Guppy балык сактоо жана тейлөө: пайдалуу сунуштар

Guppy балык сактоо жана тейлөө: пайдалуу сунуштар

People who are attracted to guppy fish are primarily interested in the care and maintenance of these aquatic inhabitants. Of course, these fish are one of the most popular among aquarists. They are small, hardy, easy to breed – even beginner aquarists often use them! However, this does not mean that you do not need to know about some of the nuances.

Guppy fish care and maintenance: we equip the aquarium

Эмне must be ideal aquarium conditions for guppies?

  • The topic “Guppy fish: care and maintenance” should be opened from a discussion of which aquarium to choose. As a rule, on average, aquarists breed flocks of 10 guppies. Considering that it is desirable to allocate 5 liters of water for one such fish, 50 liters must be allocated for such a flock – this is exactly the capacity that an aquarium should have. A larger model, of course, can be purchased, but a smaller one is clearly not worth it.
  • It is preferable to keep the aquarium closed. Little guppies only seem obedient. In fact, these crumbs are quite bouncy. In principle, they are considered one of the most jumping fish. So: guppies living even in a large aquarium will constantly strive to escape from it. Therefore, it is better to close the aquarium always.
  • As for water, guppies, like people from the rivers of South America, prefer warmth. The optimum water temperature for them is 24-26 degrees. However, this does not mean at all that you need to strictly adhere to such indicators. As a rule, guppies feel good both at 18 degrees and at 30. But it is not recommended to increase the temperature too much: the fact is that guppies in such conditions multiply more actively and die faster.
  • As for other indicators of water, the preferred hardness is 10-25. And the acidity is preferably the following – 7-8,5. It is better not to create a strong current, otherwise it will be difficult for the guppies to cope with it. Some aquarists prefer to add some salt to fashion – they say, so it is more similar to the living conditions of pets. Well, in the case of guppies, this can also be done, but, of course, you should not get carried away.
  • As in the case of other fish, in the case of guppies after them, waste products remain in the water in the same way. And their accumulation is dangerous. Therefore, once a week, you definitely need to change about 20% of the water.
  • Tap water in the form in which it pours out of there is not suitable. Chlorine and other harmful compounds, which are very abundant in tap water, will adversely affect the health of the fish. And even as hardy as guppies. In order to get rid of compounds and not waste time settling water, you can use special air conditioners for aquariums. In addition, the composition of such air conditioners often includes substances useful for fish.
  • Bright lighting is what guppies need! They look great under the light of brightly glowing bulbs. The brighter the light, the brighter the color of the fish. If you want a more natural look for pets, you can choose equipment with a capacity of 6000-6500 K.
  • You can choose any soil, there are no special restrictions. The only thing is that it should not have sharp edges. As for the aesthetic component, it is preferable to buy dark soil – aquarists say that guppies look more spectacular against its background.. It is also important to consider that in the case of living plants, it is preferable to choose a soil whose fractions will be from 2 to 6 mm. A nutritional supplement won’t hurt either.
  • The decorations are wonderful! Guppies love to swim between them and hide. However, it is important to ensure that such scenery does not have narrow passages and sharp corners. After all, guppies have chic tails, which they can easily damage on an unsuccessfully selected decoration.
Guppy балык сактоо жана тейлөө: пайдалуу сунуштар

How to feed guppy fish: useful advice

Now find out what recommendations are regarding feeding guppies:

  • Fry food must be good balanced. Before the purchase definitely worth the time then to study the composition on the package. The richer it is, the more likely that pets live longer.
  • Diet preferably diversified, according to many aquarists. If the owner found good food – this is wonderful! But it’s better to diversify picking up a few more. Let them contain different groups vitamins and other beneficial substances.
  • Portions regardless of the type of food be small. The owner must observe how many wards eaten in a few minutes. And exactly such an amount will follow give, no more. The rest just rot increasing the amount of nitrogenous compounds. Frequency of feeding – twice or same three times a day, no more.
  • Better just buy special food, designed for guppies. Why exactly him? Because such food specially designed taking into account miniature dimensions of fish, their needs. Even the most advertised general food is inferior to such special ones.
  • Recommended pay attention to all sorts of goodies, which contain beneficial additives. So, manufacturers produce special vegetable chips for fish.
  • That touches live food, then it is suitable for guppies. In the form of it are used coretra, bloodworm, tubifex. But again However, the amount should not exceed the norm of eating at one time.
  • А What can be said about feeding fry? They also have a special feed. It contains vitamins, protein – in a word, everything thanks to which babies will grow better. giving similar food is better 4 times a day.

Reproduction of guppies at home conditions: what to consider

Dilute guppy is quite easy. Thanks to to distinguish fish by sex sign is very simple, even A novice aquarist will easily figure it out, who and where is located. Match up it will be very easy. By that you can start exercising when pets turns 3 to 5 months old – this is the age the onset of their puberty.

The owner of the fish will not have to do anything special – they will cope perfectly with everything themselves. The male himself introduces his milk, and then eggs form in the abdomen of the female. From these eggs, ready-made fry are born into the water – in other words, guppies are viviparous fish. The fry appear already quite independent, ready to be fed with fish food.

True, many novice aquarists are surprised that females give birth even when they live in a separate aquarium from males! In fact, there is nothing supernatural here, of course. It’s just that guppies have such a feature: they store eggs in their abdomen for a long time. If the female gave birth in a separate aquarium, it means that some time ago she still communicated with an individual of the opposite sex.

Guppy балык сактоо жана тейлөө: пайдалуу сунуштар

IMPORTANT: Guppies have another not-so-good feature – individuals of both sexes feast on their offspring.

because the female must be removed immediately from the male after her fertilization. Also it is desirable to purchase at the time of appearance fry spacious aquarium, which should be actively planted. In such conditions, the fry will be easier hide from your dangerous mother. Or you need to purchase for them completely separate aquarium. As soon as the fry one and a half months old, they are boldly can be returned to their parents.

Как understand that offspring will soon appear into the world? боюнда бар the female is ready to give birth after about month. But A lot depends on the temperature of the water. How the warmer it is, the more likely it is that the fry will appear faster. From this the same factor depends on their number: what the warmer the water, the more fry will be. One individual is ready to produce about 100 fry!

Finished give birth the female has a swollen abdomen, which looks more like a square form. near the anal fin darkens, and the stain becomes more and more more and more.

Guppy neighborhood with others aquarium inhabitants

С by whom достукта болуу guppies?

  • First case, it is worth noting that it is not worth keep several guppies in one container breeds. These fish interbreed enough active as mentioned above, but as a result of such communication there are not very good offspring.
  • That concerns plants, then you can plant almost any. Often aquarists plant echinodorus, kabombu, vallisneria, anubias, ludwigia, etc. And the hornwort indian fern, pistia, javanese moss is perfect for fry were hiding in them. But too don’t get carried away either, because there must be free space for the life of the fish.
  • That as for other fish, then the guppies themselves will behave peacefully with anyone – they are not aggressive. But on the guppies themselves may well attack. Yes, very popular алтын fish, as well as irises, barbs are not fit. They will definitely want to pay attention on the tail of a guppy. As for more large fish, then they will perceive guppies at all like food.
  • В here are small tropical fish will become great companions. We are talking about ancistrusach, rasborach, neonach, tetrach, zebrafish, mollies, corridors. Shrimps will also make good neighbors.

How many do guppies live? If you take care of them properly, this aquarium living creatures are able to please their owners for about 3-4 years. We hope that our recommendations will help create the most the best conditions for these bright and lovely creatures.

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