Toilet for a hamster: how to equip and train a pet, how to do it yourself

Toilet for a hamster: how to equip and train a pet, how to do it yourself

A hamster can and even needs to be toilet trained, otherwise the urine-soaked shavings will smell unpleasant. The smell interferes not only with you, but also with the animal in the cage. This problem is solved by a toilet for a hamster, which can be purchased at almost any pet store. It is easy to use, the main thing is to teach the baby to use it correctly.

If you teach your hamster to defecate in one place, this will eliminate the problem of unpleasant smell, make cleaning easier for the owner and life for the pet. Write down how to toilet train your hamster.

Can you toilet train a toddler?

A hamster is a small animal, so many mistakenly believe that it cannot be trained. This is not so, it is natural for them to urinate in one place. When training, you need to rely on the characteristics of the animal and simply put the hamster tray in the corner that he chose to fulfill his natural needs.

Choice of “equipment”

How to train a hamster to the tray you already know. The next step is to choose a tray. There will be no problems with this, because many models are sold in pet stores. Rectangular and angular are in great demand. They have a removable top and an inlet that matches the size of the animal.

Toilet for a hamster: how to equip and train a pet, how to do it yourself
hamster corner toilet
Toilet for a hamster: how to equip and train a pet, how to do it yourself
rectangular hamster toilet


If you don’t like store-bought models, or don’t want to go to a pet store, read how to make a do-it-yourself hamster toilet. You need to find a small plastic container with a lid, on one side cut out 5-8 cm in diameter, depending on the breed of the animal. The hole must be cut at a height of 2,5 cm for the Syrian and 1,3-1,5 cm for the Dzungarian. If this is not done, the litter will be outside the restroom. The edges of the hole must be sanded so that the baby does not get hurt when entering and exiting.

When a rodent starts chewing on a makeshift latrine or the plastic absorbs an unpleasant odor, it needs to be replaced. Such a fate awaits any plastic box, so give your pet a glass one. Offer the baby a regular jar, such that the hamster can easily get into it, get out and turn around. For a Syrian, a 500 ml jar is suitable, for a 250 ml jungarian, a prerequisite is a wide neck. The latrine needs to be strengthened so that it does not roll on the floor and is fixed, otherwise you will face the problem that the hamster does not go to the toilet.

Important: the hamster’s restroom must be kept clean, for this it is enough to remove dirty lumps once a day and once a week to wash the toilet for a jungar or a Syrian.

As a filler, you can use the usual bedding, because if you do not put a toilet for hamsters, the animal will use the bedding. If you use thyrsus as a bedding, be prepared to clean the latrine every day, because the shavings get wet quickly, take a long time to dry, and quickly start to smell bad.

An important point: before potty training a Jungarik, make sure that he does not eat filler and does not put it in his cheek pouches.

പഠന പ്രക്രിയ

If you just brought a hamster from the store, do not rush to accustom him to the tray, first you need to tame a new friend. Only after you make friends and the baby marks the corner for need, start the process of accustoming the Djungian or Syrian hamster to the toilet.

An important rule: the place to install the tray should be chosen by the animal, not you. Your task is to follow in which corner the baby defecates most often, you need to put a tray there.

എന്ത് ചെയ്യാൻ പാടില്ല:

  • put the tray in the place that you like;
  • to scold, and even more so to beat the baby for a mistake;
  • behave in his cage as at home;
  • force events.

It is quite easy to train a hamster to defecate in one place. You need to take a little soiled bedding and put it in the “pot”. As soon as the baby wakes up, put it in front of the entrance to the tray. So you give him the opportunity to smell and understand what is inside this interesting box. The principle of training is based on the fact that when “nature calls” him, the hamster cannot go to the toilet in the wrong place (clean cage), he will go where there was a smell of feces. Hamsters are clean animals, so they quickly become accustomed to the tray.

സാധ്യമായ ബുദ്ധിമുട്ടുകൾ

Toilet for a hamster: how to equip and train a pet, how to do it yourselfSometimes it happens that the owner did everything according to the rules, bought a good filler and a tray, and the rodent uses the restroom for other purposes, equipping a pantry or a recreation area here. The reasons for sleeping a hamster in a tray are commonplace – he doesn’t have or doesn’t like a house for sleeping. Sometimes hamsters store food in the closet because there is not enough space in the cage and there is no other pantry.

There is another side to the coin: the rodent ignores the restroom and equips it in a house for sleeping. This becomes a real problem, because the baby sleeps, and sometimes stocks up in one place. To wean a hamster to go to the toilet in the house, remove it for a while. But if the homa is too attached to his home, he may have a tantrum after you clean the house. It is important to wash the house thoroughly so that no traces of urine remain on it.

There are several reasons why a rodent does not go to the restroom. Perhaps he has a very large cage and he has allocated several corners for urine. Watch the baby, it will help to calculate all the places where he takes care of his natural needs. It is not worth punishing him – this is extra stress that will not lead to a result. It is better to buy several toilets and arrange them in the corners that the animal has chosen for defecation. Soon he will understand what they are for.

Remember, toilet training is a time-consuming process that requires an individual approach.

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