Эмне үчүн көгүчкөндөр басканда баштарын ийкешет? Алгачкы теория

Эмне үчүн көгүчкөндөр басканда баштарын ийкешет? Алгачкы теория

“Why doves nod their heads?” – this question must have crossed the mind of many. Dove – such a common bird in our latitudes, which all the time in sight. And it’s hard not to notice how her head moves during travel. Let’s try figure it out, even if it’s not vital important but very interesting question. Versions, by the way, there are several.

Why do doves nod their heads: original theory

Long At the time, researchers believed that the method similar movements of the pigeon’s head maintains balance. After all, when the bird is standing, it does not nod – accompanies them only басуу. This is an important fact that allows connect both of these phenomena, as they believed researchers.

Let’s remember which way is best for us to walk. By moving on two legs, we help keep your balance with your hands. Even if people don’t notice it, they’re all equally balance themselves. And the birds a similar opportunity inaccessible – they just move on paws, not helping itself with wings.

INTERESTING: Eagles, by the way, balance themselves in this way. They just walk slowly, sedately – so this nuance is invisible.

It seemed would, the answer is found, and you can put an end to it. However, not all so simple. В In 1978, an experiment was conducted that cast doubt on this hypothesis. spent it scientist from Canada – Frost.

Meaning was to force the birdie to move, but at the same time to protect her from external stimuli. The scientist put dove on the treadmill and covered him glass dome. At the same time it interfered bird fly away. That is, the conditions were created to exclude fear as much as possible the subject and the influence of something on him from the outside.

Result experiment really surprised and made me think about the reason for the nods head. Head stop making those moves. The bird walked along the path, but without nods. So it turns out she can to move around without presumed balancing.

The second version, more truthful

Now scientists suggest that it is necessary to reverse attention not to balance, but to the eyes birds. We – people – they are front. That is binocular vision. It allows you to consider the same the same object from different points of view. That is object of interest falling within this field is perceived volumetrically. It necessary for all predators to which applies to man.

With many birds, the situation is different. Doves and birds such as turkeys and chickens have monocular vision. That is, the intersection of the areas of view does not occur in principle. Because of this, the dove does not observe a three-dimensional picture. However, in return, he gets the opportunity to observe everything that happens around him within a radius of 360 degrees.

Эмне үчүн көгүчкөндөр басканда баштарын ийкешет? Алгачкы теория

INTERESTING: To understand this point, you can conduct an experiment by covering one eye with your hand. So the experimenter will fully understand what the bird feels.

Closing one eye, gotta try to make something with something nearby. For example, try to lift with tweezers grain. Most it will be very difficult for people to do this, seemingly simple action. А all because with one eye a person lose the ability to perceive things voluminously.

А if you try to turn your head in different directions, the image can be make it more voluminous. That’s exactly how birds of prey arrive. shaking my head, they try to compose a three-dimensional picture. Let it show up some delay, but still the brain this is enough for, for example, pick up grain from the ground.

В In this case, the question naturally arises: Why don’t herbivores need to make such nods? The fact is that they don’t have to look for anything. For example, the cow sees exactly the grass in front of her and just eats it. But the dove needs find food on the ground.

Also the pigeon is easier with the help of a similar Stabilize your vision to spot predators. He throws out head forward, analyzes the picture the world around, and then pulls up torso. It turns out the effect of a nod.

The third version and the fourth theories are folk

Exist and very extravagant versions, in which, however, many believe, therefore Let’s discuss them:

  • Some, answering the question of why doves nod their heads attributed to these birds musicality. They supposedly perfectly catch the rhythm of others sounds and move to the beat. On the surprise, this theory in society is very common. Surely readers have seen on the Internet video of how the dove moved to the beat music, as if helping himself with nods. Undoubtedly, a complete the feeling that the bird is really catching rhythm. However, it’s still a coincidence. The evolution of the dove just wasn’t there the need to develop these qualities. And, as you know, all the qualities in nature argue something. Therefore, such theory is cannot be viable.
  • Some people attribute similar nods attracting the attention of a partner in marriage period. Indeed, it is widely known that birds, like any other creatures, during the mating season begin strenuously meet the opposite sex. And nods really can give the impression flirting. But this version is also invalid, because usually the male is looking for a female, and representatives of both nod their heads sexes.

We hope that this article satisfied curiosity readers. And now they understand more why does the bird start, as they say, “pigeon” – it’s funny to nod your head during movements.

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