Top 10 smallest horses in the world

Top 10 smallest horses in the world

Before internal combustion engines were invented, most of the mechanical work was done by horses. They were pack animals, they were used for riding food, for transporting people.

At the end of the 200th century, in the big cities of the world, from 500 to XNUMX thousand horses were employed in transport, which is a lot. They also created certain problems, because. cities were littered with horse manure.

But the smallest horses in the world could not do such work because of their diminutive size. There are separate breeds that are small in size, as well as individual representatives of this genus, which were born small. For example, a horse is only 36 centimeters tall, you will see his photo in our article.

10 Pinto, up to 140 cm

Top 10 smallest horses in the world The name of horses comes from the Spanish word “painted”, which means in translation “colored”. This is not a breed, but a certain type of color. In America, all pinto horses and ponies are called “പിന്റോ“. Among them are large horses from 142 cm at the withers and above, as well as ponies, whose height is from 86 to 142 cm, and miniature horses, whose height is from 86 to 96 cm or less.

To register a horse under this name, the total area on the legs or head must be at least 10 cm² for horses, 7,5 cm² for ponies, and 5 cm² for miniature horses.

Many people like these horses of unusual colors. They are often used in attractions for tourists, in the circus. They are especially loved by the Americans. In the US, any horse other than draft horses with this coloration is considered a Pinto, while a horse must be a Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse to be registered with Paint Horse.

9. Mini-Appaloosa, up to 86 cm

Top 10 smallest horses in the world Horse growth mini-Appaloosa – up to 86 cm. The color can be any, but the animal must be covered with special patterns inherent in this breed. The mini appaloosa resembles an ordinary sport horse, but only in a small size. They are very much loved in Germany, the USA, the Netherlands, but for us it is rather exotic.

8. American miniature horses, up to 86 cm

Top 10 smallest horses in the world Despite the name, they did not appear in the US, but in Europe. Breeders sought to create a breed with a pleasant appearance, small stature and docile character. And they succeeded.

അമേരിക്കൻ മിനിയേച്ചർ കുതിര must be no more than 34 inches tall, i.e. about 85 cm, weigh 50 to 70 kg. In the USA and Canada, these horses participate in various shows, where there are more than 250 of them. They ride children, overcome obstacles, and sometimes races of these mini-horses are arranged.

These little horses make good guides for the blind. Very friendly, smart, well trained – these are the main advantages of American miniature horses.

7. Miniature Shetland ponies, up to 86 cm

Top 10 smallest horses in the world These horses appeared on the islands of the Shetland archipelago. Local residents knew about them for a long time, but in the 19th century miniature shetland ponies the whole world became interested. These animals were used in English mines, because. distinguished by great endurance and exported a huge number of different breeds. At the end of the 20th century, they also moved to America, where they still enjoy universal love.

They can be found in zoos, circuses, various parks and farms. Now Miniature Shetland ponies are one of the most common breeds. These are small horses with short legs and fluffy, thick hair that saved them from strong winds.

It differs not only in beauty, excellent health and endurance, but also in a docile nature. Color may be different.

6. Falabella, up to 80 cm

Top 10 smallest horses in the world Miniature horses are often confused with ponies, but in fact it is a rather rare, but independent breed. It got its name from an Argentinean farmer. ഫലാബെല്ല. He was the first to breed horses of miniature size.

According to one version, a herd of ordinary horses could not get out of the canyon, because. a landslide blocked their way. Animals ate cacti and, due to lack of food, became smaller with each generation. Unusual horses were discovered by a farmer, and despite the fact that he fed them well, they remained the same miniature size.

Falabella very rarely gave away his horses, but even if he agreed to a deal, he castrated the stallions first. Only in 1977, one English lord was able to purchase several horses, and they began to spread throughout the world.

Falabella horses are friendly and good-natured, distinguished by intelligence. They jump very well and can overcome various obstacles. Their height is up to 86 cm, but there are horses much smaller. They weigh from 20 to 65 kg.

5. Thumbelina, 43 cm

Top 10 smallest horses in the world The Gessling family, who lives near the city of St. Louis, breeds mini-horses. In 2001, they had a very small foal, weighing only 3,5 kg. The weight of an adult horse was 26 kg. The farmers did not hope that she would survive, because. looked തംബെലിന or ഥുംബെലിന weak and sickly. In the first year, it grew to 44,5 cm and stopped. Most likely, this is due to violations of the endocrine glands.

She has disproportionately small legs, which is not good for her health. Tambelina sleeps in a kennel, not in a stable, and travels in it. All day long she frolics on the lawn with other animals. In 2006, she became the smallest horse in the world, but in 2010 a new record holder appeared.

Thumbelina is not a pony, she is a miniature dwarf horse. Representatives of this breed look the same as ordinary horses, with the correct proportions. If desired, offspring could be obtained from Tambelina, but her owners did not want to risk the health of their pet.

4. Recco de Roca, 38 cm

Top 10 smallest horses in the world The birth of this horse is also associated with the name Falabella. For more than 70 years, breeders, using related mating, have tried to develop a new breed of horses, based on horses discovered at the beginning of the 20th century in certain areas of Argentina. The first horse appeared thanks to Julio Falabella. It was a baby named Recco de Roca. She weighed about 12 kg and was 38 cm tall.

3. Bella, 38 cm

Top 10 smallest horses in the world In May 2010, a baby appeared ബെല്ല. Her owner is Alison Smith. Her height at birth was 38 cm, and she weighed 4 kg. Considering that it belongs to miniature, not dwarf horses, this is very small.

2. Einstein, 36 cm

Top 10 smallest horses in the world In April 2010, another record-breaking foal was born, who was named ഐൻസ്റ്റീൻ. He appeared in England, in the city of Barnstead, on one of the farms. He is a Pinto breed. At birth, he weighed 2,7 kg with a height of 35,56 cm. When the foal grew up, its weight was 28 kg.

This is not a dwarf, like Tambelina, he does not have growth defects, but just a small horse that belongs to the Falabella breed. His parents are also miniature in size, but not as tiny as this foal: mother Finess is 81,28 cm, and father Painted Feather is 72,6 cm.

Immediately after birth, the foal went to Charlie Cantrell and Rachel Wanger. He participated in many TV shows, his photos appeared in many media. Einstein is a friendly and kind horse, which the children were delighted with. Knowing that he won the love of a small audience, the owners of the horse published a children’s book about his adventures. Einstein could get into the Guinness Book of Records, but he grew significantly and could not be considered the smallest horse.

1. Little Pumpkin, 35,5 cm

Top 10 smallest horses in the world The smallest miniature horse was a stallion named Little Pumpkin, which could be translated as Little Pumpkin. In November 1975, his height was recorded – 35,5 cm, and his weight was 9,07 kg. He lived in Southern California on a miniature horse farm in Inham, owned by Joshua Williams Jr.

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