Эң жөнөкөй аквариум балыктары: кыскача баяндама жана аларды үй аквариумунда тейлөө

Эң жөнөкөй аквариум балыктары: кыскача баяндама жана аларды үй аквариумунда тейлөө

Beginning aquarists with no experience in keeping fish often wonder which ones are the most unpretentious and do not require special attention. In fact, keeping fish is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. However, the inhabitants of the aquarium require care and time, which busy people often do not have. Therefore, for inexperienced and busy people, it is best to choose unpretentious, easy-to-keep most tenacious fish.


These are the most undemanding inhabitants of the aquarium. Their survival was tested even in space, where they were taken to study the behavior of fish in zero gravity.

  1. Female guppies are inconspicuous in appearance and always have only a gray-silver color. Males are small, but very beautiful. They have bright veil-like fins and varied coloration, which is most pronounced during the mating season.
  2. Guppies are viviparous fish and breed quite quickly. Females throw already formed fry, which can immediately feed on crushed dry food and small plankton.
  3. If the offspring is to be preserved, then the female will need to be weaned before giving birth into a separate container. Otherwise, the fry will be eaten by other inhabitants of the aquarium.
  4. Guppies feed on any dry, animal and vegetable food of a suitable size.
  5. For their comfortable living, the water temperature in the aquarium should be from + 18C to + 28C.
  6. A compressor is also desirable. However, these tenacious fish can remain in unfiltered water for a long time.

Even a child can cope with the maintenance and breeding of goupes.


This fish attracts with its iridescent color and elegance. Her scales shimmer in different shades.

  1. If a cockerel in a nearby aquarium notices its own kind, then its coloring and activity will become more intense. That’s why two males cannot be kept in one containerbecause they will fight until one of them dies.
  2. These fish do not need a compressor, as they breathe atmospheric air, swimming to the surface of the water for this.
  3. Cockerels need settled tap water.
  4. They need to be fed once a day with artificial flakes or live food.
  5. During spawning in the aquarium you need to put a bunch of ricci, from the foam of which the father cockerel will make a nest. He will also take care of the babies.


These schooling peaceful aquarium fish are very loved by breeders.

  1. Their scales have a neon overflow of different shades: orange, orange, black, green, red, blue, blue, diamond, gold.
  2. For their maintenance, the water temperature in the aquarium should be from + 18C to + 25C. At a temperature of +18C neon will live for about four years, and at +25C – a year and a half.
  3. Fish are undemanding to food, but they need a large amount of water. In order for ten individuals to feel comfortable, they need to pick up a capacity of fifty liters.

Neons are playful and peaceful, so in one aquarium they can get along with lanterns, platies, ornatus, tetras. However, they need to be protected from aggressive fish.


The fish are small and medium in size, but do not grow more than six centimeters in length.

  1. Danios prefer to live in packs. In order to contain eight individuals, a ten-liter aquarium will be enough.
  2. Жогору жактан the container will need to be covered with glassbecause the fish are very jumpy. In addition, zebrafish habitat requires good lighting.
  3. Unpretentious to the chemical components of water, but it must always be clean and rich in oxygen.
  4. Danios are undemanding to food, so you can feed them with both dry and live food.
  5. During spawning, the female must be removed and monitored so that the fish does not swallow her offspring.

In one aquarium, zebrafish will easily get along with each other and other non-aggressive types of aquarium fish.


Among the aquarium inhabitants, they are the most unpretentious and peaceful.

  1. Somiki act as nurses, cleaning the soil from waste products and food debris.
  2. Corydoras catfish have a pair of whiskers that point down. This makes the ideal mouth, with which they collect food from the bottom. These fish are very beautiful and funny. Their only drawback is that, rummaging in the ground, catfish raise turbidity from the bottom of the tank.
  3. For Tarakatums, you need a larger container, as these are quite large fish. They have two pairs of short and long whiskers. The fish live and feed at the bottom of the aquarium, while rummaging in the ground, raising the dregs. Therefore, a filter is indispensable.
  4. Catfish are sensitive to oxygen and often rise to the surface to take in air.
  5. A decrease in water temperature by three to five degrees, plentiful and high-quality feeding serves as an incentive for them to mate.
  6. The female attaches the eggs to the glass wall, having previously cleaned it.
  7. Young catfish from the first days of life eat dust from any dry food and bloodworms.

Aquarium catfish are slow and do not pose a threat to other inhabitants of the reservoir.


The fish are striking in their diversity, magnificence and look incredibly beautiful in an aquarium.

  1. Barbs are quite active, but at the same time peaceful. However, it is undesirable to plant them with inhabitants with thread-like and veil fins. Fish can start to pluck these fins.
  2. For flocking, beautiful and unpretentious Sumatran barbs need more capacitybecause they are very mobile.
  3. If the capacity of the aquarium is more than two hundred liters, then you can get shark aquarium barbs.
  4. For small containers, cherry and dwarf barbs are suitable.
  5. You can feed them proportionate live and dry food.

Even a novice aquarist can take care of barbs.


These relatively calm and peaceful fish can exist in small aquariums.

  1. Their health and bright colors can be easily maintained with warm water, good lighting and a balanced diet.
  2. Swordtails are fairly large fish. Females can reach twelve centimeters in length, and males – eleven. Their size depends on the volume of the container, the type of fish and the conditions of their maintenance.
  3. They eat food of both plant and animal origin.
  4. It is better to keep the swordsmen in containers with lots of plantsso that their fry have somewhere to hide.
  5. You can feed frozen or live food, flakes and plant foods.

Swordtails swim fast and jump well, so the aquarium should be covered from above.


The main body color of this aquarium fish is black, but if it gets sick or frightened, it begins to turn pale.

  1. Ternetia are schooling fish, so they are comfortable when there are at least four of them in one container.
  2. They may quarrel among themselves, but this should not disturb their owners. The fish are not aggressive.
  3. Ternetia are distinguished by their unpretentiousness in maintenance and good health.
  4. If the aquarium is small, then it should be densely populated with plants to provide areas for swimming, as the fish need free space.
  5. Thorns are unpretentious in food, but prone to overeating. They are happy to eat dry, live food and substitutes.

Very nice dark fish will look against the background of a light back wall of the aquarium. The soil is also better to choose light.


These aquarium fish are very popular and famous. They have an unusual body shape and graceful movements.

  1. The length of an adult angelfish can reach twenty-six centimeters.
  2. The water temperature for these inhabitants of the aquarium has a wide range. But it is best to keep them at a temperature of + 22C to + 26C.
  3. The volume of the tank for angelfish should be from one hundred liters, as the fish grows quite large.
  4. The choice of food for them will not cause difficulties. angelfish refuse dry food and love living.
  5. These peaceful fish will be able to get along with many inhabitants of the aquarium. However, they will occupy their own specific territory and drive out the rest of the fish.

There are many types of these fish. The pet store can offer: red, marble, veil, blue, white, gold or black angelfish. Each of them is beautiful and good in its own way.

The most unpretentious aquarium fish are suitable for beginners who do not yet have experience maintaining certain conditions in aquariums. And although the unpretentious inhabitants of a domestic reservoir can withstand almost any conditions of detention, you should not abuse this. To please and amuse the owners of the fish will be only with proper care for them.

Таштап Жооп