Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

What is a dog for?

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Why do you need me?

In order to choose the right puppy and subsequently not regret your decision, first of all, you need to sincerely answer yourself the question: “Why do I need a dog?” Depending on the breed, dogs can serve as guards, watchmen, hunters, companions, or just true friends. Perhaps you have been dreaming all your life about walking in the fresh air with a Siberian Husky, or you are closer to the evening on the couch with a miniature toy terrier at your side, or maybe you want to spend time royally in the company of a Welsh Corgi? Some owners are crazy about long-haired breeds that you can experiment with hairstyles and buy them fun accessories, other owners prefer short-haired animals that do not have to be vacuumed daily.

Before you get a dog, carefully weigh the pros and cons. Make sure that your family members are supportive of this venture, and the psychological climate in the house is calm enough. Read articles about the care and maintenance of dogs, evaluate your strengths.

If the decision to take a puppy is made, and it is unshakable, you need to decide why you need a dog, and, accordingly, what breed, gender and category of pets to consider.

Dogs of any breed are divided into 3 classes.

  • Pet. Translated from English, pet means “pet”. From the name it follows that simple dogs “for the house” belong to this category. They cannot compete in shows and are not suitable for breeding due to any deviation from the breed standard. Such animals are castrated or sterilized so that the marriage is not passed on to offspring. But non-standard does not mean bad, a pet-category puppy can grow into a beautiful smart dog and become your devoted friend. Pet-class puppies are cheaper than others.
  • Breed. Breed is translated as “breed”. Breed-class dogs have a good pedigree, they meet the breed standard, but with minor features. They participate in exhibitions where they do not claim to win. Their main task is to produce offspring in which the genes of outstanding ancestors can appear. Breed puppies are significantly more expensive than pets.
  • Show. The word show does not need to be translated. Show class puppies are the best of the best. Experts know such pets by name, and they have no equal at exhibitions. Often, you have to book a champion puppy even before he is born. Show class is the most expensive category of dogs.

How to choose a puppy breed

Every year there are more and more breeds of dogs. At the moment, their number exceeds 500, ranging from classic German Shepherds, Cocker Spaniels or Pekingese, ending with Labradoodles, Chauskas or Pomskis, which are still exotic for us. Fortunately, in order to choose the right puppy, it is not at all necessary to study them all. Usually, each person likes only a few breeds of dogs, from which he chooses the most suitable for him.

The breed not only determines the appearance of the pet, but also affects its character, as well as how it will be necessary to spend time with the dog, how much it will cost to keep it. Caring, playing and raising a pet should not be a heavy burden for the owner, on the contrary, a dog in the house is an inexhaustible source of love and fun!

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Dog breeds for an apartment

For life in urban conditions, calm, friendly, non-aggressive pets of small and medium sizes are suitable. A dog living in an apartment should not be hyperactive, otherwise it will begin to destroy the home. The absence of a thick undercoat is also desirable, because of which the shedding will be very plentiful. Pay attention to the “drooling” – rocks with profuse salivation stain walls and furniture. It is important that the dog be friendly to others, adapt to the rhythm of the owner’s life and be able to make a worthy company for a walk in the park.

Popular breeds suitable for an apartment: Welsh Corgi, Pug, Yorkshire Terrier, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Maltese, Affenpinscher, Labrador, Spitz, Basenji, Chihuahua, Toy Terrier.

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Welsh corgi puppies

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

pug puppies

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Yorkshire terrier puppy

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

голден ретривер күчүктөрү

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

пудель күчүктөрү

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

spitz puppies

Чиуауа күчүктөрү

Dog breeds for the home

When choosing a dog for a private home, you need to decide in advance whether your pet will spend most of the time in the house and periodically go out to the site, or he should live in an aviary and protect the territory. In the first case, the same pets are suitable as for apartments, as well as their more active relatives, such as the Airedale Terrier or the Beagle. Life in the aviary will be comfortable for large guard, service and shepherd dogs: Moscow watchdog, German Shepherd, Bloodhound, Alabai, Border Collie, Doberman, Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

If you want a real good-natured man to live with you, who would only warn of danger with a menacing bark and frighten uninvited guests with his size, pay attention to the Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland and St. Bernard.

Hunting breeds of dogs, driving crazy “apartment” residents, feel good outside the city and will be indispensable on outings in the forest. Hunter dogs are quite independent, they can run far from the owner in search of prey. Dachshunds, Greyhounds, Russian Greyhounds and Jack Russell Terriers, without sufficient walks, will search for prey by digging up beds.

It is also worth taking a closer look at the group of northern sled dogs. Huskies, Malamutes and Samoyeds have a charming appearance, amazing kindness and will keep the company in any sports entertainment.

Important: only northern breeds with thick wool with undercoat can live on the street in winter. The rest of the dogs should winter in the house or insulated booth.

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Husky күчүктөрү

Samoyed puppy with mom

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Jack Russell Terrier puppy

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

border collie puppy

немис овчарка күчүк

beagle күчүктөр

Dog breeds for busy people

If you devote a significant part of your time to work, but still dream of a dog, take a closer look at independent and relatively unpretentious breeds. Such pets will not suffer, being left alone for a while, they will not have to be looked after for a long time “with the last of their strength”.

Chow chows, reminiscent of teddy bears, are very patient and self-sufficient. Alaskan Malamutes, Shar-Peis and Greyhounds can also find their place in the schedule of workaholics.

The cardinal solution to the problem of dog loneliness is to have two pets. If they are different breeds, the more interesting. For example, it has been observed that Labrador Retrievers get along well with Papillons. By the way, both breeds are in the top 10 smartest dogs in the world.

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Chow chow puppies

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Russian greyhound puppy with mom and dad

papillon puppies

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Shar pei puppies

Dog breeds for families with children

By nature, dogs love children, with some breeds showing a special awe and friendliness. Boxers and Beagles will play and mess with the little ones all day long. Border collies, huskies and samoyeds will become real nannies. And in the company of good-natured Labradors and St. Bernards, children will always be protected.

Families with toddlers should avoid miniature breeds, as a child can accidentally injure the animal. Giant dogs like Tibetan mastiffs, on the contrary, can accidentally push the baby.

St. Bernard puppies

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Лабрадор күчүктөрү

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

boxer puppies

Бала же кыз

After choosing a dog breed, future owners think about what gender a puppy is better to take. In this matter, we recommend focusing on personal sympathies, however, males and females have differences in appearance and behavior that should be borne in mind.

Pros and cons of males:

  • males are more suitable for participating in sports competitions;
  • stronger and larger than females;
  • lazier in matters of training;
  • males have a stronger sex drive. It will be necessary to compensate for his needs with the help of prolonged physical activity;
  • during the walk, the male is active, tends to his compatriots. If there is a female in heat nearby, you will have to keep him firmly on a leash.

Pros and cons of bitches:

  • more domestic and affectionate, more attached to the owner;
  • less aggressive and pugnacious;
  • sleeker and smaller;
  • more obedient and easier to train;
  • Bitches go into heat twice a year. They become nervous, naughty, the risk of infections increases. During these periods, the dog must be protected from males and monitored especially carefully, because he may try to run away.

In general, it can be seen that the distinguishing feature of males is independence, and that of bitches is complaisance. But a lot depends on the temperament of a particular dog.

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

How to find a good nursery

So, if you have already decided which breed and gender of a puppy is right for you, it’s time to look for a reliable breeder. In the matter of buying a dog, there is no need to rush. The animal will live with you for about 15 years, which is why it is so important to choose the right puppy. Refrain from spontaneous purchase in the bird market or through free classifieds on the Internet. At a minimum, a puppy may not meet the breed standard when it grows up, and as a maximum, there is a risk of buying a sick animal, which will take a long, expensive and unsuccessful treatment.

The best place to buy a puppy is a specialized nursery. You can choose a pet together with a dog breeder who understands the topic or on your own, following the call of your heart. As a rule, nurseries have their own websites, you can find customer reviews about them.

Life hack: go to a dog show of the breed you dream of. There, see which dogs you like best, meet their owners and find out where they got their puppies. Usually dog ​​lovers are happy to share this information, as well as give valuable advice. Representatives of the leading nurseries are also actively involved in exhibition events and will not forget to provide you with business cards.

The number of kennels depends on the popularity of the breed and the region. Having chosen the option that inspires confidence, call there and arrange a meeting. During the conversation, ask the breeder about the conditions of the puppy and his parents. If you have the feeling that they are trying to sell the puppy with all their might, this should alert you. A good breeder will ask you a lot of questions about your family, living conditions, free time and even hobbies to make sure that the puppy will be in good hands and fit your personality.

How to choose a healthy puppy

It’s time to go to the nursery for your future pet. Please note that puppies should be in a clean room that does not have a strong unpleasant odor. Often the breeder will start showing all his diplomas and list the show titles of the puppy’s parents. Listen to this information, but do not lose your vigilance. In addition to potential championship regalia, it is very important what character the dog will have.

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

If you have the opportunity to meet the puppy’s parents, do not miss it. Thus, it will be possible to evaluate their behavior personally. If you can’t arrange a meeting, ask the breeder if they were aggressive, pugnacious or cowardly. These qualities are inherited, as well as the desire to howl, tear furniture and bark for no reason. Look at photos of the puppy’s grandparents, if available.

From buying a sick puppy should be abandoned immediately. However, many diseases are not obvious, or may appear only in the future. Try to “talk” to the breeder, he may accidentally mention points that may indirectly indicate the puppy’s illnesses:

  • test for hip dysplasia in giant breed sires is mandatory, its absence is suspicious;
  • if the puppy does not eat well, he may have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or liver;
  • allergic dogs often have puppies with the same problem;
  • if the animal is terrified of fireworks, thunderstorms and other loud sounds, then its nervous system is unstable. Hysterical parents are unlikely to have a bold and balanced puppy;
  • dogs escaping during walks are undesirable offspring producers;
  • in the pursuit of profit, unscrupulous breeders can breed dogs with epilepsy, which will not be noticed until there is an attack.

A healthy puppy will be active and friendly. If you kneel down and call him, he will come to you. The baby will show curiosity to new people and toys. He should look happy, frolic with his brothers and sisters. In the hands of the breeder, the puppy is calm, allows himself to be stroked, including normally perceives touches to the paws and muzzle. Refuse to buy cowardly and intimidated pets, as well as aggressive and dominant individuals. With age, the character of the dog will not change significantly.

10 main external signs of a healthy puppy:

  • clear, lively look;
  • there is no pus and other secretions in the eyes;
  • moist and shiny nose;
  • correct bite, the number of teeth meets the standard;
  • ears are pink and clean;
  • there are no sores, pimples and, moreover, parasites on the skin;
  • shiny, silky coat;
  • tail without strong creases or docked;
  • lymph nodes are not enlarged;
  • no bloated belly.

A big plus in favor of the breeder will be his agreement to conclude a written contract for the sale of the puppy. In case of detection of significant defects prescribed in the contract, the animal can be returned. In addition, the very presence of “insurance” will discourage the seller from wanting to slip a problem pet.

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Who to choose? You are all so cute!

At what age to pick up a puppy

Russian dog breeders are advised to pick up a puppy at 8-10 weeks of age. By this time, the baby already has a basic upbringing, is accustomed to the toilet, he has been vaccinated.

Important: do not take the puppy away immediately after weaning. Up to 9 weeks, the baby learns dog language and socializes in the process of communicating with other puppies. Let him spend a couple of weeks in a “dog manger.”

A decent breeder will never give away a puppy that is less than 6 weeks old. If the buyer has extensive experience in keeping dogs, he can count on a 6-7 week old baby. This option is not suitable for beginners.

The age at which it is better to take a puppy depends on the breed. So, large and giant dogs develop more slowly than medium and small ones. Large dogs are bought only at 3 months. It is important to properly feed such pets and monitor their weight in order to avoid sudden jumps that promise problems with the musculoskeletal system.

If you want to buy a breed or show class puppy, pick it up even later. It is possible to fully assess compliance with the breed standard and championship inclinations no earlier than 6-9 months of age. Despite the desire to pick up the baby as soon as possible, please be patient!

For your information: even when selling the most expensive puppy, a conscientious breeder will never guarantee that the dog will become a champion. He can only assess the potential of the puppy and make a prediction. It happens that the appearance of the animal changes significantly by the year. Also, a lot depends on the actions of competitors and how the owner will take care of the dog and prepare it for the show.

What questions to ask the breeder

First of all, find a brand on the ear or in the groin area of ​​the baby and ask the breeder to present a puppy card (metric). The hallmark code and the code in the metric must be the same.

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Puppy Metric Sample

The metric is the puppy’s primary document, which is issued when the baby turns 45 days old. A cynologist comes to the nursery, examines all the babies from the litter and fixes the defects. Subsequently, the owner of a dog aged 6-15 months can exchange the metric for a pedigree, which will give the pet the right to participate in breeding.

Note: the metric is not paid separately, its price is included in the price of the puppy. If you are not given a puppy card, then this may be a signal that the mating was unscheduled. It makes no sense to buy purebred show and breed class dogs without a metric, since they will not be able to make a show career or become sires.

It is desirable that the puppy has a veterinary passport with marks on deworming and vaccinations. If there is no veterinary passport, you can make it yourself.

After checking the documents, you can proceed to the questions. Do not be afraid to look stupid, ask everything that worries you. Take the breeder’s contacts – for sure after a while you will have additional questions.

Don’t forget to ask:

  • How many puppies were in the litter (the optimal number is from 3 to 7)?
  • Was the litter planned?
  • What vaccinations and when to do?
  • What food does the puppy eat? When and how to transfer to a new one?
  • When will it be possible to walk and in what mode?
  • How to take care of a pet?
  • What commands does the puppy know?
  • Will the breeder advise a veterinarian and provide support in the future?

If the answers you receive satisfy you, and the puppy no longer wants to part, congratulations, you have found your little miracle!

Puppies from a shelter or from the street

Puppies do not always get into the house straight from the caring hands of the breeders. Sometimes people are ready to save a dog by taking it from the street or from a shelter. In this case, first of all show the pet to the veterinarian to immediately find out about possible diseases.

Кантип туура күчүктү тандоо керек: толук нускамалар

Puppies from the shelter

When choosing a dog of a “noble” breed, it is important to understand that such animals have a more independent character than their purebred relatives. Dogs living on the street adapt to vagrancy, they have highly developed instincts. A puppy can be cowardly or, conversely, show aggression. Negative additions can be poor learning and frequent escapes.

On the other hand, among the mongrels come across very sensitive, intelligent and affectionate dogs. It seems that they thank the owner daily for the kindness shown. Do not forget that purebred dogs are the descendants of those pets that were once left on the street by their owners.

The right choice of puppy for each person will be different. Evaluate your material and mental capabilities, and then do not be afraid to take a step towards responsibility – the dog will become your true friend and give you many happy moments!

Таштап Жооп