Lynx-like cats
തിരഞ്ഞെടുക്കലും ഏറ്റെടുക്കലും

Lynx-like cats

Lynx-like cats

1. കാരക്കൽ

Caracal is a steppe lynx, whose habitat is Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Asia Minor and Central Asia. Found in Turkmenistan. Caracals have been living near people for hundreds of years and are well tamed. Previously, they were even used instead of hunting dogs, and now exotic lovers keep them as pets.


  • Height up to 85 cm, weight up to 22 kg;

  • Caracal needs open areas and long walks on the street (you can on a leash);

  • Require special training, education and socialization from an early age;

  • They feed on whole carcasses of animals and birds (rats, mice, chickens);

  • It is not recommended to start a caracal for families with children or other animals;

  • 450 റുബിളിൽ നിന്ന് വില.

Lynx-like cats


2. പരിശ്രമം

Caracal (caracal + cat) is a hybrid of a male caracal and a domestic cat. Kittens inherit appearance from their father, and a calm character from their mother. The breed was bred by chance 30 years ago, and in 2018 in Russia, in Krasnodar, the first caracat nursery was opened.


  • Height up to 45 cm, weight up to 16 kg;

  • Caracats do not know how to meow, they rather yelp or chirp;

  • The caracat has dog habits: they bring things, become attached to the owner, walk on a leash;

  • They must be fed with small birds and meat;

  • The caracat can be of type F1 (direct descendant of the caracal), F2 (grandson of the caracal, 25% of wild genes), F3 (third generation from the wild caracal, the most domestic and do not have the bright appearance of a wild cat);

  • 100 റുബിളിൽ നിന്ന് വില.

Lynx-like cats

Photo of a caracat – a cat very similar to a lynx.

3. മെയ്ൻ കൂൺ

The largest breed among domestic cats. It was bred in the USA, in the state of Maine, but has spread throughout the world. Maine Coons are kind giants. These cats are loved for their gentle disposition and unusual appearance, similar to a lynx: tassels on the ears, large paws, a three-layer fur coat. In the “forest” color, Maine Coons are especially reminiscent of lynxes.


  • Height up to 45 cm (body length up to 1 m), weight up to 12 kg;

  • Very affectionate, great for families with children;

  • 15 റുബിളിൽ നിന്ന് വില.

Lynx-like cats

മെയ്ൻ കൂൺ

4. Kurilian Bobtail

These cats appeared on the Kuril Islands, their main external feature is a short tail. Kittens are already born with it, it’s a genetic trait. It is this short tail, fluffy collar and green eyes that make the Kuril Bobtail look like a lynx.


  • Height up to 35 cm, weight up to 7,5 kg;

  • By behavior they resemble dogs (loyal, affectionate, obey the owner);

  • Excellent hunters;

  • They love company and are great for families with children;

  • 10 റുബിളിൽ നിന്ന് വില.

Lynx-like cats

കുരിലിയൻ ബോബ്ടെയിൽ

5. അമേരിക്കൻ ബോബ്ടെയിൽ

This is a relatively new breed that appeared in the States in the 60s of the XX century. From childhood, kittens look like little lynxes: they are born with short tails and fluffy cheeks. An additional resemblance to a lynx is given by a spotted or striped color. The American Bobtail’s hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs, similar to those of a lynx. Therefore, even the gait resembles a lynx. Despite all this, the American Bobtail is a very gentle and domestic creature.


  • Height up to 30 cm, weight up to 6 kg;

  • Quickly find a common language with people, cats, dogs;

  • Attached to a person;

  • They tolerate moving well, adapt quickly;

  • 10 റുബിളിൽ നിന്ന് വില.

Lynx-like cats

അമേരിക്കൻ ബോബ്ടെയിൽ

6. പിക്സിബോബ്

Breeders bred this breed artificially, as they wanted to get a domestic cat that looked like a lynx. For this, a forest cat and domestic cats were crossed. The result was a pixie bob breed: strong bones, black rim around the eyes, a short tail and a gray color with blurry spots. Lynx in miniature! But by nature, pixiebobs are very gentle.


  • Height up to 35 cm, weight up to 8 kg;

  • Very active, like to play for a long time and walk on a leash;

  • Almost 50% of pixiebobs have extra toes. This is a genetic feature;

  • അവർ വെള്ളത്തെ സ്നേഹിക്കുന്നു;

  • 15 റുബിളിൽ നിന്ന് വില.

Lynx-like cats


7. Norwegian Forest

If you compare a wild lynx in a winter coat and a domestic Norwegian forest cat, you will see how similar they are. Especially if the Norwegian Forest is gray or tortoiseshell. All cats of this breed have charming fluffy ears with tassels. Norwegian forests are famous for their tranquility. They are excellent companions, quick-witted and slightly introverted.


  • Height up to 40 cm, weight up to 10 kg;

  • Long soft coat that needs careful care;

  • 5 റുബിളിൽ നിന്ന് വില.

Lynx-like cats

നോർവീജിയൻ വനം

8. Siberian cat

One of the largest breeds among domestic cats. They look like a lynx with their walk, dark-rimmed eyes, and large soft paws. Otherwise, they are friendly pets. Despite their size, Siberians are very mobile and elegant.


  • Height up to 35 cm, weight up to 12 kg;

  • This breed is suitable for allergy sufferers, is considered hypoallergenic;

  • Three-layer fluffy fur requires careful care;

  • 5 റുബിളിൽ നിന്ന് വില.

Lynx-like cats

സൈബീരിയൻ പൂച്ച

9. Abyssinian cat

Abyssinians outwardly really strongly resemble a wild cat. Either a cougar or a lynx. Gold or green eyes with dark rims, “wild color” and flexibility of the body create the very charm of a wild beast. In addition to their spectacular appearance, the Abyssinian is one of the smartest cat breeds. They can even be trained.


  • Height up to 30 cm, weight up to 6 kg;

  • Energetic, ancient and highly intelligent breed;

  • They love to climb vertical surfaces;

  • 20 റുബിളിൽ നിന്ന് വില.

Lynx-like cats

അബിസീനിയൻ പൂച്ച

10. ചൗസി

Chausie is a hybrid of a domestic cat and a jungle cat. Breeders divide kittens into generations F1 (a direct kitten from a jungle cat), F2 (“grandson” of a jungle cat) and F3 (“great-grandson”). Chausies are very large, energetic and sociable. They have a completely domestic disposition, but they love it when life is in full swing around them, they have a lot of energy. Chausie will not tolerate loneliness for 12-16 hours.


  • Height up to 40 cm, weight up to 16 kg;

  • Not suitable for families with small children;

  • Chausies are allergic to gluten and require a meat-free diet free of grains and vegetables;

  • 60 റുബിളിൽ നിന്ന് വില.

Lynx-like cats


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