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Large black dog breeds


Tkabbir: 60-72 ara

Il-piż: 30-45 kg

età Snin 10-14

Character and features: Courageous and smart, they are able to make independent decisions and protect themselves and their master. These big black dogs are emotional and active, they need attention and outdoor games. Without proper upbringing, they can be stubborn, headstrong and whining manipulators. Dobermans have an innate ability to protect their owners and their property.

Health and Care: Dogs need to exercise outdoors and walk daily. If the pet does not receive this, he will direct his energy in the wrong direction: cause damage to furniture, walls, floors and things.

Care involves standard procedures: bathing as it gets dirty, shortening the claws, washing the eyes.

The breed has good health, but sometimes heart problems can occur. The most important thing is to detect the disease in time. A veterinary check-up is recommended at least once a year.

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Mallorcan Sheepdog

Tkabbir: 60-75 ara

Il-piż: 35-40 kg

età Snin 11-13

Character and features: Energetic, obedient and intelligent. They get used to one owner, sincerely love him and require affection and attention. Major Shepherds lend themselves well to training, but sometimes they are self-willed and independent. Representatives of this breed are friendly to children, and very hostile to other pets and strangers.

Health and Care: Keep a pet should be in the yard or aviary, as the Mallorcan Shepherd needs space and exercise. If the dog lives in an apartment, it is necessary to walk with it for a long time at least twice a day.

In care, the breed is unpretentious: combing should be 2-3 times a week, bathing as needed, cutting nails once a month, regularly examining and cleaning ears and eyes, brushing teeth once a week.

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Tuva Shepherd Dog

Tkabbir: 50-70 ara

Il-piż: 30-50 kg

età Snin 12-16

Character and features: Calm, freedom-loving, smart and friendly. Such black dogs love affection from the owner, but will not be too intrusive. They get along well with children and animals. Ideal for the role of a security guard. Strangers are treated with distrust, but they will not be the first to show aggression. Tuva Shepherd Dogs do not tolerate cruelty and disrespect for themselves, so they will listen to the owner if a trusting relationship is built.

Health and Care: Due to the fact that these big black dogs love freedom and space, the apartment is completely unsuitable for their content. Care is quite simple: comb out 2 times a week, clean eyes and ears once a week, brush teeth 1-2 times a week, bathe when dirty.

Proper nutrition is extremely important for this breed. Tuvinians need to get enough protein.

The breed has no genetic diseases, so serious health problems are extremely rare.

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Tkabbir: 60-70 ara

Il-piż: 35-50 kg

età Snin 12-14

Character and features: Brave, strong, active. They are observant and smart, able to work in a team. Dogs are natural leaders and protectors, and can be violent towards strangers if they feel threatened by themselves or their owner. This breed can be called somewhat rigid – representatives are prone to dominance. It takes a lot of effort and time to raise a Beauceron properly.

They get along well with children and pets, take little ones under guardianship, but do not tolerate a bad attitude towards themselves. If the dog does not receive enough attention from the owner, he may develop cowardice and anxiety.

Health and Care: These representatives of the breed of large black dogs can live in an apartment, and in a private house, in an aviary. Physical activity and walks are essential.

In care, you should pay attention to the peculiarity of wool – it has an unpleasant odor. To eliminate it, you need to bathe the dog 3-4 times a year, comb out with a soft brush 3-4 times a month.

Feed should be prepared rations. Note that the Beaucerons differ in that they are very fond of sweets, which they, like all dogs, are strictly forbidden to give.

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Tkabbir: 56-66 ara

Il-piż: 25-37 kg

età Snin 12-14

Character and features: These black dogs are energetic, caring, loyal, intelligent. They choose one owner from the family, obey in everything and try to spend a lot of time with him. They get along well with children and pets when socialized early. Groenendaly like to spend time outdoors, accompany the owner on a run and training. They are easy to train, they quickly remember commands.

Health and Care: Long walks with physical activities are necessary.

Comb 1-2 times a week, bathe 4-5 times a year, wipe eyes and ears as they get dirty.

When feeding, pay attention to the amount of portions, as these dogs are prone to overeating.

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Nenets Laika (Reindeer Spitz)

Tkabbir: 40-52 ara

Il-piż: 18-28 kg

età Snin 13-15

Character and features: Likes are friendly, sociable, able to look after children. It is hard to endure loneliness, requires attention and affection. The Nenets Laika is perfect for keeping in the family, it is obedient and balanced. It will be difficult for a dog in an apartment, because she loves physical activity, space and fresh air. Dogs of this breed love to serve and learn. Ideal for the role of watchman and hunter.

Health and Care: Likes shed a lot. During molting, you will have to comb out 2 times a day, in the usual period 2-3 times a week. Wash 3-4 times a year. Trim the nails as needed, they grow quickly in this breed.

The breed is prone to problems with the gastrointestinal tract and liver, so it is important that the diet is correct.

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Schnauzer ġgant

Tkabbir: 58-80 ara

Il-piż: 35-50 kg

età Snin 10-12

Character and features: These black dogs are endowed with high intelligence, they are smart, calm and disciplined. Easy to learn commands, ideal as a guard and defender. Children are treated with respect and care. They are unfriendly to strangers, but they are not the first to show aggression.

Health and Care: Risen needs an active lifestyle: walking, sports, playing with a ball or a stick. The optimal walking time is 2-3 hours daily.

Representatives of the breed almost do not shed, but they need trimming (plucking out dead hair). Bathe when dirty, monitor the hygiene of the ears and teeth.

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Tkabbir: 55-70 ara

Il-piż: 35-60 kg

età Snin 8-10

Character and features: Energetic, strong and smart. These black dogs help the police and rescue services, they do an excellent job with the duties of a security guard and bodyguard. With proper upbringing, Rottweilers are friendly, calm, affectionate and sociable. They choose one person as the master and obey him in everything. Get along with children.

Health and Care: The Rottweiler needs regular physical and mental exercise. Walk 2 times a day, at least 2 hours. During walks, it is recommended to take the animal with games: a ball, a stick, a run. If the dog does not expend energy, he will begin to ruin furniture, chew on shoes and become aggressive or depressed.

It is necessary to bathe the representatives of this breed as it gets dirty, comb out twice a week during the molting period, and at the usual time 2-3 times a month. Claws need to be cut quite rarely, since in the breed they themselves are actively grinded.

Pay attention to the amount of servings and calories, Rottweilers are prone to overeating.

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bandog Amerikan

Tkabbir: 60-75 ara

Il-piż: 38-65 kg

età Snin 10-15

Character and features: Ideal for the role of guards of the territory. Bandogs are able to quickly respond in case of danger, fearlessly protect the owner. They control the behavior of strangers and carefully observe their actions. These black dogs are easy to train, ready to obey the owner in everything. At the same time, the breed is very stubborn, if it does not recognize the leader in the owner. Without proper training, bandogs can be very aggressive and attack without warning.

Health and Care: It is better to keep a dog in an aviary, such a breed is not adapted to live in an apartment. Care consists of the usual procedures.

It is better to keep a dog in an aviary, such a breed is not adapted to live in an apartment. However, in winter, the bandog should be kept in the house. He does not tolerate low temperatures well and can get sick.

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Black and tan coonhound

Tkabbir: 58-68 ara

Il-piż: 32-40 kg

età Snin 12-14

Character and features: Playful, affectionate, attentive and calm. Dogs love to take part in household chores, travel and car trips. Everywhere they accompany the owner, but they will not be annoying if they feel that the person is not in the mood. With children and pets, they are friendly with early socialization. In stressful situations, they are able to quickly make independent decisions and protect their family and themselves. The instincts of the hunter are highly developed, so it is always better to walk the dog on a leash.

Health and Care: Representatives of the breed need physical training and regular walking. When there is not enough activity, Coonhounds begin to whine and feel sad. It is enough to bathe 2 times a year, comb out once a week, wipe eyes and ears 2 times a week and brush your teeth 3 times a week.

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kannami Corso

Tkabbir: 58-75 ara

Il-piż: 40-50 kg

età Snin 10-12

Character and features: Despite the fact that representatives of the breed look menacing and dangerous, they are friendly and loving. They will not be the first to show aggression, but if something threatens them or the owner, the dogs will be able to fight back. They are ideal guards and bodyguards, able to respond quickly in stressful situations. With a family, these black dogs are very calm and good-natured, they love attention and affection. Painfully endure parting with the owner.

Health and Care: Cane Corso requires intensive training. On walks, it is recommended to play active games with pets. These dogs are freedom-loving, so keeping in a private house is preferable to living in an apartment.

Special care is not required: wash once a month or less, comb out 3-4 times a month.

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scottish setter

Tkabbir: 60-70 ara

Il-piż: 25-40 kg

età Snin 12-14

Character and features: Setters are smart, energetic, and affectionate. They become not only obedient assistants, but also devoted friends for the owner and his family. They love attention and painfully endure separation and loneliness. With strangers, these black dogs behave cautiously, observe the situation, but do not show aggression. The setter gets along with pets, but feels better if he is the only pet in the house. Easily trainable, happy to learn and follow commands. Raised voice does not tolerate, can be offended and sad.

Health and Care: The breed is suitable for keeping in a private house. Needs space and walks, as well as the opportunity to hunt.

Bathe 2-3 times a year, comb out 1-2 times a week, monitor the hygiene of teeth, ears, eyes. Trim nails as needed.

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Flatcoated retriever

Tkabbir: 56-62 ara

Il-piż: 25-36 kg

età Snin 12-14

Character and features: Loyal, caring and involved in the life of the owner. These black dogs need constant communication with the family; loneliness is difficult to endure. With a long absence of the owner, they become uncontrollable and aggressive. Friendly to children, but conflicts can arise with pets. They are easy to train, because they perfectly understand the owner and are ready to follow all the commands. They do not tolerate cruelty to themselves, so during training you need to show respect and patience for the animal.

Health and Care: Energetic pets need to be walked 2-3 times a day for 2 hours. During walks, you can play active games or run.

This breed sheds heavily. During this period, it is worth combing the dog 1-2 times a day. At other times, 4-5 times a week will be enough. Bathe your pet 2-3 times a year. Daily monitor the hygiene of the ears and eyes.

Pay attention to the fact that the breed is prone to overeating, so you need to monitor the amount of servings.

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Russian black terrier

Tkabbir: 70-73 ara

Il-piż: 40-60 kg

età Snin 10-11

Character and features: Selfish, friendly and loyal. Sincerely love their master, feel his mood. They are extremely bad at dealing with loneliness. Representatives of the breed are indifferent to strangers, but in extreme cases they are ready to attack. They are easy to train and remember commands quickly, but dogs can have difficulty concentrating and lose interest in repetitive activities.

They get along well with children, treat babies with warmth and care.

Health and Care: The pet needs long active games on the street. It is preferable to keep in a private house, in an aviary.

You need to bathe a terrier 1-2 times a month, comb it out daily, do grooming twice a month, regularly wipe your ears, eyes, and brush your teeth.

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Small and medium black dog breeds


Tkabbir: 30-38 ara

Il-piż: 3-6 kg

età Snin 12-15

Character and features: Cheerful, playful, energetic and affectionate. They have developed herding instincts and like to control the environment. In case of danger, they can protect the owner and themselves. These black dogs are interested in everything around and do not sit idle. They get along well with children, but they are not suitable for the role of a nanny. They treat strangers contemptuously and show their displeasure. Also, these dogs are very greedy and will not share food and toys with other pets in the house. Moreover, they may not give away any minor things, as the breed has a highly developed sense of ownership.

Health and Care: Schipperke should be given regular physical and intellectual exercise. Walk your pet twice a day for 2 hours with active games or jogging. You can also take your dog to any dog ​​sport: dog frisbee, freestyle, flyball, etc.

Wash when dirty, while not always using shampoo, so as not to wash off the natural fatty film from the coat. Comb out 1-2 times a week.

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Miniature Pinscher (miniature pinscher)

Tkabbir: 25-30 ara

Il-piż: 3-6 kg

età Snin 12-15

Character and features: These representatives of the small black dog breed are affectionate and friendly, but at the same time, bullies who love to dominate. They do not tolerate disrespect for themselves, they can aggressively stand up for themselves. Pinschers are very energetic and curious, they constantly find something to do and check what family members are doing. Love is shown very emotionally. They are aggressive towards pets. The world between the miniature pinscher and the cat will only be in the case of early socialization. Without prolonged physical exertion, dogs will gnaw on furniture and things.

Health and Care: The content is unpretentious. Suitable for living both in an apartment and in a house. You need to walk the pinscher 2 times a day for an hour. At home, it is recommended to play active games so that the dog spends energy. In the cold season, the dog needs to be dressed when you go for a walk.

Bathe when soiled, comb out twice a week, monitor the hygiene of teeth, eyes and ears.

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Sky terrier

Tkabbir: 24-27 ara

Il-piż: 12-14 kg

età Snin 15-22

Character and features: Calm, balanced. Friendly with children and pets. Ready to play together, show warmth and care. Skye terriers are able to copy the behavior of the owner and adapt to his daily routine and habits.

Health and Care: Walk 2-3 hours daily. Comb 3-4 times a week, wash the belly and paws after walks. Bathe your dog 1-3 times a month. To make the wool shine, you can use special conditioners and oils, liquid silk.

The breed is prone to allergies, skin conditions, and digestive problems. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to undergo an examination by a veterinarian in order to avoid serious diseases.

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Swedish Lapphund (Lapland Spitz)

Tkabbir: 42-50 ara

Il-piż: 19-22 kg

età Snin 11-13

Character and features: Dogs are smart, friendly and curious. They love to explore the area, play active games and spend time with their family. Lapphunds are strongly attached to the owner, require attention and manifestations of love, yearn if they are left alone. Children and pets get along well with early socialization. They are wary of strangers, in case of danger they bravely protect the owner.

Dogs have a bad habit of barking for no reason. This needs to be taught in childhood.

Lapphund should be washed 2-3 times a year, combed 3-4 times a week, wash eyes and ears 2-3 times a week.

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Terrier tal-ġugarell Ingliż

Tkabbir: 25-30 ara

Il-piż: 3-4 kg

età Snin 12-15

Character and features: Small black dogs of this breed are cheerful, energetic, inquisitive, brave. They love affection and attention. During a long absence, the owners gnaw and scatter things. Toy Terriers get along well with children, are ready to play with them and spend a lot of time. It is important to explain to the child the rules of behavior with the animal. Pets are jealous of the owner and are very wary, but this is corrected by education.

Health and Care: Walk regularly, but without intense training. In the cold season, the pet will need warm clothes and shoes.

Bathe 3-4 times a year, comb out once a week, cut nails once a month, monitor hygiene of teeth, ears and eyes, wash paws, stomach and chest after walks. The breed has almost no doggy smell, so special shampoos and other products are not required.

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Prague ratter

Tkabbir: 20-23 ara

Il-piż: 1,5-3,5 kg

età Snin 12-14

Character and features: Cheerful, energetic and playful. These small black dogs are very difficult to endure loneliness, require constant attention and games. They do not tolerate disrespect for themselves, they consider themselves leaders. The breed has developed selfishness, so you should immediately show who is the boss. The rat is friendly to children and cats if they do not take away his toys. He is cocky with other dogs, and rodents are a potential victim for him.

Health and Care: It is better to keep a pet in an apartment. It is necessary to equip a corner where there will be a couch or a house and bowls.

Bathe when dirty. Please note that frequent water procedures greatly dry the pet’s skin. Comb 1-2 times a week, brush your teeth 2-3 times a week.

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Staffordshire Bullterrier

Tkabbir: 35-40 ara

Il-piż: 11-17 kg

età Snin 12-14

Character and features: Bull Terriers are smart, kind, hardy and courageous. Dogs need training from early childhood, otherwise the representatives of the breed will grow up aggressive. They get along well with children, but you should not leave the dog alone with the child. Pets are very fond of communication and suffer without attention.

Health and Care: Training and active games are essential. You need to devote at least two hours a day to walking with games. It is sport that allows you to develop strength, endurance, courage in an animal. Care involves standard procedures: bathing when dirty, combing once a week, brushing teeth, ears and eyes 1-2 times a week.

The breed is prone to overeating and obesity, so pay attention to portion sizes.

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