At what age should a puppy be taken?
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At what age should a puppy be taken?

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According to the rules of the RKF (Russian Cynological Federation), puppies born in kennels receive documents 1,5 months after birth (45 days). From now on, they can be officially sold. However, this does not mean that the puppy is completely (physically and psychologically) ready to part with his mother.

puppy development

Puppies start feeding at 3 weeks. Already at the age of 30-35 days, he can eat on his own. This is the lowest, minimum allowed limit. He needs to get used to adult food, and this transition should occur gradually.

Mother’s milk helps build the immune system. In the first month of life, this is the puppy’s only protection. The initial stage of socialization lasts up to two months, which is impossible without games with brothers and sisters and communication with the mother. These games teach him how to communicate with other dogs and people. Regular checks of the puppy’s weight, the condition of his ears and eyes accustom the baby to people.

In the period from 2,5 to 3 months of life, a puppy can already be safely separated from its mother.

By this time, he already has all the necessary vaccinations and becomes more independent. At this age, he is very flexible and adapts well to new conditions. It is already easier for a puppy to stay at home alone if the owner is at work. However, do not forget that the pet needs to be fed at least three times a day.

On the importance of socialization

Socialization is a complex process, as a result of which the personality of an animal is formed and its connections with the outside world are formed. In this process, all stages are important, and the incompleteness of at least one of them can lead to problems with communication, a violation of the psyche and behavior of the animal.

The first stage of socialization begins between two and eight weeks of age. During this period, the puppy remembers his belonging to the species of those who surround him. A puppy that was taken away from its mother early and raised and fed by people may have problems communicating with other dogs.

What if the puppy is over three months old?

You should not refuse to take a puppy older than three months. An older puppy purchased from a conscientious breeder who has been involved in raising and socializing a dog can cost more. But in this case, you get a socialized, well-mannered dog, already accustomed to walking and, perhaps, knowing some commands.

Some experienced breeders prefer to take dogs as early as possible. However, this should not be done by a non-professional or a person who will not be able to spend much time caring for and raising a very small puppy.

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