Коёндор үчүн жабдыктардын түрлөрү, аларды үй жаныбарына кантип туура кийүү жана коёнду жабдыкка кантип үйрөтүү керек

Коёндор үчүн жабдыктардын түрлөрү, аларды үй жаныбарына кантип туура кийүү жана коёнду жабдыкка кантип үйрөтүү керек

Many residents of private or apartment buildings have pets. Recently, in addition to cats and dogs, rabbits have become very popular. These inquisitive animals in the warm season can be taken outside. And in order for such walks to be safe for the pet, it is necessary to wear a special harness designed for the rabbit.

What harness is suitable for a domestic rabbit

To make the animal feel comfortable, you should choose a comfortable and reliable leash (harness) for it. Rope devices rabbits should not be chosen for walking. From them, the pet can easily jump out and run away. There are many different types of pet walking equipment available at pet stores. You just need to choose the right size, comfortable fasteners and a leash.

  • A high-quality leash around the neck should be fastened, not tightened. This is necessary so that a rather cowardly animal, frightened by the noise, and trying to free itself, could not accidentally strangle itself.
  • If you look at the animal from the side, the jumper of the leash should form the letter “H”.
  • A regular harness consists of two open rings. In order to put it on, the rabbit should be picked up, put a small ring around his neck and fasten it. The second belt is passed under the belly, on which it is then fastened. A carabiner-leash is fastened to the back. The harness should not dangle, but it should not be fastened too tightly either. A finger should pass between it and the neck of the animal.
  • Such designs of harnesses are only for rabbits. But, leashes of small sizes, which are designed for dogs and cats, are also suitable for them.
  • Harness-clothing is the best leash for a rabbit. In it, the animal, when frightened, will not squeeze its throat, and it will not be able to get out of such clothes. In the mesh structure, the rabbit will feel quite comfortable. Its advantage is also that in times of danger, the animal can be safely lifted by the leash and picked up.
  • Putting on a harness is pretty easy. To do this, it simply needs to be fastened first on the stomach, and then on the neck.
  • Harness vests are made of durable, easy-to-wash fabric. This is a soft product, to which an elastic wire is attached. The additional nylon strap has a buckle and guarantees a secure fit around the abdomen and chest.
  • Such harnesses are available for both ordinary rabbits and dwarf ones. They are adjustable in size and fasten easily.
  • How to train a rabbit to wear a harness

The sooner you start training your dog on a leash, the better. Takes it usually төрт -жети күн.

  • The harness on the rabbit must first be put on at home. For the first time, the animal should walk in it for only a few minutes. Every day, the time the rabbit stays in the harness needs to be increased. Then fasten the leash and try to lead the pet around the house.
  • When the animal ceases to be afraid of the leash, you can begin to go outside with it.
  • At first, it is better not to move away from the rabbit and not to pull it by the leash. He may be afraid of this and refuse to walk in the future.
  • You can choose a meadow on which tall grass grows, and, having driven a peg in there, attach a leash to it. The animal will be happy to jump and pluck the grass.
  • To make the rabbit feel free, it is recommended to purchase a tape measure leash. Then the pet will not notice that he is on a leash and under supervision.
  • Putting a harness on a rabbit should be so that he understands that this is not done with malicious intent, but for an interesting walk.
  • It is best to go for a walk with the animal in pleasant weather, when there is no strong wind and rain. Care should also be taken to ensure that the area for walking is quiet and calm.

How and where is it better to walk a rabbit on a harness

It is best to carry the rabbit to the place of the walk in a carrier, as it can quickly get tired or hurt.

  • It should be remembered that a rabbit is not a dog. He is not guided by human behavior and he has a completely different perception of the world around him. Therefore, walking with a pet on a harness should be careful. A rabbit can get scared, panic, run away, and hang on a leash at any time.
  • The animal may try to remove the harness and become entangled in it. There were cases when the pet got entangled in the leash up to suffocation.
  • Another type of injury when trying to escape a rabbit that walks on a harness is pinching of animal body parts and as a result, fractures or damage to internal organs. That is why, when walking a pet, you need to be especially careful and careful. And it is best to walk with him in a quiet and peaceful place, where nothing could scare the animal.
  • Some pets are so accustomed to walking that you can walk them not only near the house. Often the owners of rabbits take them with them to nature. In order to transport the animal and he remained calm during the whole journey, it is necessary to use a special carrier in which the pet must feel comfortable.
  • In nature, rabbits rarely sit still, they are constantly on the move. Therefore, if the animal does not run during a walk, but sits or even lies, pressed to the ground, then most likely it is under stress. Sometimes rabbits will panic and run away. In this case, the walk should be stopped, return home and no longer repeat this experience.
  • When walking in a city where there are a lot of cars and garbage, the animal must be carefully monitored in order to protect it from danger in time. In addition, before the first walk, you should go to the veterinarian and get all the necessary vaccinations.

You can’t walk rabbits in winter and in cold weather in spring and autumn. Wind and cold will burn to harm the pet. It is better to walk the animal in the evening or in the morning, when it is not too hot, otherwise it will burn and get a sunstroke.

DIY rabbit harness

It often happens that the pet store does not have leashes for rabbits or they do not fit. In this case, the harness can be made independently by choosing quite simple and affordable materials for it. Any soft fabric will work, thick threads or long braid. In addition, you should purchase a carabiner and several rings.

  • It is necessary to take measurements from the rabbit: chest, waist, neck and the distance between them.
  • A strip equal to the sum of the girth of the chest and waist plus twenty centimeters is cut off from the braid, and sheathed with lining fabric.
  • One side of the strip making a double loopinto which the ring is inserted.
  • To attach the buckle, a second seam is made at the bend.
  • At the other end of the braid, holes are made with an awl, the distances between which should be equal to one centimeter.
  • A second strip is cut off from the braid, the length of which is calculated as follows: the distance between the lines plus ten centimeters for the seams. This strip is also sheathed on the reverse side with a soft fabric.
  • Now there is only connect all the details and attach a leash to the finished harness.

Having chosen a comfortable harness for your pet that fits him in size, having learned how to put it on and taking care of precautions, you can safely go for a walk with a rodent, which will bring many joyful minutes to both the animal and its owner.

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