How to give a puppy a pill or medicine?
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How to give a puppy a pill or medicine?

How to give a puppy a pill or medicine?

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The puppy should not be afraid of the procedure. If he suspects something is wrong, he will do everything possible to avoid taking the medicine. The use of force can only spoil what has been started.

The best time to give the drug is when the dog is relaxed and in a good mood. For example, after a walk or a game.


The owner should slightly, without exerting much pressure, slightly open the puppy’s mouth. If he resists, there is no need to solve the problem with harsh methods. It is better to distract the pet with a toy.

When the attempt succeeds, one must put the tablet on the root of the tongue, close the mouth with one hand and stroke the dog’s throat with downward movements, encouraging him to swallow the medicine. When the puppy does this, you need to praise him and reward him with a treat.

The medicine can also be offered to the animal inside the wet diet. As a rule, puppies are not as attentive when eating as adults, and will easily swallow the drug.

However, it would be useful to make sure of this by examining the bowl and the surrounding area.


It is recommended to give such drugs to the puppy using a syringe without a needle. Its tip should be inserted into the corner of the mouth, gently holding the muzzle with your hand and encouraging the dog with caress, and gradually squeeze out the medicine.

If the liquid is poured directly into the mouth, then it will not go straight into the throat, but onto the tongue. Then the puppy may choke or spit out the remedy.

A tasteless remedy

It happens that the medicine has a sharp or unpleasant odor or taste. This circumstance can somewhat complicate the procedure for taking the drug.

You can mask the taste and smell by wrapping the tablet in a piece of soft treats. This food should be carefully placed on the root of the pet’s tongue. The dog will swallow it, avoiding discomfort.

But it is better to replace a sharply smelling or tasteless liquid with an injection or the same pill. Forcibly inserting it into the mouth of a dog is unacceptable.

Taking medication should not be associated in a puppy with negativity. The owner must take this into account.

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