Жылкы канча турат: баа кантип түзүлөт жана жылкынын наркына кандай факторлор таасир этет?

Жылкы канча турат: баа кантип түзүлөт жана жылкынын наркына кандай факторлор таасир этет?

A few centuries ago, almost everyone had horses. In those days, the horse was both a means of transportation, and an assistant in the household, and a faithful companion in military campaigns. With the development of technology, the advent of cars, horses became less in demand, but their value not only did not decrease, but in a sense increased. Nowadays, acquiring and maintaining a thoroughbred horse is not cheap at all.

I wonder why this happens, the horse seems to be not really needed, but is it very expensive? Maybe the fact is that the animal itself simply fascinates with its beauty and grace, captivates our hearts with its nobility and impudent disposition. It is not for nothing that many nations have a horse – sacred animal. There is something attractive and mysterious in it that makes people want not just to buy a toy, but to make a faithful and intelligent friend. The only pity is that not everyone can afford such a friend, buying and maintaining a horse is not a cheap pleasure.

What time will the horse get up today?

Today, a horse can cost from several tens of thousands of rubles to several million dollars. In principle, there is no average price. Animal cost depends on many factors:

  • асыл тукум
  • жашы
  • породалар
  • тышкы
  • көздөлгөн.

бар conditional division of horses into groups depending on the price category:

  • The cheapest thing you can buy is a horse that was raised for meat (this is still practiced) or an old, injured nag, with which you can just be friends, walk and chat. This option is suitable for those who love our little brothers with all their heart and are ready to selflessly and disinterestedly take care of the pet. Such a horse will cost between 20-40 thousand rubles.
  • If a horse is bought for riding, household help or other purposes not related to commerce, then it is quite possible to meet 40-150 thousand rubles. Here, the main criterion for choosing a pet will be mutual sympathy. In this case, you can do without a medical examination and save money.
  • A horse with athletic inclinations will cost more, the price for it can reach 300 thousand rubles. Of course, you can’t ride such a mare into big sport, but with proper preparation, you can and will succeed in taking a couple of prizes in local competitions. When buying an athlete horse, you will have to pay for a veterinary examination, and do not forget about the cost of maintenance and training.
  • A thoroughbred horse without sports inclinations can be purchased for 300-500 thousand rubles. As a rule, such pets are chosen by wealthy people who want to demonstrate their status. The main purpose of the horse is to look beautiful and behave decently in public.
  • The most expensive horses are potential big sport stars. Their cost starts from 500 thousand rubles and ends with several million dollars. Only recognized champions can cost more. It is difficult to say exactly how many, from several million to infinity. In addition to the cost of buying a promising horse, you will have to fork out for a good veterinarian and other attendants.

Horse: how much do elite horses cost?

Thoroughbred horses are valued at all times. Pedigree foals from purebred parents cost fabulous money. And if the parents also won prestigious awards at international competitions, then the price tag skyrockets. Such horses are sold at auctions and their cost depends on the material security of the buyer.

The most expensive breeds are considered English Thoroughbred, Arabian, Oryol, Sorraya. The latter, by the way, has earned a place in the list of the most expensive breeds, not because of some outstanding qualities, but because of the rarity. There are only 200 Sorraya horses in the world.

Also quite expensive are crossbreds of purebred breeds. For example, the Anglo-Arabian horse has proven itself in sports. The cost of crossbred horses is lower than purebred horses, about 1,5-2 thousand euros. While a purebred Arabian stallion will cost at least 4 thousand euros. As for the maximum price, today the most expensive Arabian stallion is Padron, who was sold for $ 11 million.

How much are the most famous horses

Padron, by the way, is not the most expensive horse in the world, there are more expensive horses. To date, the cost of the Frenkel horse $ 200 млн бааланган. This English Thoroughbred racehorse has won 14 competitions and never lost. Since 2012, the horse has not competed. Khalil Abdulla, the owner of Frenkel, does not plan to part with the champion, the horse is not for sale, but it costs fabulous money.

The most expensive stallion sold was Sharif Dancer, bought for $40 million back in 1984. His parents were multiple champions and purebred English horses. The buyer had high hopes for the stallion, but Sharif never won any of the competitions after the transfer to the new owner.

In Russia, the most expensive horse owned by Ramzan Kadyrov. The Established Gold horse cost the Chechen leader $300.

Naturally, only the most elite horses, with a good pedigree and great potential, cost hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. They are available to the same elite buyers. Ordinary buyers can buy a good stallion and at a more reasonable price, although do not forget that the costs do not end there, but only begin. It will be necessary to find a place for the pet, transport it to a new home, provide food, hygiene products, care and attention. And this will also cost a pretty penny, and not a small one. But does it really matter, because, in the end, you get not just a beautiful toy, but a real devoted friend, who is difficult to evaluate with some pieces of paper.

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