pajjiż tal-oriġiniUSA
Tip tas-sufhekk
L-għoli15-18 ċm
piż2-3 kg
etàsnin 20
Dwelf Characteristics

Informazzjoni fil-qosor

  • young, experimental breed;
  • funny and non-aggressive pets
  • very attached to the owners.

Storja tal-oriġini

This breed is very young, it is still in the experimental stage. But it is already clear that the experiment was a success. In 2007, American felinologists decided to breed an extraordinary miracle by crossing three very different breeds. Dwelfs got funny ears from Curls, short legs from Munchkins , lack of hair from Canadian Sphynxes . Also, breeders fixed the diminutiveness of animals. So far, these amazing creatures have not been recognized by any felinological organization, since too little time has passed, but the popularity of dwelfs is growing, and official status is just around the corner.


Dwelfs look like either a plush toy or a character from a children’s cartoon. Short folded legs and funny curled ears give these cats a completely unusual look.

Despite their miniature size, their body is quite strong and muscular. They have a broad chest and short, plump legs. Large, widely spaced ears with pointed tips curved back give them a resemblance to elves.

The eyes are large, round, their color depends on the color and can be either blue or gray, olive green or yellowish.

The body of a dwelf feels like velvet or soft suede to the touch. Transparent fluff may grow on the tail, nose, ears and in the abdomen. In some representatives of the breed, the skin may form small folds.

Color can be any: white, red, purple, gray, black, spotted.


This appearance of the dwelf is unusual, and the character is normal, ordinary feline. These are cheerful and non-aggressive pets who play with balls with pleasure, sing songs sitting on their master’s knees, and meditate on the windowsills. Unless short legs do not allow them to fly up to the ledge through the curtains – but this is only a plus. It is believed that dwelfs are very attached to their owners and during their long absence (for example, vacations) they can become depressed and sick.

Dwelf Care

Delicate skin is easily cleaned with just a damp towel. Bathing cats should be no more than once a month, using either a special shampoo or a baby one. Trim nails as needed.

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Regular care, scheduled medical examinations and vaccinations , proper nutrition – this is the key to a cat’s health. For safety, special nets should be placed on the windows (not to be confused with mosquito nets). The main condition is not to overfeed the animal, as these cats tend to be obese.


So far, you can buy such an exotic pet only in America, and the kitten will cost a lot. But domestic breeders are already showing interest in these beautiful and unusual cats, so it is possible that in a few years dwelfs will appear in Our Region.

Dwelf – Video

Cats 101 Animal Planet HD- Dwelf ** High Quality**

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