Эмне үчүн ит өз заңын жейт: биз себептерин түшүнөбүз

Эмне үчүн ит өз заңын жейт: биз себептерин түшүнөбүз

“Why is the dog eating your feces? – this question in horror periodically asks own master even a well-bred animal. Actually It’s not really a matter of upbringing. There is such a thing as coprophagia. Let me tell you, it is not a disease! But what? I suggest you find out more.

Why does a dog eat its own feces: understand the reasons

For First, you need to understand what себеп in this particular case, and the reasons may be mass:

  • Curiosity. Yes, sometimes curiosity is the key to answering the question of why a dog eats its own feces. The puppy is trying to find out the world in various ways – he gnaws on his toys and furniture, sniffs everything around. Especially, by the way, kids are attracted to objects with a pronounced smell. Excrement just falls into this category. That is, it is possible that eating one’s excrement is just a recognition of the world. Over time, this phenomenon will pass.
  • Animal instinct. It is believed that a long time ago, the ancestors of today’s domestic dogs ate their feces so that more dangerous and powerful predators could not get on their trail. This was especially true in the case of young, elderly, sick individuals. That is, those who are most vulnerable in the confrontation with the enemy. And there is, as you know, nothing more rooted in the subconscious than instincts. Even if such a habit is no longer necessary from a practical point of view.
  • Cleanliness. I understand that readers are unlikely to associate coprophagia with cleanliness, but sometimes the answer is really in this. The mother sometimes decides to keep her den clean in this way by eating puppies’ feces. The latter, in turn, try to imitate her in everything. Even at this moment. By the way, this is probably also justified by the manifestation of the instinct described above.
  • Establishment of normal bowel function. Toddlers often eat their own feces in order for their intestines to form faster and better. The fact is that far from one useful substance can be found in feces. These are various enzymes and bacteria, thanks to which the pet has the opportunity to fully assimilate food, ensure intestinal motility. This is relevant for puppies who are 3 months old. With age, this need disappears naturally. However, sometimes, I must say, it smoothly flows into a bad habit, which will have to be fought in the future.
  • Sometimes a dog is engaged in such, in the opinion of a person, disgrace simply because it is hungry. Therefore, the owner needs to feed the pet on time – and then he will stop satisfying his needs in this way.
  • Lack of nutrients in the body. An animal can eat a lot, but not the most healthy food. Protein, vitamins, he may not be enough. In this case, there is a replenishment of useful elements with excrement, like in puppies. By the way, for the same reason, a dog can eat the feces of herbivores, cats, etc.
  • Cunning. Yes, sometimes such a peculiar combination is possible. If the owner often scolds the pet for marking the house with his droppings, the dog, who has been mischievous once again, may wish to hide the traces of the crime. Exactly in the way that the reader is now thinking.
  • Stressful state. During it, the animal often behaves unpredictably. According to my observations, moving, a long absence of the owners’ home, an exhibition and other things may well push the dog to such a step.
  • Helminths. Sometimes their presence pushes the dog to coprophagia. Just in case, it is better to check the animal. When helminths are present in the body, the dog may want not only excrement, but also something else inedible like sand, foam, coal.
  • Lack of attention of the owners, boredom. What a sin to hide: and people sometimes out of boredom or because of demonstrativeness are ready for strange deeds. What will you do to show your concern! This is no stranger to animals either.
  • Sophisticated taste preferences. Sometimes, oddly enough, a dog will eat feces simply because he likes the smell and taste of it. It’s hard to understand, but it happens.
Эмне үчүн ит өз заңын жейт: биз себептерин түшүнөбүз

What to do to the owner

Как it turned out that in some cases the problem may pass with time. But not always it happens and it’s not always the fault instincts.

That what can a caring owner do?

  • Enrich ration pet. He must certainly be rich in vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, micronutrients, fibre. If feed industrial, it must be of high quality. Let it have to overpay, but the effect is worth it! If the food is homemade, then you need it enrich with various products, provide variety. Additional vitamin and mineral complexes in the latter case are also needed.
  • The most effective sometimes equals itself simple. If the owner immediately after the dog’s feces will clean up after her excrement, it is possible that in time, she will simply wean herself from such habits.
  • Good modern way to deal with coprophagia – special feed additives. They are completely safe for the animal. Moreover, after digestion in the dog the body and getting into the feces give the latter an annoying taste. After several attempts to taste feces the dog may refuse such an undertaking. What is not less important, similar additives to the taste of the feed do not affect in any way.
  • It’s important give your pet enough attention. If the problem was its deficiency or stress, the animal may stop mess up and go back to normal behavior. And if the owner is often busy, and nowhere to get away from it, I advise buy interesting things for your pet toys. They will help distract him from loneliness or problems and, accordingly, from coprophagia.
  • Required you need to teach the dog commands “Fu!” or “No!”. They must be pronounced with threatening intonation directly when the dog is interested feces. Rђ RІRѕS, You can’t punish an animal! Mastering teams, I assure you, more effectively. Is it possible to slap a little naughty pet or pull on leash. For executing commands, of course, praise.
  • Muzzle is another confirmation that effective is often simple. Ordinary nylon accessory will serve as an excellent prevention of coprophagia. Besides walking a dog in a muzzle is a rule of good manners, appropriate in densely populated areas.
  • Performing the shaping dogs with deworming drugs. Recommended choose from a wide range impact. The fact is that the body can tapeworms are present, and round. To be sure to get rid of from everyone, and it is worth buying such drugs. And for prevention give them once every 3 months.
  • It’s desirable stop bitches licking excrement from offspring. Then a bad habit initially will not be fixed in puppies.

Как it becomes clear from my article, problem dog eating feces terrible. However, attention is definitely the owner and his participation is necessary.

Таштап Жооп