Эмне үчүн каргалар адамдарга кол салышат: канаттуулардын агрессиясына каршы күрөшүүнүн себептери жана ыкмалары

Эмне үчүн каргалар адамдарга кол салышат: канаттуулардын агрессиясына каршы күрөшүүнүн себептери жана ыкмалары

Birds are considered the most beloved and fascinating creatures on Earth. People used to consider them harmless animals. But in the process of evolution, many of the birds began to possess not only intelligence, but also cruelty. They developed strong legs and sharp beaks to defend their territory.

Crows belong to the corvid family. Scientists consider developed intelligence and ingenuity to be a distinctive feature of birds of this family.. They don’t show much interest in people. But it often happens that birds look into the windows of apartments or take things they like from the balcony. They can also attack. But why do crows attack people?

This is a very proud bird. The character of the crow can be called quite complex. She is cunning, vindictive and vindictive. But these negative qualities of a crow can be explained and justified. Birds need to constantly adapt to living conditions that are constantly changing.

Without a reason, a bird will not attack a person. Her aggression can always be explained. It is only necessary to correctly understand the cause of the psychological imbalance of the bird.

Causes of Crow Aggression

  • In the spring, these smart birds breed their offspring and teach them to fly. People, showing excessive interest, cause fear in birds. Trying to protect their babies, crows behave quite aggressively towards humans. It happens that they gather in a flock and attack the offender together.
  • No need to approach the nests, pick up the chicks. Such reckless actions will inevitably lead to unpleasant consequences. A person can get serious consequences. After all, this bird has a massive beak and sharp claws. So don’t provoke her.

A crow may not attack the offender immediately. She will remember the person’s face and the attack will happen later., at a convenient time for the bird.

Ravens can live in family groups. The group is led by parents. But the younger offspring are raised by older brothers and sisters. Therefore, passing by their dwelling, you can provoke the cry of not only the dominant couple.

Crow attack on people happens infrequently. But if this happened, then do not show your fear. Do not run away, scream and brush them off. Human aggression will provoke even greater aggression of birds. We must stand, and then slowly retire.

The peak of bird aggressiveness occurs in May and early June. It is during this period that the chicks grow up. By the beginning of July the problem is gone. join conflict with people makes a crow care for offspring. She just wants suspicious people to drive away from the nests.

You can provoke an attack by a male crow even with a careless gesture if he considers it aggressive.

But a crow attacks a person not only near trees with nests. This can also happen near a landfill or garbage container. The crow considers this territory its own and begins to protect it from competitors.

Interestingly, the crow knows perfectly well whether a passerby is dangerous to her or not. The bird may pounce on the child or an elderly person. It always happens from the back. Other crows or even a whole flock can fly to the rescue. It will peck repeatedly until the person runs away from the raider. A crow pecks at the head. But she will not attack a young and strong man.

There are usually a lot of trees on the territory of kindergartens. Birds build their nests there. If curious children come to the nests to look at the chicks, then the birds attack the children as well. The parental instinct kicks in.

The crow is observant and vindictive. If you harm the health of the chick, then she will remember the enemy for a long time. They alone or articles will attack him and take revenge. This needs to be told to the children. The children must learn that taking chicks from nests or destroying nests is a very dangerous occupation for health.

What to do after an attack

If a person is injured in a collision with a bird, then the help of a doctor will be required. The crow is looking for food among the garbage, in the garbage heaps. An infection can get into the damaged area. This is dangerous. If it is not possible to visit a doctor, then the wound must be treated with iodine. You can use calendula tincture, as well as any antiseptic.

Күрөш ыкмалары

  • Ornithologists do not offer special methods of dealing with birds during the period of nursing chicks. This is how nature rules. This aggressive period lasts only two months a year. These days, you just have to be careful and careful when passing by plantations where there may be nests of crows.
  • It is especially dangerous to pass by during the period of departure of the chicks from the nest. It is also necessary to bypass places of a large accumulation of crows, hiding behind an umbrella or other object.

Crows are great parents. They should not be blamed for aggression against a person. You just have to respect their parental instincts. And these wise birds will calmly watch you from the side.

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