Are you ready to get a dog?
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Are you ready to get a dog?

First, you need to decide whether you want to be responsible for a living being at all. A pet is not a toy. Unfortunately, sad stories often happen at exhibitions. Melted with emotion, people take the dog into the house, and after a while they return it back, being unprepared for the expenses, walks and attention that need to be paid to the dog.

Before deciding on a pet, it is worth answering a few questions.

First of all, the potential owner of the animal must be ready for long walks in the fresh air. In any weather. At the same time, the pet needs to be active on the street: play with it, make it run. You need to walk the dog at least twice a day for an hour – in the morning and in the evening. Otherwise, the animal will begin to gain excess weight, splash out its energy in the apartment, destroying furniture and things.

It takes a lot of money to take care of a dog: food, visits to the veterinarian, toys, accessories, in some cases even clothes and shoes – a tidy sum accumulates per month. If a person is not ready for new items of expenditure, it is better to postpone the purchase of a pet.

A dog in the house is a constant source of confusion. Furniture, shoes, wires, books, plants and much more fall under the sharp teeth of a young dog – all this can be gnawed and eaten. It is useless to be angry about this with a pet. The problem can be solved by classes with a cynologist, which again rests on the money and free time of the owner.

At the same time, a person who intends to get a dog should take into account that with her appearance, restrictions will simultaneously appear in his life: you need to walk with your four-legged friend and feed him regularly, so the owner must be at home at a certain time.

Finally, any changes in a person’s life, if he has a dog, will have to take into account the interests of the pet. You cannot move somewhere (for example, to another country) or divorce your wife and leave your pet. Even a trip on vacation will require additional steps: to take a pet with you, you will have to draw up documents and agree with the airline and the hotel; if you don’t want to take a dog with you, you will have to find an overexposure, a zoo hotel or a nanny for a pet.

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